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  1. Hello I’m new too but I am missing a buffer off a Lima 47 and mine to remove the body you need to remove the buffers no need to glue I am a newbie to modelling so please tell me how to get buffers and if you wanted to know I am replacing my buffers (as they are green which sticks out like a sore thumb).
  2. They’re sold out. Anyone know any other place to buy them?
  3. I’ve been writing a lot about my Lima 47 and I’m planning a motor replacement : Would a CAD motor frame be a good idea so I know how to re-gear my motor?
  4. Could I buy buffers for the class 47 if yes please tell me where to buy them! (P.s I am an OO gauge modeller )
  5. The motor when running starts to pong of burning is this normal
  6. By the way if anyone wants it I have this guide to servicing Lima motors: lima service.pdf
  7. Ok I have got a Lima class 47 and am planning to replace its motor (see above about that topic) anyway I’m thinking about modifying it and would like some tips/inspiration (without converting to DCC)
  8. I like trains! Just cos of my name doesn’t mean I don’t like any other trains. My era is 80’s to present.

  9. I’m new to model railwaying and am using a Lima class 47. But it stopped working got it working but it seemed a little bit wrong. It’s motor was clicking so I oiled it but it still clicked. I looked into motor repair, took faceplate off motor and cleaned brushes, replaced faceplate and ran it. It ran better but still clicked. I also noted sparks possibly from brushes. Please tell me how to replace a Lima ringfield motor ,what the is making the clicking and sparks and should I replace with a Hornby ringfield motor.
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