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  1. Just to update this thread, I got a loco (a Graham Farish Class B1 - part of the NE Freight set) and separately a Zimo MX617 decoder - cheap as chips and a big thanks to Kevin from Coastal DCC for his advice and excellent service. I ran the train briefly on the supplied analog controller, then, with heart in mouth, undid the tender and popped in the decoder - about 5 minutes once I worked out the right screws to use. Out came the Hornby Select and I had everything running on DCC. Its a bit of overkill for a single oval of track, but I'm happy to be back into running trains. (Even h
  2. Many thanks for all the replies - I will certainly follow the advice. @JST - I don't see myself sticking with the Select - it is more of "something to get me moving" until I can afford a lot better - perhaps WiFi or with a walk-around controller on a lead. I am budgeting about 1K for track/fittings (8' x 3' maximum size) and initial rolling stock (perhaps an 0-6-0T and some sort of MT loco, plus a few coaches and wagons. The plan is to use Peco code 80 - not realistic, I know. @WIMorrison - DCC ready seems a good compromise, and I understand many online retailers w
  3. I'm returning to railway modelling after many years, and looking for advice on DCC. I am going to work in N-gauge, and go for an early BR period layout. I know that DCC controllers should be compatible with any decoder chips, and plan to (start with) only DCC-fitted locos., however I have two questions 1) I have a Hornby 'Select' controller (R8213) which is about 12-14 years old. Would this be suitable as a short term solution? - my budget is initially focussed on track and rolling stock. I would probably have points electrically operated but not DCC at this sta
  4. Thank you, Hibelroad. I have been browsing and getting a lot already. Agree re simple, but there is a trade off with "too toylike" - I am happy to be more complex and still, if needed, rip it all up
  5. Having been a keen modeller (plastic kits and OO-HO railways) in my (distant) youth, I am now, on the wrong side of 50, getting back into the hobby. By day I'm an IT Consultant, so want hobbies that keep me away from a keyboard and screen as far as possible. I live in the NE of Scotland Originally I had (and probably still have) a lot of Palitoy rolling stock, and about 10 years ago I made my kids a small (6' by 4') Hornby DCC layout - just the basic set plus extensions with a pair of 0-6-0 locos. Unfortunately they were more into PlayStations, so the baseboard is now prop
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