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  1. Been there, done that, got the Raspberry Pi paperweight! Two of the voltage rails are on adjacent pins on the expansion connector. They must not touch. At least they are relatively cheap to replace...
  2. Yep. I have Hornby Railmaster. I got it as part of a really cheap trainset from one of these Christmas shops a few years back, Pasttimes? £75 for the Western Master train set. I took a punt and I've never looked back. I've probably spent far more than I need to on IT kit to keep it fed than the Railmaster itself. APT-E works perfectly well with the Railmaster/e-link. There's even an old thread on it on the Hornby Forum. As with all non-Hornby engines you have to type the details in yourself.
  3. Ooh, a DCC sound version would be amazing! "This time next year we'll be millionaires, Rodney!", "Mange Tout".
  4. Our Tesco (Stafford) had no visible Hornby catalogues on the 6th, plenty of Hornby magazines, I asked and the lady said "what ever they had was out". There was Just a blank space on the shelves for the Hornby catalogue and presumably the airfix catalogue (similar deal with another magazine)? We left empty handed. The boss (my better half) went the next day and asked again as there was no Hornby catalogue out that day either. Another lady said she'd got a crate of these 'funny book things' that she'd not put out as she didn't know where they went... :-) My better half pointed to
  5. I think what you are looking at there is a render of the model of Rocket not the model itself? Hornby use renders and 'shopped photos a lot in their publicity. The water tank is used to contain the DCC socket, so needs to be accessible somehow...
  6. It is a great model. I had to have one. Both the sound and the loco are great value. Congratulations to Hornby. What a smashing layout to run it on too!
  7. Hmm yes, the description isn't specific enough on the website. Drop the guys an email or message. They do two specific types for the two types of HST trailer, but this does now make a 3rd? The other two types DO include couplings for the power cars. Best to ask before ordering.
  8. Got as far as getting one in my cart. Can't get to pay for it. Website down now. Amazingly high demand.
  9. Yep, I think you've summed it up quite neatly. Of most use with modern fixed rakes of stock, either passenger or freight. Potentially of great use on an exhibition layout 'roundy-roundy' with a fiddle yard where one wants to move one, say faulty item, out of a fixed rake. Where I guess it can be a real annoyance to separate items in anything like a short period of time without much cussing and gnashing of teeth when using alternative couplings. I am very pleased with them on my HST sets and my Oxford rail blue Mk3s. Both of which operated in fixed rakes. Tension lock
  10. I have fitted a spare pair of the Hunt HST couplers to my Airfix Coronation stock as they have the same type of coupling sockets fitted to them. Not very prototypical and I probably won't keep them on, especially as they are reasonably close coupled to start with. The corridor connections are quite long on Centenary coaches. They were very, very good for their day.
  11. Mine arrived Wednesday and they were rapidly fitted to my HST stock. These had the old Hornby wide coupling. I've been waiting for a product like this for years and had pondered with butchering some Hornby couplings by gluing some Kadee's to them. I saw an article or a Youtube on it somewhere... There is maybe a tiny bit of bodywork clashing between the buffet and W42285 on the 4th radius curves I have on my lashed up layout. But nothing to be to worried about... I've attached some photos of parts of the completed rake. There is a slight variation in gappage - I t
  12. I think Hornby did the right thing ditching the Thomas franchise. Here's why... I believe Thomas is really only popular with the smaller children. Children who are probably not dexterous enough to assemble and run Thomas and his friends. By the time they get to an age where they can handle the products and re-rail the vehicles, I think they've moved on to other things. Eg super heroes, Lego, Minecraft etc. I'm fortunate enough to be blessed with a grandchild who at the age of 7 says Thomas is 'Babyish', peer-group pressure I presume? He even said the maybe we coul
  13. Full fat WHSmith with franchise Post Office counters upstairs. Two failing organisations together?
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