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  1. Once the seep motors are in I'll start on the dcc items and build a control panel for the points. I'll also reinstate the double loop to run the trains and complete more tests. So far I've tested it on dc with my new 28xx, my old 28xx, 47xx night owl, and the king. All ran well and smooth. I did find that an old coach with large steel wheels caused a short on a few points so I'll change the wheels on this.
  2. Well after a lot of work I have started getting the station area down. I drilled holes for cables and the point motors, installed the insulated joiners as I'm using electro frog and have now tested the line and the engines run smoothly. I still need to raise the double slips as they are code 75 but I'll do this when my rail joiners arrive.
  3. The sidings and goods area are not finished, I've just completed the station area trackwork.
  4. Just want to say thanks to everyone who has responded to this. I have now started to fix my track down, I'm using all electrofrog with seep motors. The cables are currently dangling under the board but once the point motors are fitted I'll order my dcc controller. I had to compromise with a point facing the way some don't agree with but after looking at a lot of track plans I see that it's done where unavoidable and I have struggled with my plan to say the least. I have changed my track plan a little. I have tested it on dc and it is very smooth and all engines are running through
  5. I have also purchased the PSL book for track plans and as said before, Tresco looks brilliant although it'll have to be simplified a little on the left hand side.
  6. I'll be having extra sidings for rolling stock, my diagram does not show it yet but there will be placing for this. I'm just concentrating on the station at the moment. There are a lot of great ideas from everyone which I really appreciate.
  7. Melmerby, that link shows a fantastic looking track plan! If only my layout was wider!
  8. Thanks for the responses again. I do believe that like most things in life it will have to be a compromise. I understand the use of a double slip is rare and a single slip is more prototypical, but for a model railway, the added benefit of the double outweighs it for me. I've ordered 3 this morning in electrofrog and shall begin building up the station area this week and weekend. I shall keep the progress of the build in my blog. Again thanks to everyone for their input. It has made my station area a lot better than my initial plan.
  9. OK so now I think I'm getting it. My latest attempt should be about right. Now I know I have 2 double slips where there shouldn't be (on the right) but for the added functionality compared to cost I'd rather just have it. I've also got rid of the triple points, and please ignore the fact that the lines look straight, I'll be having some curvature to go with the scenery I plan.
  10. Thanks everyone for the assistance. It's getting clearer slowly. It's certainly a mine field.
  11. You can't see it in the photo but there is another point to allow the inner line direct access. I've now removed the slip and exchanged it for 2 points. The first the right way around (I think).
  12. So I just need to change the two top right points around so they are not facing. The other side they are not facing. Sorry for the confusion, you can tell I'm new to this! I'm basically trying to have it similar as shown in this diagram (as space allows).
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