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    Whanganui, New Zealand
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    Victorian Civil Engineering, while I was in West Yorkshire I spent exploring historical sites across the moors.

    Here in NZ our history really starts during the Victorian Era, as our Maori history leanings is like the Celt and Saxon sites (that lack stone). The civil engineering here is vastly different due to the lacking infrastructure of Colonial New Zealand.

    Always had an interest in Railways, both current, historical and models.

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  1. Greetings, I'm working in British N Gauge with an expandable format of a double track terminus in West Yorkshire. My track plan is based on that for Holmfirth. 


    The layout I've called Last of the Summer Wine Line. Currently I'm building Ryecroft as the terminus.


    Plans are a foot to operate the freight side by wagon cards and waybill to give a structured variety to the branch timetable. 

  2. Thank you for translating into a British context. I'm finding your monologue very useful.
  3. I find it interesting to hear a Brit view of U.S. operations, as watched a number on YouTube. The method fascinates me, and I want to try and emulate the method on my British outline layout here in NZ. But have wondered about the practicalities for UK operations.
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