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  1. The Waterloo Inn Graham? It's a real pleasure to be able to travel the full length of the Monsal Trail without the admittedly fun diversion along the stepping stones in Chee Dale. The view from the trackbed between the two Chee Tor tunnels into Water--Jolly Dale, whilst not as open as it was when the line was built, is still glorious. What a shame that despite the issues with the A6 and a railway as far as Rowsley that it isn't possible for "every fool in Buxton" to be "at Bakewell in half-an-hour, and every fool in Bakewell at Buxton" via this route as so annoyed John
  2. This has got me all nostalgic. The number of times I must have popped over to Platform 16 and then looked into the stygian gloom of 17 to see if there was anything of interest! Simon
  3. What a great couple of photos! The red rectangle and beginnings of the Tinsley white rose suggest it was needed in traffic before its unofficial name could be added. 45012 finished its days as Wyvern II. Simon
  4. Sharp Stewart 0-8-2T? Possibly a Port Talbot Railway one? Simon
  5. What a fantastic project! Those people are surprisingly convincing. Lovely work on the sides as well. It's a shame Dapol marred an otherwise good model with those incorrect bogie centres. Regards Simon
  6. Because you can't have too many 8Fs here's Killamarsh a few years earlier (1938) from a different angle (Rail-Online) https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p77103013/h93249e66 Simon
  7. Quite right. It's Killamarsh West on the Old Road. Although the line and the original station date from the 1840s this station was closed then re-opened and the station shown dates from 1873. The only bit I disagree with is that a Stourton engine wouldn't make it to the Peaks. LM freight locos got borrowed a lot so I would have expected to see the odd one in Manchester and certainly at Gowhole or Rowsley. Simon
  8. No problem Andy. On reflection there's no room for a snifting valve behind the chimney on a F2! The first carriage isn't LNER, but the second is Gresley. Possibly a cascaded NER third, although my knowledge of GER stock isn't good enough to rule that out. That nice Mr Headstock will no doubt set you straight at some point! Simon
  9. To possibly answer my own question: 7113 at Cranley Gardens . Paul Johnson Transports of Delight collection: My only worry is that on the C13 at least the other snifting valve seems to have played hide and seek round the chimney. Starting opposite the one on the far side and then in later years being moved to the normal position for most LNER locos in later years behind the chimney. I don't have the relevant Yeadon to check either. If it's an easy switch replacing or filling in the chunky coal rails to look more like the solid bunker extension might
  10. Looks very good. I note the prototype photo shows a snifting valve beside the chimney on the smokebox (the square plate for it is just at the top of the cropped image above). I've got a feeling the C13s with p-p gear had one either side of the chimney. Worth a quick check of other photos to see if you need one or two? Simon
  11. They were to 2mm scale, sadly with the emphasis on were. Simon
  12. I.H. of LMS Wagons Vol.1 by Essery has ex-works views showing D1951 and D2022 wagons labelled as 'For soda ash traffic. To work between Winnington and St Helens only' and 'For soda ash. Fleetwood to Silvertown' respectively. So Northwich soda ash for glass manufacture at Pilkingtons etc. Silvertown was presumably the caustic soda/soda crystals plant in E London. Not sure what the purpose of the later (1965) branding for Brindle Heath was. Simon
  13. 61705 and 61710 are good options for late condition B7s which cropped up both sides of the Pennines very late in their lives. 61705 with LNER on the tender at Sheffield Victoria can be found here : https://www.lner.info/locos/B/b7.php 61710 here: https://thetransportlibrary.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=83636 Simon
  14. Is the B7 for Herculaneum Dock Mike? Which one are you doing? Simon
  15. There's a bit on the Wallerscote (Northwich)-Corkickle soda ash trains in this thread: Covhops were used to take light soda ash from ICI's soda ash plant to the Albright & Wilson Marchon works just off the Cumbrian Coast route. This was well-known because the wagons reached the works via a rope worked incline, the Corkickle Brake (closed 1986 when the internal rail system at the works closed). Link to thread with an 8F hauled covhop service in a video ( no comment on whether copyright was observed): A few photos from the covhops thread sh
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