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  1. At long last I see we have expected delivery dates for the awaited Johnson 0-4-4 tanks ( Midland red- October, BR/LMS black -November ) ! which means if the boat takes 3 months to get here and the model in the shops they should be beginning to board about now !
  2. Neil I am not sure about the date you quoted for D7502 being on Penzance shed along side D1026 as the visit and picture taken by me as it was was made during a layover of a railtour starting at Crewe and travelling down overnight. on the return run we disembarked at Bodmin Road for a trip up to Bodmin station. I have pictures that would drive the elf & safety brigade into another world with the way we all were at track level. The Western D1026 was carrying the return head board whilst on shed of the tour - "The Great Western" in readiness for the north bound journey. All the same would interested to know the date thanks.
  3. I have an ESU 3.5 decoder supplies by SW digital loaded with there Jubilee (LMS) sound file and have the same delay but of about 15 seconds, yes its annoying but when you increase speed setting to start it allows you to blow the guards whistle and then the driver to acknowledge (prototypical) before moving of, the other way is to set speed step to 1 and then turn on F1 movement straight away and sound. Would be good to reduce the time delay when sound is switched on.
  4. One problem with the description of the first picture - "That isn't Manchester Piccadilly " perhaps if you move across the city to "Manchester Victoria" East end it would be correct!
  5. Two more early 1970s a Manchester Victoria.
  6. On at Penzance not long after the 25s started to appear down there.
  7. What a great diorama/layout you've created here, really like it and an inspiration. Out of interest what is the measurements of the baseboard ?
  8. Have you looked at the Peco website I sure ive seen some on there .
  9. Now whats due from Hornby that takes these decoders ?
  10. There is a mail order company that does loco lighting kits, the name escapes me at the moment but I seem to recall he's based in Loughborough, am sure he does a suitable nose end lighting for you 37 DCC compatible!
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