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  1. Thanks for that, I on the other hand wish I was working on the layout more. The display part is roughly 2.8m with two boards but it will need a 1m fiddleyard board either side which I will fit when needed for running. For the wagon numbering im using photos from a few books; ilustrated history of southern wagons vol 2 being the main aswell as rails in the isle of wight by macleod, the oakwood books on the IWR and IWCR and the two drummond books 'southern rails on the isle of wight. I have a few more but southern wagons gives you the running number series and im using the others fo
  2. Well after 25 days I finally have a 90% complete train running, W12 Ventnor with a short goods train for Bembridge. Brake lamps, headcodes and connecting hoses to follow as well as the coal loads waiting to dry. After my previous post I decided to give Ventnor a more appropriate chimney. I had a spare beyer peacock chimney to hand which after reducing the height, sanding smooth and turning the top looks enough of the part for me to be happy. Below is a comparison with a non mutilated cowes. I am also debating painting the white name plate lining thinner from the inside to a more re
  3. Thanks Ray, I haven't been recently before starting this project- for now im relying on maps and pictures, however I will look to visit before the finalising of platform positions ect because I agree I am a bit spoilt with having a lot of the infrastructure intact and measurable. Thank you very much- I am watching your layout grow at a much faster rate of knots than mine with a lot of interest aswell- hopefully you'll be able to spot any of the rolling stock mistakes that I miss!
  4. Update on a few bits today- im now about 20 days into this project and am dangerously close to having a short goods train ready, even if it would look more at home on the merstone branch due to the two pieces of IWCR rolling stock. Ex IWCR, Ex Midland, Brake van and 8 Ton van. The Brake van has been what has occuped the most time due to fitting brass handrails, brass lamp irons and handcut glazing (all to varying degrees of success as the closeup will show)- it is just waiting for some sidelamps to be fitted and it will be finished although I imagine when I have a few Brake vans in
  5. Short update today. I always knew building this all from scratch would be slow and I was not wrong about that. Considering that almost every piece of rolling stock on this layout will be kit built I am switching between kitbuilding and the layout to keep the variety. I have nearly finished 3 10T opens but the tare weight transfers are a massive time consumer due to none of the numbers being appropriate. As can be seen behind those I have an iwcr brake van awaiting brass handrails, a lbscr bolster awaiting brass fixing loops, an iwcr goods van needing a lick more paint and a stroudley third awa
  6. Hi All, Ive just returned from an 8 month stint of work and now find myself in a very different uk with three months leave, so like many others I decided now was the perfect time to jump back in with railway modelling, my previous experiences being of the fairly trainset like roundy roundy layout with an eclectic mix of LNER stock. As the title suggests I am going to be building an 00 layout of Brading during early southern steam days. Im going to set out a few of my goals/ aims in this first post as well as the limited progress to date. I decided on this layout for few
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