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  1. Cheers Ray, I've been looking at it for a while now, hopefully im headed to the Island in August so I'll try and pick one up when i'm around. I think the Livery painting dates for the IWR beyer peacocks and the first urie-esque southern green will be most useful to have in one place rather than scattered across half a dozen books (especially as I never write these things down so I have to keep looking back), as I do hope to have a beyer peacock in each livery at some point and several projects in the future. ,David
  2. Photo-less update today. My transfers for the lbscr liveried ballast wagons has been delayed but will hopefully arrive next week so I can weather the last 5 and complete the rake. In the meantime I have cracked back on with the roxey 6 wheel full brake after I received the correct spring's/axlebox's- I have now completed the underframe bar the batteryboxes/dynamos as I have stupidly packed some of my reference books in a self storage and will have to go retreive them in order to decifer IOW westinghouse brake and electric retrofit arrangements. I will continue with a bit of the body tomorrow but have a busy few weeks ahead. My plans to make a photoplank were also nixed by me leaving the building material, track, ballast ect in the storage unit so we'll see if I can find them when I go back for the books, however since I have broken my phone camera i'll also have to decide an alternate method of taking photos.
  3. Thanks for the replies @wainwright1, Ive got the two issues with the isle of wight and Brading and think theyre good plans for a scaled down version. Finally had a day to do some more hobby, unfortuantly havent planned ahead so run out fo some transfers to finish off all the ballast wagons. Also I am now in the process of moving house so the layout side will continue to be neglected however I am going to build the Brading goods shed over the next few days as seen here in the early 30s before additions were made- this will serve as a nice backdroup for a little bit of a diarama/photo backdrop for the medium term.
  4. Thanks for the insight, shame about the FYNR brake. Regardng the ex MR brake it was rebuilt in 1930 so I think my most likely pairing will be the unrebuilt version or a transhipment van when I eventually get round to making one.
  5. @wainwright1 yes unfortunately work comes in heavy when it does. Hope you are still doing well. Got the last 5 ballast wagons to this stage today- hope to get them built tomorrow and maybe painted by the end of the week. Three of these five will be painted in very very faded LBSCR livery as southern wagons says some lived out their days in that livery and I havent found anywhere that contradicts that as a possibililty. On other fronts I have been watching Wokos 3d printing thread where some isle of wight wagons are rearing their head such as the FYNR covered goods. They are massively beating me on producing 3d models and am looking forward to them getting back to printing. On the subject of the FYNR I was wondering if anyone with their maycock volume to hand could enlighten me as too wether their ex iwcr ex lbsc brake van made it into 1927- I dont think I could resist running it with the lbsc ballast wagon rake if so even though I think it unlikely they ever did. After the Ballast rake I have splasher transfers for the kernow O2 and the lswr brakes to continue on with. Turns out I was supplied with the wrong w iron/axlebox castings for the latter which is what stalled me before so should now hopefuly fall into place.
  6. Just a thought i'd had for placing wheelsets in printed axles is to have a small rounded indent at the rear of the axlebox/W iron from the bottom to the bearing. This gives more clearance for the pinpoint of the wheelset when fitting into the bearing- almost allowing it to slot in to reduce bending of the axle boxes. Hope i've explained that idea well enough. As above though I very much enjoy seeing the work on this thread and if things become more comercially available ill be snapping up a lot of lswr stuff I imagine.
  7. Todays progress on the lswr parcels van- added the roof and resized the spring hangers to the prototypical length which although fiddly I think improves the look massively (still have to fill in some of the gaps between the j-hangers and the springs.. Im still none the wiser how im going to model the skew brakes in a neat way and indeed the westinghouse aranagement underneath except the position of the cylinder so this one may sit at this stage for a little while. In the long run I could always wait until falcon brassworks is up and running and see how their kit approaches it. Also as I cant resist starting more kits this is the start of the first roxey 30ft lswr brake van for the layout- so far going very easily although still puzzling over how the rocking motion of the end compensation unit is going to work. With these two vans, the remaining 5 lbsc ballast wagons amd the o2 conversion I think thats my workbench full for now.
  8. Thanks for that- any particular brands you'd recommend from experience?
  9. Well ignore everything I said before, looking at other pictures of freshly painted maunsell green coaches in sunlight a similar effect is produced- ohwell! Heres what ive been up too today. Finally finished this off with end steps and later lbscr axleboxes from 5&9 models. Finished off another lbscr open wagon in the ashford lettering style, and had a bash at painting up my IWR lookalike wagon- although im fairly happy I will limit this to very early on as its no way near as faded paintwork wise as the pictures of the late survivors- using the black weathering powders over the top rather negated the khaki/woodish paint underneath. Lastly the ballast wagon rake is now up to 4 wagons (just waiting for varnish to set before adding the weathering powders to the left two. My final question of the day is what to people recommend for chemical blackening of brass and nickel silver? I have a lot of couplings like those above I think I want to start blackening rather than painting.
  10. Thanks for the replies both. @LBSC123 spot on that green became the normal in 1921 for the lswr but in 'southern style- lswr' it states that surburban block sets were the first in line for this rollout and in 'Southern Style- The southern railway' on page 98 it states that the southerns first carriage superintendant wanted stocks of old paint to be used up with southern lettering for economy- I only wish that either of these books had an image of this scenario with which to compare against. @wainwright1 Im aware of the 2 O2s in 1923 and that apparently some of the lbscr ballast wagons stayed in lbscr livery untill their end in 1931 so im starting to think its possible. At the moment I am leaning towards these still being brown and salmon as they look very similar in shades to a lot of lswr carriage images elsewhere- I think i'll just have a look at a few more maunsell green carriages and see if this could be an artifact of the lighting but Im not sure it can when it looks so consistent across both coaches. Im also thinking how interesting a rake of metropolitan 8 wheelers in teak with a urie green beyer peacock and a salmon and brown luggage van would look....
  11. Question before I update on a few bits i've finished today. The below image is the only I can find of the three LSWR passenger luggage vans (unrebuilt) shipped to the island in 1926, it seems to suggest they were shipped in lswr salmon and brown if you notice the two tones on both in shot vans- has anyone got any input on this as I would definately like to paint my current van as such. I also wonder if they would of been able to be repainted by the 1926 summer season.
  12. Back to the workbench for three weeks. First job on has been rewheeling the lswr luggage van and lbsc horsebox. Ive now used Hornby coach wheels with dart castings maunsell overlays which has improved the running quality greatly. Ive added the appropriate springs/axleboxes to both and am going to crack on with the luggage vans skewed brakes and stepboards before adding the end steps on both to finish.
  13. Todays progress on the O2 Renumbered on both sides, removed the nem pockets front and rear and fitted the westinghouse pipes. Issues so far are the colour difference between the hmrs or fox transfers and the original 'southern' and that the olive paint is much much thinner than on the Hornby terriers with the consequence of removing some when removing the original numbers with a fibreglass pencil. Id also love to know why the splashers were lined in this fashion as even pictures of the original 207 dont have this style - i'll look for some lining transfers at some point.
  14. And now for something completely different as I wait for parts to finish the lswr parcels van and transfers for the lbscr wagons. Started turning the Kernow push pull o2 into (fittingly) W22 Brading- this will be pre nameplates though. Looking at photos of the adams boilered o2s I just snipped away all the plastic and wiring I didnt want with some brass sprue clippers which has left behind some small holes or rough spots. The westinghouse resevoir tank is posed on for now and is from Vectis 3d design. To complete the transformation it needs (deep breath) renumbering, the two copper tubes from the westinghouse reservoir to be fitted, paint touch ups, lining of the front splashers, addition of the left hand tank step, removal of the nem pockets and fitting of screw couplings + pipes, route discs ect. Fortuantly as the O2s on my layout will only be on the Ventnor- Ryde passenger services I dont have to fit dingham couplings.
  15. @wainwright1 you're absolutely right, sorry I thought you had meant the three very new BR(S) wagons announced in the last few days as opposed to a new one already in his range. Very nice looking wagon there- love the bolt detail on the inside and the rust application- was this paint or powder? Finally please keep posting pictures here I appreciate seeing someone elses models as much as finishing mine.
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