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  1. Thanks for the nomination It hasn’t been an easy year, so this is a nice morale booster! (I can’t wait to welcome customers back into the shop...)
  2. One of my staff (John) got a resin 3D printer for Christmas and has been putting it to good use... these wheel chocks will be available very soon to buy separately. Available as packs of 12 for £10 painted or £7.25 unpainted. If you want to add any to your order, let us know!
  3. I’ve just been lucky enough to have a close look at these, and they are outstanding (I would say that though wouldn’t I) The detail is phenomenal and raises the bar yet again. what is noteworthy is that in a side-by-side comparison with a competing version, the hopper of the Cavalex model sits correctly in the cradle and is a good 2-3mm or so lower, the hopper is also (correctly) 6mm or so longer and the solebar slightly slimmer, giving it a proper bulky look, rather than a short and arguably overbalanced appearance. The hood on the CDA is also an excellent piece o
  4. I’m surprised no-one has commented on the green colour. These are the top-secret Military versions. The MOD ordered several dozen to distribute coal for the strategic reserve. no-one ever saw them as they were so well camouflaged. Allegedly they are still hidden in a tunnel somewhere under Wiltshire. They’ll go well with the KFAs.
  5. There may be something in the works... we are looking at the costs.
  6. Coming soon...! A full update will follow shortly.
  7. Dapol put the onus on the retailers to decide the quantities. The production run was made to order. Its difficult, most retailers knew they would sell well and ordered in reasonable depth, but there aren’t many retailers who can take the risk of making a massive order that might not sell quickly enough to cover the bill. on one hand, I wish i’d doubled my order, but on the other, if I had done that, and they hadn’t sold out, I’d be worrying about my ability to pay the bill (the order was placed pre-covid obviously). as it is, they’ve been a very we
  8. Now online... still some left. http://www.trains4u.com/c/709/OO-Gauge
  9. We currently have only 8 of each remaining in stock. They are now at £159.95 I still haven't been able to get them online as yet, but we can take orders by phone.
  10. Our TPE 68s have arrived - they will be online soon!
  11. Ok I’ll try and make it simple. I have a locomotive that cost £50, with an RRP of £75. (Im leaving VAT out if this as it makes it messy) because of market forces, I price it at £62.50, giving a £12.50 profit margin. I can expect to buy a replacement for £50. Of the remaining 12.50, I have to pay rent, rates, wages, insurance, tax etc. the manufacturer raises the price of a replacement product by 10% (there have been larger increases) to £55 and the RRP to £82.50, I put the sale price of the item £70 if the retailer doesn’t rais
  12. Most of the Class 92s are now available online. We don't have any stock of the second CS or Railfreight locos. http://www.trains4u.com/c/694/RevolutioN-Trains
  13. Retailers can deduct the VAT for ex-UK sales, yes.
  14. Stocks of some of our PGAs are starting to get quite low, particularly the Redland versions. All Redland versions have ladders PGA012 OR (1) - Original Redland. Good stocks PGA012 LR (a) - Redland Large Logo with protection panels - SOLD OUT PGA012 LR (b) - Redland Large Logo without protection panels - LOW STOCK PGA012 R (2) - Redland with protection panels - LOW STOCK PGA012 R (3) - Redland without protection panels - VERY LOW STOCK PGA012 W (1) - White with protection panels, no ladders - Good Stocks PGA012 W (2) - White without protection panels, no l
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