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  1. Yes I would recommend the Signatrack ACE system, have found it user friendly.
  2. Which ever one you look at there will be some people who will have negative comments about it. This has been asked and discussed many time before on this forum. At the end of the day its own to you. If there is a model shop near you that sells DCC all i can say is go and see them and look what they have on display and ask questions. Everybody you ask will have there favourite/recommended controller. Good luck in your search and now what questions you want to ask before you enter the shops, most controllers now are capable of 29 function control. its just a matter of how you get to th
  3. No problems running one on DCC just reduce the CV that controls max speed and should solve any speed issues. As regards the Peckett/Barclay comparison the only area to watch is slide rod (Piston) guides, metal on the Peckett but plastic on the Barclay , the Peckett I found to be more robust. apart from that no problems and I have 3 of them.
  4. Both of mine run without the attached wagon over insulfrog points and neither give any problems, great little locos.
  5. Now for a set in LMS crimson to run behind a Coal Tank, L&Y tank or the forthcoming Johnson tank!
  6. Never had any problems and I've been using DCC for many years.!
  7. The dimensions of the controller shelf would be ideal to know and could be useful to those who already have there baseboards built.
  8. Welcome to area of various thoughts. Personally the Hornby models to which you going to fit decoders i have done a few of these for my personal use and in all of them have left the capacitors fitted taking the view that if there was a problem they could always be removed. Never had a problem not one. The other view is that remove it at fitting stage as its is not required as its function is supplied by the decoder. You will meet those on here that adamant as to the removal before decoder fitting. In the end its up to you how you want to fit them to your locos. As I've said I've
  9. And here is a couple at Allerton in the early 1970s. Wonder if they will be weathered like below!
  10. Have you checked that the pins when pushed into the socket are not touching any metal, better still put some insulation tape under the socket so the pins cannot touch the chassis. Its been known to happen before.
  11. Sorry you didn't get on with your R&Hs both of mine perform faultlessly!
  12. Another small loco to use would be the Hornby R&H48ds! especially if using electrofrog points the flat waggon supplied is not required.
  13. At long last I see we have expected delivery dates for the awaited Johnson 0-4-4 tanks ( Midland red- October, BR/LMS black -November ) ! which means if the boat takes 3 months to get here and the model in the shops they should be beginning to board about now !
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