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  1. Paul really helpful too thanks I have both running very close but the start delay was an issue will try CV273 thanks
  2. Steven B thank you so much at this stage I have made sure Cvs 2,3,4,5 & 6 have the same settings as 0 ,6 6 255 and 60 on both locos however the older class 20 (901) is still much quicker off the mark than the new one (306) any thoughts? tony
  3. Dave hi I do mean CVs 2 5 and 6 yes at present the two locos have very different speeds the new 20/3 can be upto speed step 14 to be moving slowly if I had the 20/9 on that speed it would beat the bullet train! I would like to know if and how its possible that they Accelerate and decelerate at the same speed so I can consist them Kindest regards
  4. I have an older variant of the Bachmann class 20/9 and also the new model 20/3 both sound fitted. I have been able to consist them in the usual way on the NEC and I have tried to set the CV speed steps 2, 5, 6 to the same settings however one is still much quicker through the speed steps than the other and therefore I don't want to regularly run them in that form. Is anybody able to suggest the correct or alternative CVs to set in order that both engines operate at similar speed steps to aid consisting? Many thanks for anyone who can respond tony
  5. many thanks Kaput I will try that
  6. thanks Kaput and yes they have and its an ESU/LOKSOUND V5 Sound Decoder.
  7. morning all in RM Web land I have an OO gauge Dapol 68 with a Loksound decoder some how I can only get the white forward lights on cab 2 and the red lights on cab 1 whichever way my engine goes - I had assumed that I had pushed one of the push/pull functions but cant seem to rectify back to "directional lighting any help gratefully received!
  8. hi all in RMWeb land I am trying to fit a driver into my Dapol OO gauge class 68 removing the body is straightforward and I have done this - clearly the cabs are clipped in some how does anyone have the knack as I don't want to break the cab lights etc! thanks if you can help
  9. Charlie that seems very fair - all of the help I have received on the Forum means it runs ok from speed step 2 upwards but is still jerky on step 1 and a little bit on step 2 do you think you could resolve that ?
  10. charlie thanks I will let you know - what would be the cost associated with "sorting it"
  11. Izzy thanks for the post its not in the rail road range but you may be right!
  12. Thanks Wiggy 1 I will try that too Charlie its a legomanbiffo sound file
  13. wheatley that certainly looks close will give it a whirl - thanks for the tip
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