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    Cheadle, Staffs
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    Railways real and model,especially Steam mid/late 50,s + Cycling.
    I am modelling Bournemouth West,Branksome, Bournemouth Central with a terminus fiddle yard at the other end which features variously as ------------Bath,London Waterloo,Salisbury, Oxford,Brockenhurst,Brighton.
    I also have a loop partway round which serves as Weymouth and S. Wales. Therefore numerous trains may be run.
    All this is accomodated in bedroom,23 feet x 11.
    My favourite locos are the BULLEIDS, both original and rebuilt--the latter reresent the finest looking locos ever built to my eyes!

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  1. ed 66 plant

    Peco at 75

    Darius --should have added code 75 bullhead
  2. ed 66 plant

    Peco at 75

    Hi Darius, That is good news. Do you know what is in the development pipeline?--particularly turnouts/points. cheers Ed
  3. An obvious error of mine---R4816 should read Era 3 Ed
  4. As previously mentioned this topic is complex and possibly difficult to fully digest when presented in normal written form. I believe someone else remarked that a tabular presentation might help. As I was deliberating on a purchase I decided to produce such a tabular effort to help me to determine what would be ok for my needs. I must say you can read and re-read ad nauseum to get to the bottom of this and my two pennoth may have some errors. I paid great attention to Mr King,s book and Mr Muzz,s comprehensive notes and it is very useful indeed to have those available. In conclusion I have ordered S7998S and I am certain it will fit into my scheme of things. It may be of use to others--see what you think. regards, EdHornby Kitchen Diner First cars and accompanying open coach.docx
  5. Gents --thank you again for your responses-as you all say --fascinating to research and find out things. I have found that to be half my pleasure when planning/developing my layout. Not that everything has then to be slavishly put into place--compromises are a must---but there is no substitute for establishing the facts. kind regards, Ed
  6. Gentlemen, Courtesy of these pages I came across exactly the same format for 72A over the same time period. In my era there was only one 71B Merchant Navy recorded (in fact any loco type from 71B) Obviously either way ,somewhat of a rarity. Ref. running in turns for 72A locos ex Eastleigh---would they use the Redbridge/Romsey or Andover connection to the south west? I just find this interesting so I do hope I am not boring anybody. regards, Ed
  7. Thanks gents for your thoughts. I think the Eastleigh works visit is very plausible,especially in the period 1955-59, prior to redistribution . The reason behind my original question was -- I model Bom West/Central in that time period I have orig. form 35029,35030--rebuilt form 35018,35016,35014 and recently acquired 35023.The latter bedding down at 72A up to 1960 . Your kind responses have persuaded me to run the latter is ok. thanks again, Ed
  8. pH Thank you-not much evidence to support the idea that M.N,s from 72A visited Bournemouth
  9. A very simple question--Did such locos ever work down the Soton/Bournemouth line in the 1950,s?--maybe as a result of loco failure at Waterloo/Nine Elms. I know that 72B engines worked at such time on the Sunday Bom Belle. Thank you for any responses, regards, Ed
  10. An interesting topic--the speed of model trains. Personally I think that you need to take account of the model track layout with its much sharper curves and relatively short straight sections--if not it lurches all over the place and passes by at seemingly unrealistic pace,Sorry for adding to the digression.
  11. I think Hornby have modelled 35029 to reflect removal of valence ahead of cyls.(post July 1952), resiting of safety valves (Dec 1954), 5100 G tender (July 1952), shed 70A (June 1955), and before plain c. rods fitted ((Aug 1956)--the latter being barely noticeable? Also reflects BR Green livery (June 1952) and first emblem (to rebuild Sept 1959). Having trawled thro, more books have found 35029 as per colour photo at Victoria in 1956 with a black background nameplate--Maybe unusual at Victoria given it was moved to 70A IN 1955?? It also maybe reflects the stacked tender cyls but not certain because the pic is focused on the loco.(R J Harvey M.N. Class p.81). Also in Bulleid Pacifics at Work, Col . Rogers ,p41 there is a pic . of 35029 at Brighton shed,31-10-1955 awaiting a Works visit, Again this seems to show a black backed nameplate from the black/white pic.and it seems to tie in with the previous comment ref the pic at Victoria? Were 70A locos sometimes borrowed by 73A? Interesting certainly for me --no substitute for the reality but you may then compromise as you think fit . Have fitted a TCS DP2X-UK decoder to my purchase as this was the only spare available---it runs very well indeed.
  12. Lo and behold--One day later-knock on the door and there it is. What a superb looking model---well done Mr Hornby and Kernow for a very rapid final delivery.
  13. Have had notification from Kernow that my pre ordered 35029 has been despatched. I have read thro, all my info. on tenders but cannot find dates for the stacking of the 3 vacuum cylinders on Series 2 , 5100 G tenders. I note they were stacked on seies 1 tenders as well. Does anybody know? regards,Ed
  14. According to my records cowlings were removed between June 1952 and November 1953. Blue livery was evident from 1949 to 1951 except for 35011/14/23 --never painted such. 35024 had its cowlings removed October 1952 and was in B.R. blue livery between March 1949 and June 1951. Hope this helps, best regards, Ed
  15. I too am willing to entertain a little era /other detail flexibility--especially for what is a fantastic model. I am lucky in the sense that my era 1954-58/9 allows me to concurrently run original and rebuilt forms. Hence my interest in 35029,one of the later ones to be rebuilt. Prior to that I purchased 35028 in original form and changed the i.d. to 35030--rebuilt somewhat earlier but still sitting ok alongside my early rebuilt models of 35018 (no/name change) and 35014. The four also show detail variety--tender capacity/tender H.S or cut down/rebuilt/original form,safety valve position,black and red backed nameplates.--variety is the spice of ----. Anticipating the arrival of my purchase --is it worth considering the Hornby sound chip or am I better looking elsewhere--wheel slip being important to me? Mr Hornby---what a fantastic model--to design and build such a detailed and refined model for what I believe is a reasonable price--keep the good work up. Ed
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