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  1. It will almost certainly be made up of items that they've been trying (and failing) to sell off to trade at discount for the last three years namely, 71s, J15s, K1s, S15s Bow ended collets, crimson/cream Maunsells and LMS suburbans
  2. Now available to order via our website https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe2JBxsjQIMNx7zZrxPPWwzBCufEE1f5g2P3yxWwolukS07Og/viewform
  3. This picture really shows up a misconception about the wagon colour. some reviews say that we have replicated a faded green, when the majority of the wagons have always worn NATO green, which is correct and matches the vehicles here. Some were painted in the darker Bronze green, which many (maybe most) warwells also carried, but it was never very many warflats, and not for very long. They do look great when loaded up!
  4. Whilst social distancing rules are changing from Monday 19th July, For the safety and security of our staff and other customers, we request that anyone visiting our store continue to wear a face covering, unless you are exempt. Please wear an exemption badge if this applies. Not everyone is fully vaccinated yet or is fully comfortable with the easing of restrictions and we kindly ask that this is recognised and respected.
  5. There are pictures of Fox CVR(w) on Brian Daniels’ site:
  6. Hi we are closed on Mondays, which is why your email hasn’t been answered directly yet. there are limitations on our online ordering system that restrict non-EU and non UK orders. we can process your order by phone once we are open tomorrow. apologies for the inconvenience it is on my hit-list of issues to resolve.
  7. We have just had notification from Hornby that the prices across all their ranges, with the exception of Humbrol, are to be increased from July 31st In summary, Hornby state that there have been massive availability problems with shipping capacity and raw materials which have resulted in a significant inflation of costs. Whilst Hornby have absorbed these for the last 6 months, it is no longer sustainable and clearly not a short term issue. They have therefore had to make the difficult decision to increase their prices to reflect these additional costs. All items shipped to retailers from 31st July will be subject to a price increase of approximately 10%. ---------------------------------------- As a retailer, a 10% increase is not something that we could afford to absorb, therefore all Hornby items delivered after 31st July will have their prices adjusted accordingly. In addition to this, maintaining existing pricing on pre-ordered items would breach our terms with regard to the minimum discounting period for new items. You may wish to contact your retailer directly to see if this impacts any pre-orders you may have with them. New price lists have not yet been issued. Hopefully the impact will be clearer once these arrive.
  8. Yes, that will be fine you can amend your order at any time.
  9. I’ve already mentioned to Alex that I’m expecting the sound fitted version to sound like the world is ending in a cacophony of throbbing bass and screaming turbos… so no pressure! (to answer your question, I believe an EM2 is specified for sound versions)
  10. Im pleased you like your wagons! the brake disc issue is indeed unusual if you cannot rectify it, let me know and I will get a replacement axle to you
  11. As with any of our pre orders, we understand that circumstances can change and that people change their minds. we are confident that pricing will be in line with other manufacturers, but we don’t put our customers under any obligation and they are free to cancel if pricing or timescales are not as expected.
  12. Now on our orderform: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe2JBxsjQIMNx7zZrxPPWwzBCufEE1f5g2P3yxWwolukS07Og/viewform?usp=sf_link
  13. I can't believe it's almost 10 years ago that I started this thread... Well, my idea of gathering a few wagons to form a decent MOD train certainly took a dramatic turn...
  14. unfortunately some of your “facts” are incorrect. There is nothing preventing an importer/manufacturer who also sell direct from selling at less than their RRP. It is just poor form for the supplier to do so. some do... (for example discounts on multiple purchases, or selling at discount on Amazon) much to the frustration of many retailers Gaugemaster are generally good in this respect and do not generally discount, but when they do, they offer a proportional discount on trade price of the same item. Gaugemaster are successful, have a business model that works for them and clearly feel that they don’t need to chase turnover by cutting prices to the bone. Discounting is not compulsory, if the price isn’t to your liking, there are other retailers out there, but Gaugemaster offer a huge range, particularly in continental models that you simply cannot find so comprehensively anywhere else.
  15. Perhaps it could be isolated by a dip switch? like the cab/taillights on other models.
  16. The I beams are attached with similar finesse to the real ones!
  17. I have a few pre production models to play with. someone mentioned the Scunthorpe steelworks internal user wagons. here is my work in progress
  18. Has anyone received theirs yet? I’ve been anxiously refreshing RMWeb every few minutes to see if there’s any feedback. (apologies if I’m causing server performance degradation)
  19. Google forms are fully encrypted and only me and my staff have access to them. If you prefer, email us or call us with your order and we can record it separately. Thanks
  20. I much prefer to take orders on trust. I trust that most people who place pre orders with us will honour their commitment. It has worked well so far. Trust in the supplier can be a tricky thing for customers, especially given the issues with crowdfunding deposits lost in the recent past, and I don’t think it is morally right to be taking deposits up front, but that is a personal decision.
  21. 3 days in and this has proven to be one of the most popular preorders in such a short time that I’ve ever experienced. I expect we will sell out of some versions before release You can find the link to our order form on our homepage. No deposit required and no obligation!
  22. Hi, sorry for the delay, the order form can now be accessed here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSean3LVVxx_o6ns-xV8zLLBfs9P-Zxt-auMXi_UX9PSVHCArw/viewform?usp=sf_link Thanks
  23. We are also taking orders... Let us know what you want https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe2JBxsjQIMNx7zZrxPPWwzBCufEE1f5g2P3yxWwolukS07Og/viewform
  24. Help struggling retailers by not buying from them? Sorry, maybe I misinterpreted the point you are trying to make, but how does that help?
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