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  1. We now have “Matt Finish” weathered versions of each wagon available on our website. they will also be available at Warley.
  2. White with panels, no ladders PGA012W(1) white no panels, no ladders PGA012W(2) white with ladders no panels PGA012W(3) all available now!
  3. Redland large logo (Exclusive to Trains4U) - without panels PGA012LR(B) white with patch protection panels, no ladders PGA012P(1) White with patch no panels, no ladders PGA012P(2) white with patch panels and ladders PGA012P(3)
  4. The new PGAs are now in stock at £32.50 each. Redland: original livery PGA012OR(1) medium logo with protection panels PGA012R(2) Without panels PGA012L(3) Redland Large logo (exclusive to Trains4U) - with panels PGA012LR(A)
  5. Well, they’ve arrived! (I managed to get them all in my car!) available to to buy online right away!
  6. I note that the KFA warflat is included in the wishlist. This was announced by us on the 1st of June this year, is available for pre-order and is due to go into tooling in the next couple of months.
  7. We’ve placed our orders, and these will be available from Trains4U in January if anyone wants to try before they buy!
  8. Hi Andy firstly, it would be useful if you contacted us directly rather than hoping someone may see your complaint on the public forum. we’ve had a few hundred orders to send out so inevitably we may make a mistake. please write to us with the details of the problem and we will look to rectify it on Tuesday. i have no input in terms of postage charges, so cannot comment on that. in respect to packaging materials, we will reuse and recycle as much material as we can. For orders of specific sizes we will reuse the original boxes, as they were designed specifically for these wagons.
  9. We are starting to dispatch these to Revolution customers from tomorrow. they're also now available on our website for general purchase.
  10. Hi, We are still accepting pre-orders on all variants of the PGA. Our website shows them as being out of stock (As opposed to sold out) and there should be an option to receive a stock notification when they arrive. If you want to secure an order, then all you need do is drop an email or a phone call and we will reserve the wagons for you, with no payment obligation until they arrive in the UK. Unfortunately it is a known, and somewhat frustrating shortcoming of out Point Of Sale system that customers cannot place pre-orders without also requiring full payment (And we don't want to do that!) Thanks Gareth
  11. Our stock arrived today. And nearly everyone else’s! -the distribution appears to be from a Peterborough address (nothing to do with us) but the delivery driver couldn’t find it, he googled “ Accurascale Peterborough” found us and tried to leave several pallets! its all sorted now though! stock now online and in-store!
  12. Trains4U is now an Accurascale stockist. We sIgned up and placed our initial order yesterday.
  13. The MMAs have arrived with us and have been checked and sorted. The GBRF and MRL versions are already on a lorry to Cornwall. we are just awaiting batteries for the tail lamp fitted versions before the wagons go on sale/ start being shipped.
  14. The VEAs have arrived (With us at least) They will be available online later this afternoon (Once we've checked in the stock)
  15. That was Hornby’s Nadir. They introduced several draconian new terms. This was met by a raft of account cancellations and widespread ignoring or refusal to sign the new terms. I sent back mine with many of the terms crossed out (it is an agreement after all) and was never challenged, so I assume it was accepted by accounts.
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