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  1. Sharing pictures from a collection of Brecon and Merthyr Locomotives I am building. They are built in S Scale. More detail in the S Scale section of RMWeb but thought I would post a few pictures here to help promote interest in S Scale. First up is a model of WYE....based on the Sharp Stewart small 2-4-0 passenger locomotive.
  2. It is a high level LoLoader- i am not sure it will support 0 gauge axles...high level will support up to 3mm axles. I am driving the rear axle but i may change this to drive the centre axle using one of high level drive extenders....i may also make the firebox a little longer by 0.5mm as the worm wheel is right up against the inside face......i would rather sacrifice a little bit of accuracy for a more consistant performance. ......btw to others reading this post and interested in this loco - take a look at jbd82 posts on the MW he is building......it is a very good thread - some superb artwork and model making.
  3. More progress on the manning wardle i class......still very rough artwork. Now at a point where i will pause for breath and refresh the artwork to a higher standard, Hopefully will add the brakes tonight. Lots of errors - headstocks too low, axles a little low in the chassis, lots of detail missing but these are things that will be fixed in the next version of the artwork.
  4. These are really nice models....
  5. show - it will take a few more iterations to finish....
  6. I have been messing around with the Manning Wardle for a while now, trying to get something finished for our October meeting. The latest set of etches should be back with me next week. The 3D prints are starting to take shape. These are still basic forms with no rivets or special detail. Adding detail is relatively easy, getting the motor to fit nicely in a small boiler has been more of a challenge. The etches will include the fabric to make the boiler and smokebox etc but for now the 3D printing for now is quicker and easier to get the basics worked out. Anyway here are a few photos of the body parts with painted chassis and wheels..
  7. Small tube of Vallejo matt black paint arived via amazon and it really is nice paint, I will try some other colours but the coverage and consistency is superb. I have not tried every brand, there may be some better ones out there but this is very good. Just the help i needed - thank you.
  8. thank you both - i will give this a try,
  9. quick question....I am trying to move to only using acrylic paints......mainly because I have found a good acrylic vanish and do not want to risk any contamination from applying acrylic on top of enamel (tests suggests that it works but I dont want to take any risks). For "shaky cans" I use Rustoleum but their small jars of brush acrylic paints are limited in colour choices...Humbrol acrylic is ok but was wondering if anyone is using anything else? It is specifically for brush work and not for spraying where I have the gap. Many thanks in advance,
  10. wow amazing work. The additional 3D printed inner hornblocks is a nice touch. I will be interested to see how the boiler fits within the chassis. On my drawing (something that is probably incorrect) the boiler appears to sit below the top of the frames....interested in your perspective on this. really nice work.
  11. The society has some nice brass Manning Wardle wheels...here are some with plastic centres should anyone be interested in using pickups rather than split axle
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