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  1. I accidentally touched 2 connections together on a Viessmann 4414 while moving the decoder box, and now the green LED is permanently on XD Has anyone don’t something similar before, and know if it’s fixable?
  2. I had the same thinking. But Z21 doesn’t have a warning/distance signal object. I set the DR4018 to be address 80 - so in theory 80-88 So instead, I added a simple on/off signal...and yes, the main signal switches red and green at address 80 I then added a 3 aspect signal, and set to 82 & 83, which I’m assuming correspond to OUT3 & OUT4 and the lights aren’t changing at all.
  3. Hi all, couldn’t find a topic in the forum already that helps my current predicament. Hoping someone out there has some experience with connecting signals to DR4018 units. I’m worried my wiring is incorrect, as I’m not getting the required behaviour. I have a Z21 system (with the beginnings of iTrain control). I have a DR4018 to control one DB Main Signal with Distance signal from Viessmann 4414 Based on a thread from another forum: - https://www.1zu160.net/scripte/forum/forum_show.php?id=1098276 I’ve programmed the DR4018 to CV47 value of pres
  4. Great to know I can mix it up a little :)
  5. Yeah....I'm now considering itrain Vs Train Controller XD
  6. So, here’s my setup so far. It’s all working as planned. Loco shows in any block on the layout with that block address. So...the only bit I don’t like, is that for a stretch of rail, you can either: - Show one piece of that track with the block occupancy Show the occupancy at the beginning and end of that block section Or, have the occupancy object on every section of that length of track That latter option means you can see for any section of horizontal/vertical track what is occupying it. However, it’s a lot more work to set up! AND for a section of track, would sho
  7. I just found this useful link. So will give it a try. http://adventuresinzscale.blogspot.com/2018/02/setting-railcom-feedback-inside-of-z21.html?m=1
  8. Hi all, Has anyone got any experience setting up track occupancy using the Z21 app? There’s a ‘response module’ object in the app layout, but I’m unsure how to use it. Do I need one of these objects for each block? Or need it instead of all track on the layout where there is block detection? Or at the beginning and end of a block? I couldn’t find any guidance from the Z21 manual or their online video tutorials. I’m using a DR5088RC digidetect. Thanks in advance for any help! Simon
  9. Thanks David! Will check it out
  10. oooh that's really useful, thanks. I was struggling on the Google searches trying to work out what coach versions they had
  11. Ah nice! I have similar express coaches at the moment, and focusing on DB Baureihe 23 too. Aiming around 1950/60s
  12. Hi all Anyone running a DB/DRG Class 23? I'm looking for inspiration for coaches to run with this engine, which epoch (assuming III), any specific lines/services. Any regional differences etc... Thanks all! Simon
  13. I had to sleep on it. I moved the cabling over to use the decoder frog control. And now everything works perfectly. Both points and both frogs. So now I have one I've the motors controlling a frog, and he decoder controlling the other. Maybe it's just a faulty motor. But from now on, think I'll just use the decoder frogs for peace of mind. Thanks everyone for all your kind help!!
  14. So, I've switched over the cables now on the RH point as well, for the LH frog. The frog is now, no longer switching polarity. Maybe this was the problem all along...and why I was getting so confused. LH point, controlling RH frog is fully working now I've switched cables. Wonder if anything else could be wrong... Before I rip it out and assume the point motor is dud.. Guess I could try switching the frog on the decoder instead as suggested.
  15. Right.... It's because the frog on the left is now out of sync. Z21 app matching physical config. But frog is wrong polarity...
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