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  1. Good afternoon all out therein RM land. I'm wondering if anybody has come across a plastic/resin kit (not cardboard) of a modern low relief commercial type building (not railway infrastructure such as a signal box) which I could kit bash to cover my points panel? Effectively I need it to be three sided with a roof in order that I can access the switches to change my points. I have searched around the net but I am struggling to find something that really works. It does not need to be anything particularly well detailed as really I'm just trying to hide my own
  2. You can ask of course! I changed CV29 using the link to the calculator in the post by Dungrange and now the lights don't flicker and I have a steady speed increase rather than crawl to turbo power thanks to everyone
  3. wow brillaint that has worked a treat thanks Dungrange and others who responded top work chaps!!!
  4. crossland firstly thanks! secondly for a DCC idiot how does one do this either setup the command station to send 14 step speed packets and reset bit 1 in CV29 to tell the decoder to interpret the speed as 14 steps. Or setup the command station to send 28 step speed packets and set bit 1 in CV29 to tell the decoder to interpret the speed as 28 steps.
  5. Thanks all of the replies Im sure the decoder is a loksound v4 I have not reset any CVs since I purchased. Is the sensible thing to reset CV8 to factory settings and start from their ? thanks tony
  6. Good afternoon all out there in RM Web world and I trust everyone is well as they can be. I hope that you can assist a DCC novice I purchased a second-hand class 20 (Olivia trains) which is a great model and it all works. I have two issues I wonder whether someone could assist with. Firstly in terms of speed both in forward and reverse in terms of speed settings when moving at 1 & 2 the locomotive crawls at an exceptionally low speed yet as soon as it flicks to 3 it fires up the Turbos and moves far too quickly! Any idea how to correct the ov
  7. Massive thanks to all who responded all four locos now working with their new long addresses I'm sure this was simple for you guys but your responses helped me massively thank you so much
  8. Michael thanks so much for this I will give it a go after work
  9. many thanks for the advice chaps will give it a bash
  10. thanks chaps - great responses Michael if I "Set it on track (on its own) and the NCE controller can tell you its address - from "use program track" then you can reset it." doing that "kills" the "main" obviously how do I get back after I have used the "main" as the programme track to the main again without losing the addresses of the other 3 Ive done - I hope that makes sense! I am a DCC novice but definite convert!
  11. really !!! I will try that its the only one I have not been able to move at all since the layout went live - sorry to be thick but if I remove all the other "working" locos from the "main" and then give this engine a new long address that should do it?
  12. Gang many thanks for your comments and I am up and running with three of my four locos all running and assigned long Loco addresses - thanks you all so much! my fourth loco I purchased from ebay and the chap does not know the Loco ID so will need to do a reset but I will ask that on a different topic top work chaps much appreciated here
  13. I was trying to make life simple without all of that faff Meil! any other ideas
  14. Hi all out there on RM web. I have a small DCC layout and I'm using the NEC Power cab and whilst I can get engines to run with sound and light I cannot seem for the life of me to reprogram the individual Loco number on the power cab. I do not have a program track so I would have to do this on the main layout. I know that it is important to remove all engines from the main layout save for the the one you wish to reprogram but I still seem to be struggling. Any good tips out there for Newby's like me?
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