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  1. I'm going to hard wire in a decoder & remove the socket.
  2. DCC ready, I just used the 8 pin plug
  3. Everything was tested, running DC only was fine, power car alone failed on DCC 1st time and as a unit the 2nd time. Time 1. Chip fitted to power car only. Ran alone on test OK, but no lights. Tried to turn on lights but when I pressed F0 it died. Went to repair man who checked it on DC, then DCC and ran it for a while OK with dummy - lights OK. Brought it home and tested it as a 6-car unit and lights OK. It is a pain to drive as deceleration is very slow to respond. After throttle is off, it continues on full power for 2 unit lengths before it starts to slow! Time 2, first run on Roco Z21 ran out OK with power car at rear with lights on dummy. Return trip it just stopped dead. The power & dummy have no links other than via the track. The dummy chip is fine. No shorts were detected by the command unit. The lights do seem to be an issue on DCC - any ideas how? My repair man is at a loss.
  4. There is a decoder in the dummy which works just the lights. The power car has fried 2 decoders so far. Both have the same ID.
  5. I did wonder that, but the chip has a 1.5A rating, 2A max. The command unit didn't detect a short either.
  6. The first DCC chip I fitted was to my Hornby class 395. I fitted it, run it backwards, then forwards, then pressed F0 and it stopped, dead chip! OK, maybe as a newbie I messed up, so I took it to a train repair man at my local model shop. He tested the loco, found no defects and fitted a new chip. After a few runs, again whilst running power car first it stopped dead, lights & power off, but the dummy is fine with lights on. Any ideas?
  7. I have some older Hornby diesel locos where I fitted a second motor so that they could actually pull a decent load. Any advice on what decoder power limits I'd need of issues to consider before I fit a chip? They have directional lighting too.
  8. Thanks everyone, I have chosen to switch to the Roco Z21 set up.
  9. The 5 loops have around 50m of track each, plus sidings and sub branches. I will operate up to 10 trains at once, MUs might include more than one power car. No idea what counts as Large? I have around 130m of track down so far and I'm not half way around yet! Maybe I'll only need 1 booster
  10. As expected, 101 opinions! I get it that I need 1 master, and some power boosters & slave units. I will stick with the Hornby Elite until I outgrow it. If I was to choose a DCC master system, which ones do you consider 'Good', 'great value', 'avoid' and the same for chips (including sub groups of) so that I can make an informed choice. Also, is there a good book to read & learn how to do this? thanks
  11. Everyone seems to claim that their system is 'better', but most look to me anyway to be quite dated. There is probably a need for something more modern across the board on DCC control in my opinion.
  12. I have around 60 locos. half of which I need to replace as they cannot be converted or are not worth it. I will probably stay below 100 locos. I am getting gaugemaster decoders, as they seem to be quite good although I have 4 Hornby ones that work. I have kept the layout fairly simple as in separated sections, but complex track layouts within a section. 3 operators, controlling 2 locos at any one time and I do not want automation.
  13. I have a large layout which I am converting from DC to DCC. I am building 5 separate loops of track about 50m long, plus sidings & depots. So far, I have one pair of tracks connected to a single Hornby Elite, covering about half the loop, 2x 25m sections and plan to add a power & signal booster for the other half, 2x 25m sections to complete 2 of the loops. For the other 3 sections, which are electrically isolated from the first 2, should I use a separate Elite or add several cheaper Select controllers, with signal & power boosters? I also intend to use Railmaster to control points / signals etc. So far I have converted 6 locos, so no power issue yet, but as I gradually convert the railway it will become an issue! Am I on the right path or are there better options? Should I consider trying a different system on other tracks or just stick to my choice?
  14. Thank you, that is exactly what I plan to do with pairs of 2-car units
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