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  1. petrovich

    Little Muddle

    Good evening Kevin, your layout is a real inspiration, absolutely stunning modelling. Thank you for sharing. Regards Peter
  2. Those are absolutely like the real thing great work Nick.
  3. I would like to thank Tony and Mo for their hospitality at the Portsmouth exhibition, it was our yearly catch up and most enlightening it was as well. Also "Sir" solved a N gauge loco problem or two for someone, taught me how to not mix up solders and generally pointed me in the right direction on other matters of life. Regards Peter
  4. The Df was Nikons foray into digital cameras but with a smaller body rekindling the look of the F film camera but with a full frame digital sensor. A very good camera it is too. I had a whole raft of the original Pro Olympus lenses so decided to stay with their retro offerings of the OM range. Regards Peter
  5. They really do look the part especially for that time on the network. Regards Peter
  6. I would say wonderful photos, and they are, but the first one is taken at either early morning or more probably late evening with that lovely orange glow and therefore everything looks brighter. I will try not to make this too technical but coal has a shine to it the same applies to coal dust, water with lubricating oil in it etc.etc. therefore the light at the time and the film used (that old chestnut) will cause various degrees of reflection and absorption therefore you cannot trust the colour on any film, glass plate and even an early digital camera image. All will differ if taken at the same time, place and light conditions. My advice is you model it, therefore you weather it as you see fit, do not worry about what others say. Social media and forum threads have a lot to answer for (apart from this one). Regards Peter
  7. Absolutely wonderful would love to see this for real !!! Regards Peter
  8. Hi Mick Great work, and an interesting subject to boot. Regards Peter
  9. Good morning Tony and a belated "Happy Birthday" to you. I have made progress with my home layout and altered the type, shape and design of it completely. It is now an end to end of 19ft x 2ft with a GWR / Southern terminus at one end and fiddle yard at the other. I have got as far as putting the underlay and track down livening up some temporary wiring and testing the circuit with some old locomotives, all is well and the track has no dead spots and all in analogue using an old four track controller and point levers. It is being built in the style of how I remember some of my childhood, so Triang / Airfix / Hornby buildings, all sorts of track, old locos etc etc but I have three locos I am building from kits plus numerous wagons and coaching stock to convert and weather and eventually in the next year I will have a childhood model railway but the stock and formations and timetable will represent a more realistic scene. So extremely happy at present out in the garage will post some images soon. Regards Peter
  10. Tony is like a really good teacher / lecturer, you do not appreciate what was conversed and discussed till you have time to reflect. He has amused, taught and pointed out to me at a few shows now and looking back all of it was relevant and a good grounding to the hobby. Long may it continue. Regards Peter
  11. All I have positioned myself to avoid the thrown knives and axes but why is it that the LNER produced probably the two finest looking late design engines, the P2 and the W1 but only in small numbers, surely someone at the time reported how good they were or was it bad management that did for them. Regards Peter
  12. Absolutely stunning.................. Regards Peter
  13. All to do with film type or glass plate material then the chemicals, fixes formulas on top of that. Regards Peter
  14. All The Black Five photo looks as though it has had an element of HDR applied to it somewhere. Regards Peter
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