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  1. A plan to add more housing and a small supermarket to my village in Oxfordshire (which hasn't yet gone ahead) got me thinking about where a railway could go to serve both the new supermarket (for deliveries), existing industries and provide passenger services for a growing population in a village which currently has no public transport. The resulting branch line could make an interesting model with a few "what ifs". It would leave a nearby mainline, follow alongside an existing cycle route and stream (crossing both via a bridge and level crossing), then do some street running to re
  2. Cut it into OO chassis width strips and sell some on ebay!
  3. Good job there. I have a couple of the tanker wagons which I'd bought second hand and had been repainted in matt black. I've never been sure what to do with them.
  4. I've only just discovered this thread. I lived in Moulsford for a while and now work in Wallingford so have been reading this thread with interest.
  5. Growing up with a father who already had a layout in the shed (and later a garden railway, O-16.5 so I could also run OO on it) I never had a first train set so to speak. But I remember a BR blue Hornby Class 25 and Intercity 125 set being what I mostly played with until I got my own loco, a good old Smokey Joe! ..and yes, like a lot of them it ended up being converted into a narrow gauge loco!
  6. I remember hearing a story that people in the know would aim to get on the carriage with the whitest roof when boarding a train, as a coach with newer roof paint was likely to be the most recently overhauled and in better condition!
  7. This is looking really good. I look forward to seeing more of this.
  8. Apologies for the strange question, I've noticed the ZZA snowploughs have a door on each side and a window on the back. Now I know the American Russell built snowploughs (or plows) had moveable wings on the side and a forward facing operators cabin but the ZZAs don't have this feature and the only window on them faces backwards towards the loco, so what is the purpose of the compartment and what's inside them? Thanks
  9. I've dabbled in Gn15 although it had quite a following at one point, and quite a few kits are/were available using OO gauge chassies so I wouldn't say it's the most difficult scale to get started in.
  10. I doubt the TV producers or the big manufacturers are concerned about the difference between "modellers", RTR box openers and collectors (a whole subject on it's own!). The TV producers (if they bothered estimating at all) probably included all of the above for the purpose of presenting railway modelling as a large hobby, And manufacturers will mostly be interested in how many people buy their product, not necessarily what level of the hobby they are used for once purchased. Most casual watchers of the programme would probably call anything involving small trains as "railway modelling" anyway
  11. Thanks for all the advice, everyone. I managed to find another HD wagon which was cheap and suitable for spares (good wheels, poor body) so I can bring this van back to life.
  12. Nice idea, a Red Star sign and a few trolleys on the platform are all you'd need to give the impression that parcels are being handled there.
  13. The third option looks good to me. A track either side of the platform gives slightly more scope for passenger and perhaps parcels operation.
  14. Looking at that end of your layout I'm thinking a station arrangement like Appleford could work well. The station has very few facilities (only 2 shelters) and access is from steps down from a road bridge which would provide a scenic break. http://www.hondawanderer.com/165103_Appleford_2009.htm ..and a view from the bridge.
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