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  1. The Hornby 86 isn't too bad at all with some work, I did a couple last year and they don't look too bad - wish someone would make an etched headcode panel though! Happy spraying, cheers Jerry
  2. Hi Dave, thank you very much for you kind words, much appreciated! There is more of my older stuff in the gallery on my website sqrail.com rather than just what I’m up to at present on here! Cheers Jerry
  3. Started the airbrush work on the weathering this morning, base colours on so these now need to harden up before next lot of paint. first up is the 24, pics show it with fairly clean body sides and roof centres but the blues disappeared over the cabs and roof centre likewise 842 nothing too heavy on this one unlike 50004 which is going to be well grotty lastly it wouldn’t be right not to have a 90 on here so Penny Blacks began its weathering. that will be it for the day as off to the dentist now for the joy of having a tooth out- at least ( he hopes) it
  4. Sorry for delayed reply- I must have messed up on my notification settings! Thanks for the message and look forward to doing something in the future! Cheers Jerry
  5. Hi - I’ve had the same problem with over tightened screws. Sometimes ( if your lucky) you can try and tighten it a little and then try and loosen it again as it can give you a bit of purchase on the head. If not there’s no problem with just drilling off the head. I used my 18v cordless which has variable speed so you can drill it slowly thus stopping any heat build up. Make sure you have the body on something soft and you hold it tightly so nothing can slip. The screws are really soft so a new drill bit will go through it really easily. Good luck cheers Jerry
  6. Lot of prep work going fitting nameplates, detail packs etc so hence there hasn’t been many pics. Penny Black is ready for weathering and started the rough work on the 71,842 and the 24. As these go through the weathering process I’ll post more pics..
  7. Thanks Ben, I haven’t done one of these for ages so thought by now they’d have brought out a specific colour! Cheers Jerry
  8. Hi Ben, what paint are you using on the WCR 37s if you don’t mind me asking! Cheers Jerry
  9. And you have very kindly stuck a nice blue 20 in the next batch too! I’m getting all nostalgic
  10. The Squirrel Rail website Sqrail.com is now up and running so please have a look for info on what we do and a gallery of previous projects
  11. If you brush over your transfers with your supply of Johnson’s clear you can then safely spray over them. If you want better control of the aerosol just spray it into the jar/ colour cup of the airbrush and it’s ready to go!
  12. Hi Jack, just from my own pics taken at Ipswich there is a pretty big hire in fleet to be had!! That PBs not a teaser as it’s got a home already- I cant keep tempting you! Cheers Jerry
  13. Hi Jack- very restrained of you! 036 is on the back burner for a bit as loads of customer stuff on...which leads me to today’s update, Another Penny Black!
  14. The Mainline 90 is still in my finishing off pile but I will keep that in mind!!
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