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  1. Ok...I was being an absolute buffoon. In all my troubleshooting and re-wiring, I re-wired the solenoid to the LED connectors, not the solenoid connectors... It's now working. Thanks for the help!! And yes, I'm equally dissatisfied with the wiring. The decoder has really small connectors, that the 30/0.2 wiring will not fit in! Although following advice, I'm using the 30/0.2 wiring for the solenoids. The decoder manual also suggests NOT to tin the wiring etc...so I'm unsure if using some form of fixed connector for the wiring would be better
  2. Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on troubleshooting my seep motor problem. I have a Z21, with a Digikeijs booster powering a DCC bus. I have an ADS4SX decoder connected, and powered by this bus. I then have a Gaugemaster PM1 seep motor wired up to the decoder 30/0.2; wired to my track DCC bus for power 16/0.2; and frog wired to point frog 30/0.2. I've used the ADS4SX decoder Set option and the Z21 to program the turnout. When I select the turnout in the Z21 app, I can hear the ADS4SX click, but the motor doesn't budge
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