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  1. Regarding using silver sand for ballast try pre damping it first maybe in a bucket. As i work in construction got a bag out of the container the other day and it was damp as #### no use whatever but remembed this thread
  2. Planning my next next next project and was looking in international ferry wagons by D. ratcliffe at the tankers (always liked tank wagons anyway) and like the idea of not having to build a rake of 20 wagons of the same type as in some cases only a handful where built if there's a better thread on here can you point me in the right direction please does anyone know if there's any ready to run stuff that's good to go out of the box (even the ho stock) got some cheap lima tanks coming and will have to do reworking on them where I can get the continental style axlebox from if any
  3. did a little bit more at weekend .started another one and realized the recess in the ends on the triang one was a lot deeper than the accurascale ones !!! how I missed it on the first three **** knows (I'll never be let back into the p4 society at this rate) not going to change them I'll put them at the back lol.
  4. not much to report just finishing bits off . did a test weathering using (now stay with me on this) real cement !! ,having seen the accu ones done with talc .first I did thin grey paint then flicked cement on from a dry brush and wasn't really happy so I dabbed the paint on thicker and the cement stuck better and it seems to look better (well to me anyway) and one jam jar of cement will last a life time ! photo to follow I model 4mm 1978 (ish 4 years either way) I like all the coil wagons of that era the mix of stock from unfitted 16 tonners to nice new air braked
  5. This is my first post/thread about what I'm doing at the moment .it'll probably not get updated much !!.but here goes I do tend to flit about from one thing to another or get bored and move on (got a list of things I want to do and it gets longer !!) got these triang cemflos years ago before accurascale did there's and started one and give up lol but got back into having ago .just got another ten Gloucester's to build !!! think I'll have another go at the reinforcement cleats .but as everything else was scratch built I'm happy enough so far (I call myself an amateur p4
  6. You'd think someone would make a curtain side "sheet" and just cut out what you need. I did try folding 10 thou sheet to make creases wasn't that happy with the result. I to like the curtain sided shellstars
  7. I made a paint mixer like a small drill stand and just keep it running while i brush paint seems to work fine as it stops the paint settling
  8. Think i must be a bit dyslexic, never used to be tested for such things in my school days. Bottom class for English, top class for maths! There was a tarmac firm we used alot called lane rentals i called them line rentals for ages until someone put me right!!!!
  9. I don't know how much gardening you do but have you thought about a water butt? Free water always good. When i redid my shed i used treated timber and found it does dry out alot at least 5mm in the width so had to use exterior chalking for the gaps also any knots seem to wick water through also. Chalked and painted with masonry paint seems to have worked
  10. Being following this thread with interest. And by accident came across this thread Page 14. His transfers look ok. Not any help though
  11. Revell paints seam ok. Being trying them at the moment only because there's a local shop. May try tamiya also
  12. Having returned to model railways after many years away. I to got some new humberol paint and found it lacking to say the least. For brush painting i made a little stirrer like a drill press and keep it running while i paint. It seems to work better ish. Humberol used to be made in Hull many years ago like most things the factory gone and now gods knows where its made possibly china and like others have said to safer standards
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