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  1. wheels are scalelink to be replaced with the correct 3d printed profile at some point in the future.
  2. Foollowing our zoom meeting earlier in the week I thought I would share some photos of the Manning Wardle old I class etches and prints.....lots more to do but some progress.
  3. superb - what cad tool did you use for the etch. I also noticed that you are using 0.3mm NS, any particular reason for this.....i have always used 0.45mm but there was no science behind that decision. The castings are excellent......really nice and clean.
  4. The quality of these pieces is amazing......really nice job.
  5. Finished coach...I use Subuteo supporters for passengers. They can be picked up on ebay for a reasonable price. I finished in Brecon and Merthyr livery rather than Cambrian. Throughout the history of the two companies there were frequent disputes over ownership. The B&M appeared to borrow stock from other companies and moved it to parts of their network where it was unlikely to be spotted. I also finished with spoked wheels as the early B&M coaches had the same. Post a test build the parts will be available if anyone is interested.
  6. Waiting for top coats.....the tyres are protected with liquid mask.
  7. Scott - yes these can be printed on a filament printer for a few pennies so if any members need one for their project then happy to help. The roof and axleboxes are printed via Shapeways as they need a better finish than I can achieve at home.
  8. The roof can either be the etch on the kit or a 3D printed roof. Oil lamps are a seperate print and will be added later. I originally made a roof with the oil lamps as part of the print but they really need to be printed with two different types of plastic hence why I decided to seperate.
  9. Araldite is the applied to the sides of the 3D print and the body held in a vice overnight.
  10. The interior is placed inside the coach and drilled though the fixing holes in the base of the coach. It is then held in place together with the V hang Uploaded Images er by 4 6BA bolts. The V hanger sits closest to the end with no steps,
  11. Fitting the interior will also require fitting the etched V hanger, This is cut from the etch and the Vs folded so that it slots within the chassis.
  12. The 3D printed interior is designed to hold the body shape and allow space for glazing. Once fitted and glazing in place the seat ends can be blended to the side of the coach with plastic filler.
  13. Finally a cosmetic front is added to the solebar. It may require a little adjustment of the legs to align the etch to the legs. But I like this feature as it keeps the solebars nice and clean. I use a contact adhesive, evostick or something similar to hold this in place and push it home with a small glass fibre brush.
  14. The legs are soldered to the chassis.
  15. The lower step is a single etch that once again is folder. This is a tricky fold as both sides are relatively thin. I just hold the end with the legs in a vice and apply pressure to the top with a piece of wood. But it is tricky to get square. Once folded the recess where the axle box fit within the lower step are simply snipped out once the fold has been made.
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