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  1. No steam heat (sorry, carriage warming apparatus) doesn't mean no passenger trains: https://railphotoprints.uk/p869087844/hC7DFC3D7 Simon
  2. Yes they did pre-Woodhead electrification at least. If you look at the Shed Bash uk website you'll see the odd one still popping up at Trafford Park/Gorton in the 1940s and early 1950s. For example, in 1950 Colwick would occasionally still use one of its J6s instead of the usual J39 on the 8.22 pm Deansgate-Colwick goods (a service running in part via ex-Midland metals making use of former GN running powers). 64194 and 64212 were recorded by the signalman at Didsbury. E.M. Johnson's Manchester Central book has an example of a J6 working on the Glazebrook-Godley route (3610 in 1946 on its wa
  3. The Bachmann Porthole BTK is correct and correctly features the sides overlapping the solebar etc introduced with the pre-porthole D1868 BTKs (although a batch of D1868s built at Wolverton lacked these features). Useful discussion of these coaches in Coachmann's review here (CK discussed on 1st and BTK discussed on last pages of the thread): Simon
  4. There's been lots of fascinating stuff in the 2mm scale section recently. Really interesting 3D printing work, inventive tools and the high quality etching we've come to expect. However, I've gone a little bit old skool with my latest model. Taking a spare built LNER van chassis (one of Mr Higgs's offerings), a sheet of 25 thou brass, a craft knife, a metal ruler, a square and a file and after several hours of work I have this: A LNER Conflat S. It's by no means perfect, but it's been fun to see what I could do. A suitable container, chains etc will be added in due co
  5. Andrew, July 1937 is the information quoted for the view you are interested in. There's also a mucky 1938 view. Don't say you're going to work on your B7 next year! That might mean I'll have to start my 2mm one, and I already sound like enough of a GC 4-6-0 obsessed nutter without actually working on one! It would be an opportunity for a grottiest B7 contest though. Simon
  6. It's not easy to say which is correct is it? However if you model it in Armistice Day condition and can't see the reverser reflected in the splasher top then you do a disservice to the Gorton cleaners! Prof Watson has an excuse; representations we're made to the GN that Valour was sent back for the ceremonial working one year in an appropriate condition! Simon
  7. Yes, that's the photo I highlighted when this cropped up on the Valour thread: I like Woodcock29 noted it in The Art of Weathering. Simon
  8. 1937 is the earliest it can be as the Esso brand wasn't used in the UK any earlier according to the Exxon website. Simon
  9. His contribution in terms of his ingenious tools and simple jigs alone was considerable. Sad news indeed. It's not too late to do a Jubilee for the belated Jubilee celebrations. Simon
  10. It also looks like one of the Advenza 57s 005 or 006 rather than one of their 47s? 57005 was dumped at Cardiff Central for ages after its last trip to Tidal Yard when Cotswold/Advenza Freight went bust (Flickr photo copyright John Woolley not mine): Simon
  11. Following starting a discussion about Silvertown lubricators (I need to get out more!) over on Wright Writes, I went hunting for Geoff Jones's step by step guide to making them in 2mm scale. It can be found here: Note his comments about the orientation of the lubricator. On the Jubilee the single lubricators each side of the boiler are the same way round as on the Black 5. So if you follow Geoff's instructions for a Jubilee put the handles on the opposite end (what Geoff calls the round end) unless you are Nick in which case you need handles front and back... S
  12. I think this is just a case of the 8F being the poor relation. Looking at the DJH site the same castings have been used as used in the Black 5 kit for the Silvertown lubricators. That would be OK, but for the B5 you can leave the rear handles off whereas they should be visible on the 8F. What PMP describes as the clock face is the side of the lubricator where the mechanical linkages are attached (you can see the linkages fairly prominently in my photo of 44806, but they are not really visible in the 8F photos). Putting them the right way round on your model would require handles adding where
  13. Sorry Tony I didn't explain myself well enough. I think the part of each lubricator you have facing the boiler should in fact be facing outwards. Simon
  14. Tony Have you got your lubricators on the right way round? They are differently arranged to those on preserved 48305 and 48431: This Black 5 by contrast has them as you've modelled them: Simon
  15. Are there by any chance any photos of the Tavern Car signs in this book? Thanks Simon
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