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  1. Dam someone has found out about my grand planes for train model world even knows that the local vicar is in on it.........
  2. I do buy second hand but it can and has come with its own set of problems then having to mess about sending stuff back its not always the best option especially with having to care for our son 24 hours a day with new its less likely to be an problem. To person who thinks we should be entitled well no is the answer I have to save to buy things were not an well off family by any means purchases needed to be given real thought before buying happens. The 1961 date in the opening post was the year my late grandad brought the Hornby Dublo freight set for my dads birthday. We can't use it now and is not suitable for our son. Andy ask me what prices things should be sold for now bear in mind its for the younger modeller. Its needs to be kid proof super detailing no not really ,lights maybe but not a must. DC is fine DCC no . So basic train set with optional trains and wagons if one wants to add to their collection. Basic loco diesel/ engine around £30/40 Basic wagons £5/9 All in train set £45/50 I am not saying that super detailed trains needed to go just that the market needs to cater at both ends not just one. Ah yes the Oxford rail gun nice model my son wanting that but I know what would happen to it LOL.
  3. I mentioned Oxford Rail because their prices are cheaper than Hornby and Bachmann in general though I heard Hornby are involved in this company that could be wrong though. I once asked Bachmann about producing an budget/ starter range just got the standard reply.
  4. If I was trolling I do a much better job than this. It seems to me people are jumping to defend the industry . When I first started this hobby I did buy new only to find the quality not that great for the price parts in the box parts falling off it does not give an good impression. I have a son who has mental health issues it is hard work when having to explain why dad got to take back his favourite train when it should be perfect out of the box.
  5. The government are in part to blame in damaging any industry with VAT increases in the last few years we had VAT at 17/5 % then it dropped to 15% then it rose to the present 20% none of this helps .
  6. Like I've said before an Hong Kong businesses saw the opening I highly doubt they made an loss the Chinese for all theirs faults are good at business hence China's high GNP.
  7. Budget Model Railways on YouTube did an video on why model railways are so expensive and later did one on the future of the hobby to me it said it all. They have their own range which sells well no I've have no connection to them or ever met them just admire what they do. The model railway industry is targeting the wrong buyer they will pay the price in the end . History repeats itself Hornby Dublo did this error refused to move with the times over produced over priced it all came crashing down in 1964. The industry is in trouble they think by putting the price up will cure all their problems it is shorted sighted thinking at best reckless at worst. The global economy going to take a hit big time and will be survival of the fittest situation in the business world spending will tighten as time goes on the industry business model needs to change to survive these times. I've read on this thread its an adult hobby but yet these people owned a train set or train has a child. Social media platforms have brought the hobby into the limelight either in reviews or advertised the demand is there I often see comments in YouTube videos young collector's saying they would like to buy but simply can't afford it no one is winning here. Another thing I read here what people did in th 1950s/60s with respect we don't live in that time it's 2020 the industry could rise to the challenge time will tell who will survive.
  8. The models were on eBay and were sold out in no time their is a demand the Chinese see it.
  9. Look at this way forget highly detailed models lets go back to basics lets face it the model got to take some hammering when kids are involved . Hornby and Bachmann and others have their models made in China it would not be a problem for Chinese to start making and sell them overseas undercutting others the guy in Hong Kong would not be wasting his time he saw an opening in the market.
  10. Sorry I'm not convinced on that, Sams Trains on YouTube has a large following mostly children and young adults why do reviews on models trains if their is no interest its simply down to price.
  11. The problems with second hand is as new models are going into higher price range the second hand have followed price wise sometimes you have new and second hand at the same price. Hornby budget has increased in price their is an opening in the market for someone else. A while back an Hong Kong manufacturer was selling diesels for £35 with lights and all and good detailing.
  12. I am aware of Hornby Dublo history I have a fine book on the subject . The question is why can't present day manufacturers do an budget range the market it is their for taking model railways are for all ages not the wealthy few who will be gone soon the young are their future no customers no business. Why should the young have to buy second hand have you seen some of eBays crazy prices they are nearly as much has new.
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