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  1. I’ve only just spotted this. we have some T9 bits on eBay auction, including an 8 wheel tender. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333676509069
  2. Not all of them carried the TOPS plate. it is one of the snags picked up. These will be printed on the PFBs and a selection of the KFAs
  3. The first printed samples arrived with us this morning. There are a few things still to tidy up, but they are coming along nicely. the shade of yellow isn’t quite right, the paint finish on the buffers needs to be addressed, the yellow printing needs sharpening a little and there are a couple of other smaller tweaks to be made. an example of the KFA and PFB are on display at the shop. We are expecting updated samples in a few weeks, better photos will follow once they arrive. brake discs on opposite corners of the bogie, as per prototype The wagons couple together nicely with Kadee #18 couplers, and make use of the close coupling mechanism. I had had a play with weathering on the unprinted sample. whilst I would have loved to supply the decks weathered, we have decided to supply the models with a plain grey deck. the colour closely represents bleached hardwood and acts as a good base for your own weathering, which may differ significantly depending on your vehicle loads (and what muck those vehicles have been driven through) I used a combination of Games Workshop and Ammo paints. washed with GW Agrax earth shade and wiped down, followed by masking the track lines and dry brushing with Matt white, a light wash of GW Nuln oil. Ammo rusty tracks used with a pin to add the plank fixings, then a coat of ultramatt varnish. all in, about 15 minutes work! The production wagons should be with us by us by the end of the year (Covid permitting) we we are taking orders via our website (no payment required until they are ready for shipping) and are priced at £35 each.
  4. We still have DRS half-height nuclear waste packs in stock but be quick, they are going to disappear quickly... http://www.trains4u.com/b/293/Accurascale
  5. Trains4U

    New Hornby Rocket

    They’re here we have quite a few available for immediate dispatch http://www.trains4u.com/p/49960/Hornby-R3810-LandMR-Stephensons-Rocket-Train-Pack
  6. That’s not counting the full Citadel range upstairs! (And another rack behind me)
  7. Finally, we are ready for reopening! Wednesday 23rd June marks the reopening of our doors for browsing. All the rules, guidelines and our current opening times are posted on our website HERE
  8. Trains4U

    New Hornby Rocket

    We’ve just been invoiced. so they should arrive Tomorrow just in time for full reopening!
  9. Well it seems our shields are delayed (again) until Tuesday. This means the counter service will remain in place for Saturday and Tuesday. Hopefully we can open fully for browsing on Wednesday
  10. Thes cost quite a lot of money... it’s not appropriate for many small traders, and they take quite a big cut of income. it seems the smaller you are, the bigger the chunk they take
  11. We still have a few EWS 33s available http://www.trains4u.com/p/50281/Heljan-HJ3456-EWS-Class-33-Diesel-33030
  12. Its not the payment gateway that’s the issue, that is the relatively easy part. its the e-commerce website and stock management. It really is a nightmare.
  13. Our update is here: http://www.trains4u.com/pg/44/Covid-19 It's a pain, but we are currently unable to open fully as the protective equipment we need is delayed. We are hoping to open fully this weekend (Saturday 20th) However, we will have a counter open from 10-4 Tuesday to Saturday, starting tomorrow (16th)
  14. COVID-19 - Latest News 15th June 2020 We are planning to operate a counter service from Tuesday 16th June 2020 Unfortunately some of the necessary equipment to enable safe opening for browsing has not yet arrived, so we are unable to allow customers into the showroom for the time-being. However, we are hoping to enable customers to enter for browsing by Saturday 20th June. Our counter service is open for all customers. We have marked out a queue line along the front of our building. We ask that you observe social distancing and queue responsibly whilst we serve customers ahead of you. We encourage you to use our click and collect service, or you can call ahead to allow us to prepare your order, which can be paid for on collection. We are currently operating reduced opening times. Current opening times are: Monday Closed Tuesday 10am - 4 pm Wednesday 10am - 4 pm Thursday 10am - 4 pm Friday 10am - 4 pm Saturday 10am - 4 pm Sunday Closed We will remain closed on Sundays pending a review of procedures at the start of July. We look forward to welcoming many of you back, and we apologise for the temporary restrictions. We want our showrooms to be safe for both customers and staff. Hopefully we can open our doors to you by the weekend. When we do open, we ask you to follow some simple rules: 1. Please wait outside the main door. we are restricting the number of customers able to enter the showroom at any one time. A member of staff will indicate when it is safe to enter 2. Please observe social distancing guideline whilst queuing and whilst in the showroom. You maybe asked to leave if social distancing is deliberately breached or ignored. 3. Please sanitise your hands at the sanitising station just inside the door. (All visitors are required to do this) 4. Please avoid touching any items you do not intend to purchase. If you wish to handle items, we can provide disposable gloves for you. 5. If you are visiting with family members, please stay together whilst in the showroom 6. Please limit your time visiting only to that which is necessary. We are limited on capacity and we ask you to consider those waiting to enter the showroom. 7. We would prefer contactless or card payment, though we will be accepting cash 8. Our ability to offer advice is restricted. We will do our best, but we may not be able to give as much time as you have been used to in the past. If you can email questions or let us know of any needs in advance, it will help us to serve you better. 9. Only one person (or family group) may enter our kit room at any time. If it is occupied, please wait until it is clear. Thank you Trains4U
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