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  1. I used an 0-4-0 engine and a 4 wheel wagon on a 358 mm radius (Roco R2) for testing reasons. Both models (00) are fitted with 3 link couplings and perfomed very nicely. No buffer locking or flange climbing.
  2. Well, if you have got trouble to find a good concrete colour, try the colour made by Faller for their Faller Car System. It is acrylic paint and I use it on walls etc. So far I achieved good results with that paint. Regards Peckett 560
  3. Many thanks for your comments! They help a lot. I think I might place an order on an example. Cheers
  4. Hi all, I am interested into buying one of the Hattons Andrew Barclay models for 00 gauge. They seem to be a good runner, according to my internet research. Do the models run like the Hornby Peckett or (very) similar? In terms of layout control I am not sure weather to run it DC or DCC. Has anyone made experiences with theese models? Cheers Peckett 560
  5. How about modelling a small factory yard or something similar. A run-around-loop with one or two sidings to store some wagons. At one end could be a turntable only for wagons that leads to loading / unloading facilities. They hold up to two or three wagons and could only be reached via the turntable. Chain shunting would be required to shunt the facilities. That might be a bit more interesting than the Inglenook trackplan on the long term. Just as an idea. In terms of the rail crane: in the "Industrial Locomotive Sheds. A third selection" by Adrian Booth, published by the
  6. Hi all, I am a young modeller and new to this forum. I have got two Pecketts W4 from Hornby and simply removed the NEM coupling and clipped a three link chain onto the original hook moulded to the model. The chain is a mix of Cumbria and Smiths loops. It works fine and without problems. Regards Peckett 560
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