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  1. Don't know if anyone has seen these before , but these appear to be test shots / development models.
  2. DAS is certainly not compulsory on the TOC I work for. Personally I don't use it , relying on my own route knowledge instead - to coin a phrase , I'll take the DAS doorstep challenge and see whether I'm more efficient than a box. Sadly , some of the information suggested by DAS is incorrect ( linespeeds) - when I raised this with management the answer was that it was "only advisory" so wouldn't be changed - this is a concern to me as some drivers seem to use it like a sat-nav as a substitute for proper route knowledge. Probably the only useful functions are the timekeeping section where it sho
  3. If I'm honest I've long argued that the Late Notices procedure is pointless in this day and age, and this incident to an extent underlines that - the notices are effectively out of date the moment they are printed , and in reality any TSRs or ESRs will have magnets and boards provided on the ground , or trains will be cautioned until such time as they are in place. I doubt there are many drivers that actually slow down if a restriction advertised in the WONs or late notices isn't actually there when they get to the location concerned and no magnets or boards are in place. Granted
  4. Supaned


    I'd love to see this with an NBL type 2 in 1960s guise
  5. Now that is really good , and seeing how not only are the Bemo ones hard to find , they are usually a ridiculous price when they do come up,
  6. Good to note on the webcam the early morning mixed train with a Ge6/6 on it still running. and why is there a Tmf Tractor at Filisur?
  7. Prototypical example here : Central Rivers depot. To enter from the Birmingham end , trains are signalled onto the reception line by a main aspect with junction indicator to a fixed red signal, BD1. This has a position light fitted (and associated route indicator) and trains proceed onto the depot upon clearance of that position light. To enter from the Derby end is the anomaly (and in fairness , very few trains run directly onto the depot this way). From the Down line , trains are signalled onto the depot by main aspect with junction indication , however in this c
  8. If that quote is true , that may give a clue as to to who is intending to use it, putting 2 and 2 together
  9. I've always liked Rob Chant's (Journal of Layout Design) plans when he has posted them on facebook groups , so thanks for the heads up about the website - lots of great ideas there
  10. fantastic models and great use of 3d printing technology. Have you considered doing cement tankers in 7mm? either the straight tank variant or the V shape ? I appreciate the latter is occasionally available elsewhere, but probably something very useful for 7mm modern modellers.
  11. in their later years they were worked by HSTs to simplify the shunting arrangements - no requirement for running round or shunt releasing locos at Swansea, I'm pretty sure they ran into Virgin days, more than likely they were curtailed under Operation Princess.
  12. Nice Henschel shunter. Sadly loco 79 which was the resident at Thonburi has moved away , and now GEK 4014 is the station pilot. SRT seems to be overhauling the vacuum brake only GEKs for use as shunters , several examples are now immaculate in the older paint scheme.
  13. Sorry to read that - I've had a lot of stuff from Model Junction over the years.
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