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    BR Blue (shows my age), anything EE - trains or aircraft. Model making, and modifying. Race cars and fast road cars.

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  1. A quick up date from very limited rail time- red doors on the TFW 175 and 170 Then the rail grey on the retro 66 followed by starting the “lovely” job of cant rails on the DCR 60 next job was to get the yellow panels on the 175. I wanted to get these on first as I think it will be easier to mask them out before spraying the red roof stripes that come down the sides of the cab: and then with the masking off-
  2. Hi Jack, I had a quick look on the website but nothing listed. I have a few other bits to order for other projects so will give them a ring- as you say they’re always really helpful, cheers Jerry
  3. Hi Owen, they’re ones I cast myself as this one had them missing too! Cheers Jerry
  4. Few odds and ends over the past few days with the resin coupler and deflector having a test fit on the 450 60021 has been finished losing its Colas branding and having its Bustler nameplates added. No detail packs or weathering so it can be on its way home and from the other side Roof painting next on the 175 and 150/1 then a couple of days later the silver grey doors on the 150 Last up TFW 170 getting it’s Anglia grey bottom and then with the masking off Hopefully get the red doors on in a few days so will update as and when!
  5. Apologies for lack of updates but workdays are now booked with old folks so weekends and evenings are Squirrel Rail times. Had a long day doing this lot so here goes with the update:-This is most of the current projects, at the top left is the TFW 170 that has had its final primer today, as has the 175 which will also be TFW. The 73 in the right will be going blue and the 150 in front needs light blue bands the the final white stripe. The DCR 56 and 60 are ready for decals and the 450 is having a few tidy ups The 450 is a respray of a respray. Unfortunately during its other “paint job” the light units have all gone missing as well as the light tubes My 350 on the left shows what’s missing…. It’s also missing the dummy coupler and valence, I will give Bachmann a ring tomorrow but don’t hold out much hope so have made a resin copy and may even try and do the lights,… The DCR pair had the black grills sprayed, and the retro 3 tone 66 had the roof painted Varnish next as the rebranded and named 60021 gets its finish restored Another DMU project now with a 150 going from Northern blue into primer before going a bit centro but first primer. I always use Tamiya primer as it gives a much finer finish than those designed for cars last up from earlier in the week 43185 is finished and off home tomorrow.
  6. A long day on the workbench today so in no particular order…,A 150 which I’ve taken over, I had laid some white down but the previous primer wasn’t brilliant and even now I’ve noticed a bit I’ve missed whilst the white primer was out got some on the 175 and over the door I did previously to see what it looks like, and overall it’s a lot smoother DCR grey next for a 56 and 60 and the pair most of the afternoon was spent decalling the 450, one side left to do and the numbers; and here’s some of the coaches last up on the decals was 43185 nearly at the finishing line!
  7. Back from a few days in Scotland so catching up on prep whilst waiting for some decals and other bits. Not very exciting but here goes! The 175 has some funny perforations round the doors, don’t know if it’s part of the printing process but need to resolve them, Didnt want to fill them so instead I have cut through them and used some plasticard infills: And then cut and sanded them back, I will prime a couple tomorrow to see what they look like. At the same time I’ve started getting this lot ready,…66 going from large logo to retro rail freight 3 tone grey, Mainline 170 to go into TFW, A 60 to go into GBRF rebranded Colas and hiding at the back another 150 for Owen!!!
  8. Hi Rob, yep Steve’s @railtec-models 3D prints, best ones yet so deserved a pic! Btw the rest of the decal sheet has all the other bits too such as sand boxes lifting points etc. Steve, please feel free to send the cheque cheers Jerry
  9. Hi, I’m not sure whose kit the 175 is as it’s a project I have inherited- it’s going to have a Bachmann 158 chassis fitted so will have to see how that goes!!! Cheers Jerry
  10. Had a free afternoon so finishing touches to these three:-47703 The ex Fertis 56103 and the reworked 37902 love the nameplates from @railtec-models, deserve a close up!!
  11. Thanks - it’s been a long project but getting there!!
  12. Bit of a long winded update as been grabbing a few minutes here and there before a full day today. Following on from the last update Clan Line is all done: continuing the Southern theme a Hornby 2 Hal that needed the small yellow panels and yellow first class stripes removing. The yellow was a sod to get off and flat- Then I finished the front off with new green long term projects the GWR 166 and the SWR 450 have began again. John at Precision has done a great set of decals for it including all the door surrounds- Ive finished all the stripes on the 166 but will be pestering John for door buttons!! Couple 47s next, 701 was a nice simple job just to fit the etch and detail pack however it’s sister 703 is a bit more involved with the previous post showing the respray so now it’s got decals and now weathered, Behind it is 56103 which has also got its weathering started Another long term resident is 43185, I’ve now got all the stripes sorted, just need to do the roof Tractor next with 97304 being reworked as 97302, this is the Kernow version with the darker yellow than the Bachmann original That’s about it for now!!
  13. It’s a good choice, the Zero injuries logos narrow it down but they are easily removed, likewise the painted over scars from the BR arrows and depot plaques but minor things to resolve. Mainline livery again narrow period with those TDM cables but great to see Virgin and plain green. As for EWS and DB strange when it’s on their 66s……
  14. Long overdue update but I have been moving things along. The Voyager in the x country branding is now finished likewise 60002 Other paint jobs in progress include a 56 going into Fertis and 47703 underway. The black looks really orange peel in the pic but the self levelling thinners means it settles down as seen in the pic after and with grey roof and smooth black! These have been taken over the last few days so today it got it’s yellow warning panels along with a 150 last up a bit of steam- a rarity on the Squirrel workbench. The task here was to improve the Matt/satin finish to a bit more shiny so first up out with the masking - this took longer than the lacquer… and then a gloss coat i will post another pic when it has the masking off, cheers Jerry
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