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  1. Update! I have received my Dapol Mogul (DCC Sound fitted, 6336) which is to replace the Large Prairie!! It looks Awesome! Really impressed with the model it s stunning. It sounds awesome! The DCC sound is really good! Sadly, It doesn't run!!!! The "hand of God" can get the motor to turn but it stops as soon as its on its own Very quick response from Dapol who are going to try and get it working for me! So it's going back to their service centre. Fingers crossed it's something simple and can be sorted. However, when pay
  2. Is the Class 43 Warship D838 'Rapid' the only unphotographed Warship Class Loco? I like to have a photo of the real locomotive to match each model I have. Having just acquired Bachmanns D838 'Rapid' I'd like a picture to go with it! Try as I might, I have been unable to located a picture of the actual loco for my wall. Can anyone help out with one? or point me in the right direction? Happy to pay reasonable cost for a good pic. Rgds Clive
  3. Thanks for all the comments and advice. After discussion with a few people I've decided repairs are a little beyond my novice status. I've spoken to Rails of Sheffield (who have been brilliant about this!) and decided to exchange it for a Dapol Mogul. Hopefully this one will be fine! Clive
  4. This is what I'm thinking (just watched the Sam's Trains video! That's exactly what my loco is doing.) I don't mind "minor adjustments" but starting to do anything more , especially as a novice to this, is intimidating at the least and, as you rightly say, at the price (this was DCC Fitted at £129.50) anything more than minor adjustments really shouldn't be necessary.
  5. Excuse the ignorance of a Newbie, but what is the keeper plate?
  6. Hi All, She Who Must Be Obeyed bought me a fantastic 51XX Large Prairie from Hornby for Christmas (I must have done something right this year!) . The model looks fantastic and fits in perfectly on my layout. However, when I run it, it stops at nearly every set of points and sometimes randomly on straights or curves. Its usually instantaneous and recovers itself. This is worse at slower speeds and when pulling coaches. My question is - would this improve with a "stay alive" or is this a fault and I need to return it (It came from Rails of Sheffield)? Happy New Year Every
  7. Hi All, completely random question! My Dad, now in his late eighties, remembers collecting train numbers and names from Bury Bolton Street and Manchester Victoria during the 1940's. Whilst reminiscing about this he often refers to "Pats" and "Jubs". He remembers that by "Jubs" he was referring to Jubilee Class Locos, but cannot remember what "Pats" was referring to! Can anyone shed light on this? Merry Christmas! Clive
  8. Thanks everyone for the contributions - I've learned a lot! I'll look at the changes in layout too (track is only pinned down so far!). I have put the sidings in now and tested it and the shunter is not affected as a train goes through the return loop! Cheers Clive
  9. OMG! That is so simple! I hadn't even thought of that! Thankyou
  10. I'm wiring my layout DCC as shown in the AnyRail plan. I've got the return loop working perfectly with a dual frog juicer working as an auto-reverser. My question is, do I need to isolate the central sidings between points 6 and 19? If I'm running a shunter in the sidings and a train goes through the reverse loop will the changing polarity affect the shunter? If not, why not? Confused.com
  11. Might sound like a silly question (I'm learning a lot but still a rookie!) but when are points open or closed? I'm guessing that "thrown" and "open" are the same? Am I correct in saying that an open (or thrown) point is when the train is taking the the branch and that closed meeans that the train will travel straight through the points? Rgds Confused of Bedworth!
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