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    ex-LMS, LNER and CLC lines around Manchester ca.1950, 2mm modelling
  1. 39A until reallocated to Immingham following MSW electrification. A bog standard Vulcan B1 like 1165 up thread. No tender mods visible in the 1954 picture in EM Johnson's Woodhead pt1. Simon
  2. No problem. It's the photographers who took those pictures and people like Ben Brooksbank who make/made their collections freely available that should really be thanked. 61010 in the condition shown in that Rail Online photo will certainly provide a contrast to all those plain black tank locos! As you'll be fitting a Stones generator and lighting, just be wary that although 61306 Mayflower is handy for close up pictures of the generator and lights, the lighting conduit along the side of the boiler is routed differently to locos in BR service (i.e. it's along the running plate rather than on the boiler as shown with 61010). Bachmann made that mistake (or took that production decision) with their Farish B1 which slightly spoils the otherwise very good model of the light fitted locos. Simon
  3. Does this help? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/LNER_Thompson_Class_A2/1#/media/File%3ANew_Southgate_locomotive_derailment_geograph-2261880-by-Ben-Brooksbank.jpg I don't have my books to hand to check details, but as can be seen the derailment happened before the 8 wheeled tender was fitted. Simon
  4. Hi Mike, I'm a bit confused. I thought the B1s had their rear coalplates moved forward and raised in the mid-50s (that's what Yeadon states)? Isn't the version with the coalplate across the 'scoop dome' (can't think of the correct term off hand) what you want for 1950? Or is 61010's A2/1 tender different again (assuming it still had the tender it was built with in 1950)? Very neat work as always anyway. No use for the tender rear, but here's a view of 61010 prior to its July 1950 general. https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p180146480/h50c1f025 The overlapped strip(s) of metal forming the top of the tender sides of what I assume is an A2/1 tender is just visible. Regards, Simon
  5. That explains the whiskey then. Start Match of the Day with the strong stuff and until Ole's transformation you'd have been slumbering gently before the Utd game was featured! It's great that Utd are fun to watch again. Simon
  6. Looks a pretty good fit to this: https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=17&lat=53.3004&lon=-2.3765&layers=168&b=1 taking into account that the housing on the left will have been added later. Simon
  7. My first guess would be Charwelton as well. Simon
  8. "I'll just have to live in hope that one day my body will look as good as Nigel's" What does one say? ;-) Seriously though, thanks again Nick. A really useful series with quite a few ideas I'll be pinching. Can I ask what size and cut the file you used for tidying the body up was? Thanks, Simon
  9. Hi Mike, Are you planning to do 1165/1165? In your period it was one of a batch of 4 Vulcan built B1s at Mexborough (1165-8)? If so are you planning to fit the Metropolitan Vickers lighting with the axle-mounted generator shown? They supposedly tended to have a habit of coming off and ending up in the cess. There's the odd photo showing locos with just the stub axle. That photo also clearly shows the mount for the BTH speedo under the cab. The speedo equipment wasn't supplied until later. I'll follow your work with interest as I've just stripped a Farish body to do Gorton's 61162 in 1950 condition. It's low down the list at present as there's no 2mm conversion chassis at the moment. Best wishes Simon
  10. Perhaps, but I think it's more likely that the lower angle hides the two thirds of the cotton shed (I've fished out my copy of Greg Fox's book on Tiviot Dale etc) that is lower than the portion atop the embankment. It's an odd arrangement and one of those buildings where it would be fascinating to know how it was worked! Feb 1968 is the date I've seen for demolition of the adjacent goods warehouse. I don't have a date for the cotton shed. I spent longer than I care to calculate looking at record cards in Stockport Library in the early 1990s as my brother, a friend and I planned an N Gauge layout of STD and the line past Portwood drops up to this shed. Sadly it never got finished as university intervened. Simon
  11. Really interesting photos. Thanks for posting them. Views such as that with the 9F above showing the 'other' warehouse at Portwood are pretty rare. I've only come across one or two showing the railway side frontage as a backdrop to a 4F etc on the Portwood shunt. The goods warehouse right alongside the loops and opposite the coal drops is slightly better photographed. Now I've written this I've just had a look at Britain from Above and found this: https://britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EAW002113 . Portwood Gas Works in the background helps work out the direction in which the photograph was taken. Simon
  12. There's a fair amount of misinformation about this on the internet. As with the MEN piece linked to above, a number of people have got confused about the location. It wasn't actually filmed at Chorlton-######-Hardy station (now a tram stop next to Morrisons supermarket and accessed from Wilbraham Road), but was actually filmed one station further on and round the GC Fallowfield Loop at Wilbraham Road station. By that date the station had lost its stopping passenger service (Manchester Central- Guide Bridge), but the line was very much still open for freight and through passenger services: http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/w/wilbraham_road/ Simon
  13. I'd have plumped for immediately pre- or post-WWII LMS stock for the last 3 coaches beyond the Mk1. To my eyes they look shorter than than the Mk1. A D2159 CK with it's more Mk1 roof profile might explain the relative lack of change of roof profile... ...or they are all Mk1s and I'm not accounting for perspective properly. Simon
  14. Every time I drive over the flyover over the railway near Pengam or walk over the bridges in Splott I look at the current state of proceedings. For a while now the eastern approach to Cardiff has looked like an excellent justification for those modelling their OHLE without wires. Simon
  15. Tony, The conversions may be simple, but even for those who feel they have the skills the detail differences can be overwhelming. I started off in N and was more than happy with my inside framed Grafar 08 lurching about at unrealistic speeds. Now with so much better RTR the cost and standard is a barrier to hacking at something even if you've access to the knowledge of what to change. Make your suggested changes to Sturdee and some annoying person will come along and tell you it's got the wrong tender... Sticking a kit built Stanier 3500 gallon tender behind it will be a step too far for many. Whilst I miss the sheer fun I used to get with my 08 - a sentiment already expressed earlier by others- I now get a different satisfaction from doing what I can to recreate the look of something at a particular point in time. Simon (having spent way too long looking at Jubilee photos!)
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