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  1. EPs now on display on Heljan’s Facebook page. Jolly nice they look too.
  2. What scale is this? It is a wonderful piece of modelling whatever scale it is. I had forgotten about the 'phone books/yellow pages. Terrific work.
  3. Gosh. I should have done that! I paid a deposit, but have not had any updating email..
  4. I do hope not. They did revise the class 50 quite significantly after the first EP. But, to my eye, even a good Brian Daniels paint job can't disguise the numerous errors which, between them, mean that this does not look quite like a 56. The mechanism will be superb, the bogies look like works of art, but the cab remains fundamental - and it is really not good (and no amount of debates about the differences between various batches of loco can, to my eye, obscure that fact). Fingers crossed for some further work on this lovely loco.
  5. I think they look terrific - the first RTR Mk 1 coach to look correct - and I love the interior detail. An absolutely invaluable addition to the range. PM
  6. They look very tasty. I love the luggage racks. I wonder if these will appear before the Lionheart blue/grey MK 1s? Or in time to grace the debut of the glorious Heaton Lodge? I do hope so.
  7. Thank you all for this intel. Very disappointing that Dapol has not whetted our appetites with any updates or photographs. Having said that I am sure that they will be worth the wait when they do arrive - I reminding myself that grumbles about the production delays for the 08 evaporated once the superb model was finally released and gracing layouts (and shelves and planks) up and down the country. PM
  8. What a super little model. Here is 03 382 shunting at Clagworth.
  9. Does anyone have any update on these coaches?
  10. It's a lovely model; I hope you enjoy yours. I applied my Railtec transfers direct to the factory-finished body, then weathered it, and have not found the transfer vulnerable to handling or conspicuous. I did not apply any protective varnish (largely because I couldn't;t be fagged to effect the resulting masking. I'd get those transfers on and enjoy your new purchase, if I were you! PM
  11. Erm, the exclamation mark was supposed to connote a humorous aside intended to convey my admiration for this wonderful project. Apologies if my cack-handed efforts have caused consternation to the moderators of RMWeb.
  12. You were robbed; that award definitely should have been yours! HLJ is surely the undisputed king of all layouts in the land. What an inspiration. PM
  13. I think 50 013 is driven by a figure from ModelU. An excellent range of model figures.
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