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  1. Nice little models yes but would benefit from metal (aka Hornby Pecketts etc) slide bars as against the plastic ones fitted!
  2. As a matter of interest what is the maximum lenght of decoder that will fit in the R&H? Anybody measured the space available.
  3. Can confirm that the Guagemaster DCC93 will fit with no problems, the only thing I would mention is that I would not use normal insulation tape as this may help the decoder overheat instead I have used KAPTON tape which is a lot thinner and does the same job as insulation tape but can help them to operate at a lower temperature. Remember decoders are a circuit board which produces heat to much of which can cause problems. Kapton tape is available from well known internet sites and whilst not cheap goes a long way.
  4. Of course your atemps helped lossen it!
  5. Just returned home from the exhib and to be honest felt underwhelmed by the show. It just felt as though something was missing compared to exhib in the past, and I've been comming since the late 1960s! Sorry fellas but just my personal feeling.
  6. Think it needs a full fat all singing sound decoder as I wonder if the TTS decoders will give the quality of sound the model deserves!
  7. Be nice if it's bright enough to give a nice glow in the cab when running in subdued lighting!
  8. Be nice if it's bright enough to give a nice glow in the cab when running in subdued lighting!
  9. Guagemaster DCC23 fits with no problems
  10. About the time scale I was told the Two Tone green version would appear !
  11. Hello, your right in what you say about powering with the clips , but for reliability and for the long term your better using insulated rail joiners and providing permanent connection (soldered) for the power supply wires. More work initially I know but far far better in the long run especially if you decide to have sound fitted locos as well as lights on them.
  12. The biggest problem I see is that a programing track or piece of is seen by many as loco length (ie 12 inches long), nothing wrong with that but as a mainline loco/Power car would fill that. Why not use a siding say 4 foot long isolated by plastic rail joiners and have the power feed through a DPDT Centre of switch so you can switch the section from main power and programming power, both decoders then respond and because of the power car the decoder in the dummy is set at the same time. Alright as long as the trailer car is placed on the track the right way in the first place, which if the train/unit is driven onto the programming section/siding it will be.
  13. Nice idea. Regarding points I would use live frog points instead of the dead frog variety, performance will be improved and with you using plenty of power feeds reliability long term will be so much better.
  14. From being in your position in the past the way forward I would suggest for finding a DCC system that suits you is to visit a model exhibition and talk to the operators about the system they are using. Every operator has there favourite system obviously that's why they use it. I would also suggest visiting a retailer that specialises in DCC equipment ( can you travel up to 2hrs in a car ), there they usually have systems set up for you to try. Buy what feels right for you not others you can only find out by looking, listening at others experiences and trying out a system ( nearby club/retailer) . It took me nearly 6 months to decide on my initial system, since when I have progressed to two systems depending on how I wish to operate my layout , one of which is computer based. Good look finding your system to use but if you can try before you buy it saves a lot of time and words. Regards JohnD
  15. Doesn't reverse as the driver changes end as they would when the service changes direction at Manchester Piccadilly! Perhaps change of direction at a station would be more appropriate!
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