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  1. It's me being a novice modeller.....I've looked at different ways to create a concrete colour and haven't found it yet. There's be about 20 layers on my structure before I get it probably
  2. Yes it is.....and thanks for the further detail. I only wish I could find/mix that concrete colour ?
  3. I'm taking your advice and have started to scratch build an extension and quench tower. Lots more detail required yet and the colouring isn't right. Using this photo as reference:
  4. Interesting point thank you. Yes, I have thought about the power station previously though decided against as I wanted a more steelworks "specific" layout if you see what I mean. At the moment I'm going with turning the retort into a coke oven so we'll see how that turns out.
  5. Yeah wasn't sure what the ex rate was atm. Oh right, someone's scratchbuilt that as a one off? Then that might be the price he wants for the work he's put into it, but I'm afraid my pockets aren't deep enough to spend that on one wagon - locos are expensive enough. I guess it's what someone's prepared to pay that's the issue and it would make a good centrepiece to a layout.
  6. That would be a very good idea . Problem is, I presume, the market for a mainline wagon is viable for them, whereas the market for an industrial site specific wagon is probably not. But it definitely needs someone to produce a decent-sized OO gauge torpedo that is VFM. I just had the Walther's HO torpedo wagons delivered which I'd had on back order and they are tiny so they're going back. Way smaller than the Lima ones.
  7. Nice, but £400? He's 'avvin a larf.
  8. I know you said that the Di8 comes up a touch small, but I think it looks good when compared to say the Janus. I may well consider getting one despite the price.
  9. Yes exactly.........there's obvs a fair bit of stuff that's interchangeable across the industries. Hadn't thought about chopping the top bit off, so may have a look at that thanks. In my limited experience, I've found that stuff available and marketed for the UK isn't favourable for your industrial modeller. Too much bucolic scenery/buildings - think it's time the manufacturers started to move on and produce less of the pretty countryside stations and more of the grit. OK it's getting a bit more dingy with the TMD stuff, but there's not a whole lot of "industry". There
  10. You wouldn't have a retort in a steelworks, but I'm after a representation of a coke oven and if you compare the Walthers retort with the ovens there's not a massive difference in how they look and in my view, having seen the ovens at Scunthorpe, the retort will look fine. I'm compromising. You've been at this a lot longer than me so I would put a fair bit of money that your scratchbuilding is on a different level to mine, which, out of ten, is probably a 1. That said, it might be that I end up doing some kind of change to it once it's up.
  11. Many thanks Mike but I've been round Scunthorpe recently and got lots of shots. How I want it to look isn't really my problem. It's more how I utilise the space I have on my baseboards to the optimum that I can't seem to work out?
  12. Yes, but not the Coke Oven. I;ve got the Coke Retort. I've been waiting months for the coke oven and it is, like the blast furnace being pushed back and back, so I'm not convinced it'll ever arrive, so I found somewhere stocking the Retort and will use that instead.
  13. Thanks Pete. I'm fairly clear on the direction I want it to go in, it's just best utilising the space available whilst not having turns too tight.
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