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  1. Update#2. I couldn’t get a link from the main line to the branch as the inclines we’re going in opposite directions - so I’ve parked that one for now. I have simplified the dark to light blue and moved the TMD entry out a few inches to remove the overlaps. A bit of platform mods as per your thoughts @JDW and I’ve added an attempted fiddle that links up top the mainline under the Station.... Other changes as per the suggestions as best as I could have it work. Cheers Robin
  2. The squares are 1m by 1m, and the scale is 4mm. I have access from both sides of the station (as well as from the centre space obviously). I’m hoping if I construct the inclines early on, I will build the scenery to maximise front access into the hidden spaces if its needed. Cheers, Robin
  3. Thanks JDW. You seem to have an heck of an educated eye for this! I’ll soak all that up and have a play to see if I can get the inclines to work and I do agree with your points. The bypass piece is more me liking what I’ve seen on other layouts, having an upper bypass above a retaining wall - but do see it is a trade off as it distracts from the station scene and needs a bit of tricky engineering to keep it supported above the TMD entry. I may try to move the TMD entry to the left and reduce the amount of track under the bypass, but that will mean more redesign of the in/out to each of the TMD zones. I could push out the baseboard an couple of inches to just ease the need for the engineering miracle. I’ll have a Crack at @stivesnick #1, I had a quick go but the curves were getting too tight for the mainline. I don’t have a lot of stock - but I was thinking some 3 coach HSTs and class 56, 47 and 32 pulled main trains, and then just DMUs on the branch. The era won’t be a strict time slot, but 80s/early 90s is where my aim as that was the time I enjoyed it in person. Appreciate you time and efforts JDW! cheers robin
  4. Revision of the plan following the feedback. cheers Robin
  5. Thank you Nick, JDW, Smallman and Joseph! Much appreciated! Thank you for the graphic amended too Nick - that’s a massive help. Langholme was the name of the country lane I used to sit and watch the trains roll by from as a kid. It was an old level crossing on the Doncaster to Gainsborough line. I live in NZ now so have a habit of naming things after the UK part of my life! Thanks fellas. Robin
  6. Hello, I’m brand new to the hobby, not much of a chippy or sparky, but have always enjoyed trains. I was born in Doncaster and loved to peer down on the station’s goings on front the North Bridge. I have put together a layout design, and in my own typical fashion, I have undoubtedly bitten off more than I can chew. I want a main line, a freight/branch line and a TMD. I want to create a Doncaster-esque station and have the lines double loop so there is a decent enough run between station passes on a continuous loop. The challenge is as the space available, the likely challenge in constructing the inclines to co-exist happily and still be able to be complimented with some scenery model work. I’d like to get a fiddle yard in somewhere - but I’ve not tackled that requirement yet, nor do I have the down main line able to access the TMD yet... Anyway - that’s it in a nutshell. Plan attached so far. Constructive feedback welcome and appreciated. Robin
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