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  1. Cock up alert - schoolboy error - I must have been standing on my head when I put the data panel on - Muppetry - silly Squirrel
  2. At the same time last few details on 66597 so another one finished - left the same two old boys in the picture!
  3. Last bits on 47207 this evening. Glazing from a donor body, silver buffer edges and a bit of buffer grease, replacement handrail and a quick couple of pics for the archives. Couldn't resist the fitter and foreman, especially the old brown workshop coat - how many times was I told to "[email protected]@s off" by this old boy when i asked to look round the shed
  4. Hi Rob, I replied and now it seems to have not posted so hope this isn’t a repeatIt’s a mix of brush and airbrush. I put a couple of dots of black/ exhaust at the top of where I want the streak. I then use a flat brush dipped in white spirit and drag the “dot” down. I then use the airbrush to tie the top of the streak to the roof. Great thing is if you don’t like the streak then wipe it off and start again- do it before you do the other weathering as the thinners will remove it! IMO Looks good and better than some of the zebras you see going around!!
  5. Forgot:- 66 Exhaust little bit more soot from the mix for 47207, think we can safely say it looks a bit better.....
  6. Managed to start the weathering on 47207 tonight. First up were a few streaks from the roof: Followed by frame dirt to the bogies and the fresh buffer beams and a little body side weathering Next up a mix of exhaust, roof dirt and dab of black in the mix and lastly here's the other side. The spray bench has managed to eat a cab side handrail so that will be a job for the morning - crawling round trying to find it!
  7. Funny to see the difference in size between the shed and the duff. Nice projects the pair, one a bit of a rescue mission and the other turning a green box into a working looking loco- variety is the spice so they say- hopefully something new in the dray at the weekend!
  8. Have to agree in that I’m sure they varnish over which is also one of the reasons they are a pain to renumber as you have to get through the varnish. Nice job on the CoBo!
  9. Just saw your Chevanne! My Dad had a chevette estate which I learned to drive in - happy memories!!
  10. Back on 47207 and 66597 tonight. The 47 is turning into a bit of a saga, the nose tops were black whereas they should be yellow so that was followed by the cab front handrails, yellow not silver, the aerial supports needed to be picked out in light blue, yellow axle box covers, front numbers and OHLE flashes. I think it is nearly ready for weathering. Couple of pics of the two..
  11. Thanks Rob, it’s going to be weathered again so enjoy it while it’s clean! I think of all the liveries to paint RFD is one of the nicest to do, cheers Jerry
  12. Had chance to get the numbers on 47207 tonight and the beloved cant rail. Really pleased with the numbers but not happy with the crackle finish cab roof, left over from previous owners paint job so should have flattened it off more Not a major problem more a niggle, likewise not overly happy with the black round the windows so may respray that too - funny how a little tidy up becomes almost a full respray!
  13. Bit more progress on 47207 tonight. The roof has had a coat of Executive Dark Grey and the cant rail will be sorted later on. Most of the work tonight has been refitting the nameplates, cab rails, BR arrows and the Tinsley plaques. Checked reference pics and it carried both styles so the originals were recycled. Earlier on in this thread I posted a pic of the body on top of a pristine Heljan duff shell - here is the revised paint job in comparison. Numbers have arrived from Fox so will get those over the next few days together with cant rails and OHLE flashes, data panels etc.
  14. Nice trip today to stock up with supplies at Model Junction in Bury St Edmunds, good to see the chaps again and they said business has really picked up since they reopened in June. Tonight's efforts were getting the flint grey upper body sides on 47207. Here it is masked ready for paint and with the replacement grey The masking has taken a bit of the cant rail off but not bothered as on pics of 207 this was under the body side gutter and not the gutter itself as on the model so it has to go and I will repaint that after I sort the roof. All looks a bit lumpy on a 27" monitor and the light on my bench doesn't help as it makes everything look worse than it is but trust me (he says confidently) I know what I'm doing
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