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  1. Have you looked on the Hornby website on the Locoshed pages. the latest edition centers on the forthcoming Princess Royal locos, but if you scroll down the article you will come across a section on the R&H 48, Two pictures one showing the connection between and the second one of the R&H without its body on placed a 1p piece to give an idea of its size. Clearly shows a 6 pin socket and blanking plug, Now I spoke to Hornby earlier in the year regarding decoder and they did not know which decoder would fit the space and were waiting till the loco arrived. From looking at the picture shown and knowing the size of the blanking plug ( which looks similar to the one used in the Pecketts) I have had a look around and suspect that it will be likely that the Guagemaster DCC23 decoder MAY fit, there is a slightly smaller ESU decoder as well both of them being 6 pin. In either case I would suggest using the thinnest insulation material possible to avoid any possible shorts. Hope this helps but don't take my word as being absolute as that cant happen till the loco arrives.
  2. Choosing which option ( fitted or ready) to buy is an obvious dilemma when a new model is announced especially with the small models now being produced. From what I see DCC fitted has been the most popular version and think this says something to Hornby etc.
  3. Have had 'Sherwood' DCC fitted running for a while. Looking good
  4. The shop is on the wrong side of the m60 to be in Besse's oth barn more like Prestwich as the address is Bury Old Road! Should now as my late mother was brought up in Prestwich just down the road from where the shop is!
  5. Now that's an interest view of the R&H in the bottom corner!
  6. That's a lot better just what I had in mind !
  7. Nice layout. Regarding the signal box I feel that should be on the other side of the tracks and at the other end of the station( ie near point leading to private siding). The reason being sighting of tracks etc ( train movements). from it, 4 points nearby for lever operation requiring shorter point rodding. signal 2 needs to be further from the level crossing to provide a safety space for potential SPADS. Just my thought really
  8. Was talking in a model railway shop today when a Hornby rep was in and he gave the date as 13th August. So whether that is the day Hornby expect to receive them or the date they are expected in the shops he was not prepared to say. Any way not long to wait now! That's not bad 8 months from announcing them to the shops.
  9. The answer would be yes as long as you fit a blanking plug to the socket of the same type as the number of pins attached to the sound decoder! Simple to do
  10. Why not trim the decoder plug legs (8) to the length you want after you have tested they work ok. Done it a couple of times when the pins were to long.
  11. johnd

    DJM, the end.

    Wouldn't surprise me as he once said to me give me the money and I will produce it for you and that was for a model that he listed was going to be produced. Time will tell.
  12. What I am surprised is that there are no in service pictures of the Peaks in green with or without yellow panels !
  13. Somebody forgotten that before they were known as class 50s and went to the western region they entered service on the WCML taking over from electric traction at Crewe!
  14. Impressed by what you have done, really shows the flavor of the area. One thing missing and that is the plants/weeds growing from between the stones . Over to you.
  15. Does anybody actually use there web site?! I find it BxxxxxY awfull !
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