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  1. Hi David I fitted a Peter's Spares Axle and gear set on a Bachmann Std Class 4 today. I made up a cardboard jig from measuring the axles and wheels, fitted the wheels using a delayed setting epoxy resin: moved the wheel to 3pm by counting the spokes and lining up the 3o'clock mark on the 'jig' with the hole for the screw in the opposite wheel by poking a fine pin through. Not easy but the engine now runs without the Bachmann 'Waddle'. I now have the task of drilling he chassis to put on external pickups and will report back further when this has been done - I have five class 4's to do.
  2. Hi Gaz I have just bought some of the centre gears and axles from Shapeways, but not ordered replacement axles. The quality of the replacement seems very good but i was shocked at the price - quote on one site at E9.78 but worked out at £41 for 3. The price for 3 sets of axles looked similar. Not yet fitted as i am sorting out the issues of pickups on the Bachman split Chassis Standard Class 4's - I have five to deal with, some posted on a well known auction site as 'Good runner'?
  3. Hi Ged

    Thank you very much for clarifying the issue of the Bachmann Split Chassis motor. In addition thank you for the gen on putting pickups on the Mainline Standard class 4. I will be getting on with the Bachmann pickups when I have sorted out the split axle problems on some of the engines I have. I applaud your practical ideas and guidance.

    Best wishes


    1. cypherman


      Hi Geoff,

      Putting the pick ups on the Mainline and Bachmann split chassis engines is basically the same. The only difference in the chassis's is the motor and it's fixings.

      All the best,



  4. Has anyone experience of fitting Gibson wheels to a Bachmann Standard Class 4 using the GibsonRTR conversion kit. I am investigating sorting out the axle problems on five split chassis Class 4s. Thanks Gltagaman
  5. I have an old B Std Class 4 31-104 1980's.The piston slide has split in two. I want to remove the connecting rod but cannot determine whether it is a screw or a pin with a circlip. The head diameter is approximately 2mm. I attach a photo showing the problem area. The slide is to the left. I should much appreciate help. Thanks G
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