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  1. Few odds and ends from yesterday and today. The SF green craven has had its green sprayed and the orange bands above the cab windows, The other project is a Hornby 86 going Colas so over the last few days it has had yellow ends colas Yellow and Colas Orange Everything else has been rubbing down filling and priming so not the most exciting to put in an update!
  2. Thanks to everyone for the feedback it’s really appreciated and the trust you have in me with your locos and stock. I hope after Jack’s generous review I don’t make a balls of 90047 Todays up date is the start of two more TFW units with the 153 having the window blanks test fitted before gluing them in; The 158 has had the roof primed as it is going from black to grey The pair of 47114s in Freightliner TT green have had the bands added, colours look a bit vivid under my spraying light but I’m pretty happy with them. Masking on and the green, Then with the
  3. Many thanks for the kind words. I get things wrong and as you say sometimes there’s nothing for it but to go back to square one, frustrating but nothing else for it but start again and let the customer know. My bottom line is when I look at something I’ve done I ask would I have it in my fleet and if the answer is no then it sure isn’t going to a customer!!
  4. We all make mistakes and sometimes things that look fine to the naked eye look abysmal in pictures, but some things aren’t really acceptable. When mistakes happen and genuinely something I haven’t noticed isn’t right I will always try and resolve it at my expense but a bit of time and effort and quality control sorts things before they get out of hand. As for not answering messages or calls that’s just out of order.....
  5. 153 Rescue project. I seem to be getting more and more rescue jobs and this pair of Scuds have featured in my workbench thread for a good few weeks. They arrived in a bit of a sorry state, poor paint finish and decals being the obvious and the bodies in Rail Grey which is miles off the TFW grey The pair have been completely refinished with modified windows and interior and are ready to return to their owner, here they are The finished pair are 312 and 369. Slight livery variation with 369 having a grey stripe between the roof and the red whereas 312 ju
  6. Working on the logic locos today with the challenge of the lines from the 3D print. The detail on these is great so don’t want to clog it up so using two different approaches. On the left hand loco I’m just using a primer coat but the right one I have used an additional coat of Mig one shot dark primer to help highlight the lines, think either way this is going to be a long job, but worth Another background task is stripping a 158 for its respray. Oh for the days when you could just look at a Bachmann product and the windows would just fall out! Here they are with a pit
  7. Primer this afternoon with a new batch of Squirrel Projects, a couple with East Anglian connections: This Cravens will become the green celebrity set as it was in 87-88 before withdrawal another East Anglian visitor was 47114 in its two tone green, doing two one for a customer and one which will be surplus! last up definitely not East Anglian, a pair of SA logic locomotives, 3D prints which are going to be nice challenge!
  8. 60007 now finished as is another 66113, this time with a bit of in service weathering and GBRF 66773 in Pride livery
  9. 90028 has had the rework of its previous paint job and weathering In the paint shop 60007 has now had the roof and exhaust finished along with the bodysides, four different shades of dirt in there and always a challenge to weather a black roof! and from above..
  10. Lots of things in progress over the weekend so a bit of a long winded update here goes... first up Dapol N gauge 50 renumber and name from 037 to 017 Next up a pair of 90s - 039 for a renumber and 028 for a bit of tidying up and details including handrails, door handles, lamp brackets, cab steps before a rework of the weathering Weathering has now started on the 66s - nothing to heavy so the underframes being started dirtier will be 60007, it’s stablemate 050 is waiting for Thornaby plaques The other 66 was the respray of the buffer b
  11. Update from the earlier post with the Freightliner 66 getting the yellow . A couple of washes to start toning it down before I can try and match the weathering that has already been done. The GBRF and DB 66s have their new identities with all the decals on and 60070 is now 050. All these will be weathered over the next few days lastly the pair of TFW 153s have had all the paintwork completed and the decals are starting to go on
  12. I sometimes wonder about bidding - it’s very Tempting!!!
  13. I asked Steve @railtec-models to do the plates for 43308 Highland Chieftain which are now available on his website. If anybody was wondering what they look like then here you go ..... and from the front....
  14. Tricky little job today changing the EWS yellow V on the 66 buffer beam to the Freightliner yellow, I say tricky as for once the buffers are all firmly attached and the weathering on the body is quite heavy so I want to match it so some masking and a coat of Mig primer Rest of the time has been spent removing numbers and nameplates from these four, 60007 is for weathering the other 3 are having new identities before weathering too. The scuds in the background have had the window mods sprayed just need the black surrounds tidying up before finally getting their decals.
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