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  1. Yeah I've since discovered that with the 47xx the issue was the front bogie not moving enough as it got caught on the chain. I've removed the chain and it's running way better on the inside radius. I've just added an extra board to give me more depth one end so I'm having an engine shed / turntable yard. I can still reach into the back board corner.
  2. So more track. I found that my new Hornby king class doesn't like tight radius curves and my even newer haljen 4700 is even worse so I've got 2 loops (started with one 3rd radius loop). The 4th radius loop works much better and smoother. I've also changed to peco streamline points which look much more realistic and don't cause as many derailments. I've also started building metcalfe buildings for some practise as id like to scratch build one day. I'd like to put photos up but cannot work it out.
  3. So I started out lining my garage attic with boards. They are 1.5 ft above ground. I used attic flooring from wickes as the attic is very very dry and they were cheap. Once the basic frames and boards were put up I lined it with some track. At the moment I only have 2 loops and some sidings. I'm still working on my track plan. Where the line goes into the arch sections of the roof I'll make a removable tunnel.
  4. Hi everyone. I just thought I should join up as I'm beginning a loft layout. 16x9ft. Mostly Gwr in oo gauge. Looking forward to giving updates and asking lots of advice. I've already got a large ish collection of engines and wagons from my childhood (I'm 37 now) and have just started some metcalfe kits to get me going. I look forward to weathering later. Anyway, thought id say hi and look forward to checking out other layouts on here. Adam
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