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  1. Here we go hope this is ok for you
  2. Welcome to the world of DCC control. First of all were are you located as this may influence the choice of DCC able bodied people to fit decoders for you. The next question is how old are your existing locos etc and are any of them labelled DCC READY, because if they are ready fitting decoders is relatively easy and even some earlier models are not that hard , have a look at he following website - http://www.bromsgrovemodels.co.uk/ - fitting guides for most locos are available on there. Any questions please ask as most of us posting on here have been in your position of being new to DCC with model railways.
  3. Not quite right doesn't 1 gallon (UK) = 4.54 Litres ! were is the other 0.06 ? yes over a tank full it adds up . So your really getting a higher MPG
  4. It's a long way from China for a little engine with little wheels, small amount of coal and a small fresh water tank!
  5. How about as an alternative to run with the coaches a suitable Webb Coal Tank.
  6. Have a look at the following web site , it is most useful when fitting sound and decoders to most locos. http://www.bromsgrovemodels.co.uk/
  7. Have Bear & Daphne on order !
  8. "Bassett Lowke" now there's a long gone name from the past that was swallowed up by the Beatties empire. I remember well the Manchester shop on Corporation street the site of which is now under the so called shopping centre. Not a model shop of note left in Central Manchester much like most Cities/Towns of note.
  9. Never have any problems with my 2 Rustons and both run without match trucks.
  10. johnd

    Preorder email

    And i note they have/are reducing their opening hours.
  11. johnd

    Preorder email

    Have you looked at visiting the Locoshed on the Prestwich/Besses oth Barn border not far from the motorway jct. Also within walking distance from the Metrolink stop at Besses. Plus I believe there is a good model shop in Bolton.
  12. But still a difference which could well influence someone's buying ability.
  13. The price difference may not be much for a RRP class 24 - Bachmann Class 24/0 DCC Ready - £180, DCC Sound - £280. SLW DCC Ready - £185, DCC Sound £295. But when you take the 15% discount of the Bachmann model ( which is readable available) then the price difference becomes notable. Does anybody pay the rrp for Bachmann models ? I don't !
  14. I had one as well, just deleted it as I could so no reason that Hattons would send it other tax n it being spam!
  15. This line didn't stop at Kirklington it was a Midland route through to Mansfield with branches of to colleries (ie. Bilsthorpe).
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