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  1. I bought one with simulation and braking control, it had 2 control arms, together with an uncased transformer that had 2 independent windings. I believe it must have been at the annual Manchester exhibition in the mid to late 70s. I expect Scalespeed's founder was there himself I remember buying at least one if not two of the spare control arms too. The controller performed very smoothly from my memory, due to various circumstances I don't currently have a layout but would wish to use something that had that degree of analogue control on any future project, at least one is already in the plann
  2. For pics of steel on bogie bolsters etc see often quoted article on Motram yard in Trains Annual 1966 pages 74 - 81 by G Richard Parker = The Hazards of Shunting. From memory one photo is of a bogie bolster with a steel load that is too long so a 'match wagon' is provided at each end to protect the overhang. GC&Mid
  3. I've seen copies of old OS maps of Dewsnap. One circa 1870s shows only about 15 sidings but a later one 1902? shows over 30. This later one shows the main yard with what would be the coal merchants siding plus a smaller yard nearer Hyde Junction, between them is line to what appears to be a building and stubs of tracks not connected to any other siding. Does anyone know what this building was? Also when Dewsnap was first established? GC&Mid
  4. For pics of steel on bogie bolsters etc see often quoted article on Motram yard, sorry not got article to hand at moment. I believe article also covered Dewsnap too. GC&Mid
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