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  1. There’s nothing major on the livery just the positioning of the OHLE warning flashes and data panels but it does make a difference!
  2. Thanks Rob, I really like 033 with the different band and the EW&S rather than EWS- it got even more battered later on so perhaps the third one I do will be really tatty! Cheers Jerry
  3. Few completions today which is a bit of Deja vu for 58033, 90002 and 90045 as I've done all of these for other customers. First up 58033 which was a rework of 58030 with the high up gold band and resprayed bodysides topped off with a good helping of wear and tear and grime, The other 58 is 003 which was in for replacement numbers, a front number and some repairs to a glue run on the nameplates. Its all back to normal now, 90045 was a renumber and weather, decals from Steve @railtec-models . There's quite a few detail differences from the original 90042 dono
  4. Paint them all blue like 034 - much nicer!
  5. Hi Kat, I was only referring to the colour- the original DB orient Red or the new brighter red- I think I like the old one!
  6. Old DB or New DB, that is the question!
  7. Weathering today on the 90s and the 58s which hopefully shows how they’ve moved on from yesterday with the roofs and underframes being painted. First up 58s, 003 just lightly weathered 033 much dirtier The 90s are fairly similar, dirty not worn out, and in EWS one 90 which is a lot grottier is 129 which got into quite a state going from pictures so had to be done!
  8. Yesterday and today has seen the 58s numbered and the exhausts repainted prior to weathering, 003 with new cab and front numbers 033 with its EW&S branding from Steve @railtec-models Various other things have moved on but not noticeably different apart from another 90045 which has had its identity swap, repositioned OhLE flashes and zero injuries branding added. all of these now ready for weathering.
  9. The “plain” blue anglia is easy enough - getting those stripes right on the full One livery will be a challenge
  10. Hi Jack, thanks for the comments- would love to do 012 but will be April/May as hopefully will have the horn grills by then and I should have some capacity - hopefully by then we will also be out of lockdown! Cheers Jerry
  11. Decals onto 90017 today and the body back on the chassis. Detail pack and TDM cables to add then it's ready for weathering. Respray work on a Mk2 into Anglia colours has hit a setback - the gutter which is orange is lumpier than a ploughed field, didn't look or feel to bad until I ran the bow pen down it so this can dry off before I rub the orange down tomorrow and do it all again, Two other projects are the 58's. Work is ongoing on EW&S 033 which has previously had the gold band moved and bodyside red resprayed. Today it was adding the black sole bar so this
  12. Two more liveries which I have done before but in different number 90017 for RES and a weathered 90130. More pics on my workbench thread, And SNCF 90130
  13. I assumed the one you mention would be heading your way but haven't seen an update from Ben recently, you must post a pic of it with the rest of your fleet!
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