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  1. Hi How good it was of Network/Rail to let you all down to parts no seen in closeup by us. The job looked big from the start but that underpass it makes me wonder how it was moved. Well done the planners. It was also nice to see where all the dumpers went up and down to get all the soil out. Great photos and video. For anyone who went down was it bigger than you thought?
  2. Hi I may have missed it but when is the first train going over the new lines?
  3. Hi I remember my time in the late 50's. Being S & T if the section was track circuited we was the last to finish. We had to manually drill two holes at the end of each rail to bond them. The job was done what ever the weather. If you started wet you finished wet. You was there until the job was complete. How things as changed. As I said at the beginning Werrington was my only job on the main line.
  4. Hi Who is the train company ( LD ) that are running test trains Kings X to Edinburgh only stopping at Newcastle and Morpeth. They are to start a service later in the year. Is this a back door way of getting rid of GNER?
  5. Hi May I say I am sorry I asked the question about Hull Trains. After watching TRACKSIDE ECML of trains on the ECML. I found the video and the answers to my question very interesting. both nothing to do with the Werirngton job. It did seem to attract a lot of comments. To ess1uk & 3 others I am sorry I asked the question.
  6. Hi Can anyone tell me why the front of Hull Trains are not painted yellow? This must be a safety issue.
  7. Hi Thanks for the reply. It was near the main line where they did the push from is what I was on about. there are lots of photos to the bend from the bridge.
  8. Hi Is there much more work to connect the joint line to the dive under ( box). It is the only part we have not seen
  9. It all looks very nice and neat. When is the up Stamford going to move over?
  10. Hi Has the rails been fitted on the up Stamford? There was a lot near the points.
  11. Hi May I thank all for the information about Kings Cross Thanks again
  12. Hi Can anyone tell me if there is photos / videos of Kings Cross work? Thanks
  13. Hi Good photos again. Question Is it short reason it has just cleared the main line but the new Stamford up line it has not covered it
  14. Hi Look at the side of the box. That was very tight. Very little soil needed to in-fill. We are still good at somethings. Well done to all.
  15. Hi What photos. It makes the job look a lot bigger from above. They must be near the tunnels at the start end. hope we get more photos like the ones from the air.
  16. What power the 4 jacks have. Sorry Mick you will not be there. We are all going to miss out. No photos or video. What was the cost of the VIP ticket?
  17. May I wish you all a happy Xmas and a healthy New Year. Is the push still on?
  18. Hi What does the jacks push up to? Is it movable? as stated they have to go over 100 metres.
  19. Hi All Thanks for the info and thanks to all for all the photos & videos over the past months. I will miss it when the job is done.
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