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  1. Halloween, anyone?  My lad saw these Noch figures and I ended up buying them... not perfect models but excellent fun for today!...


    Down on the up platform, the local monks gather to commence their Halloween protection activities, and then a vampire hunter joined them... 



    Then Dracula turned up on the down platform...story2.jpg.ba8c9832ba857a509e4d156293dcc501.jpg


    It all got a bit feisty...



    Then the vampires decided to head into town on the lash, ignoring the COVID-19 restrictions and the glaring sunlight! 




    1. MoonMonkey


      Night time, and the undead walk again (even in 4mm scale!!)



    2. Tim Hall
    3. Tim Hall

      Tim Hall

      I've no idea why it's upside down


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