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  1. I doubt the TV producers or the big manufacturers are concerned about the difference between "modellers", RTR box openers and collectors (a whole subject on it's own!). The TV producers (if they bothered estimating at all) probably included all of the above for the purpose of presenting railway modelling as a large hobby, And manufacturers will mostly be interested in how many people buy their product, not necessarily what level of the hobby they are used for once purchased. Most casual watchers of the programme would probably call anything involving small trains as "railway modelling" anyway and in my opinion all levels of the hobby are part of a big community, sales of RTR and to collectors still bring money into the industry to keep manufacturers afloat and help to promote the hobby at "entry" level. As for numbers I'd agree that magazine circulation and social media account interactions are a good way of getting an idea of how many modellers there are. Or perhaps if we knew what annual sales of model railway products were and how much an average modeller spent we could do some maths. I'm curious as to wether it really is the "biggest indoor hobby in the UK" but I guess the definition of "hobby" is another can of worms. There are probably more households with board games than a model railway but many will only be played occasionally and the owners may not consider it a hobby as such. Computer gaming would also have a claim to the title.
  2. Thanks for all the advice, everyone. I managed to find another HD wagon which was cheap and suitable for spares (good wheels, poor body) so I can bring this van back to life.
  3. Nice idea, a Red Star sign and a few trolleys on the platform are all you'd need to give the impression that parcels are being handled there.
  4. The third option looks good to me. A track either side of the platform gives slightly more scope for passenger and perhaps parcels operation.
  5. Looking at that end of your layout I'm thinking a station arrangement like Appleford could work well. The station has very few facilities (only 2 shelters) and access is from steps down from a road bridge which would provide a scenic break. http://www.hondawanderer.com/165103_Appleford_2009.htm ..and a view from the bridge.
  6. Looking at the railway buildings recently I notied that not all of the kits are available in all the brickwork colour options. It would be nice to see these offered so that people building a station area or similar can get everything in matching brickwork.
  7. My layout is going to be inspired by Wolverhampton Low Level which was closed to passengers then shortened and used part of the original platforms for parcels in the 1970s, the disused stations website has some good photos. A bay platform such as that at Oxford would be good for modelling parcels handling in a small space too.
  8. I do like those 6 wheelers, I believe they are only available as a brass kit?
  9. Still a very interesting bit of info. I can see myself being tempted into buying an MLV too!
  10. Nothing wrong with consenting adults having a quick laugh at something like this but I'd have to question the maturity of someone who finds it funny long enough to actually order the figures and put them on a model railway. I agree that they're just a bit naff, people should stick to the overused "man reading newspaper on the toilet" or naming lineside industries "Norfolk & Goode" if they really want to get a chuckle out of people viewing the layout.
  11. I seem to remember the plates actually have something like "Height of nearest rail" written on them.
  12. Maybe it's used for weather forecasting? Forecasting stone - Berneray by Andrew Walsh, on Flickr
  13. Forecasting stone - Berneray by Andrew Walsh, on Flickr
  14. Some great info, Rob. Thanks. I'll have to find that thread. It's good to see the 70s cars in that shot. Interesting to see the white door insides on the PMV too. I'd never given much thought to what colour they were inside but I guess this was done to maximise light.
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