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  1. Better to find a potential problem at the design stage and sort out the solution before hard track and electrickery fitting !
  2. Is it me or will there be an electrical polarity problem !
  3. Maybe so about surprises, but that wont help peoples cash flow and may even work against Bachmann's sales!
  4. Interesting, there will be some that will say could it be a trick of the light on the surface. !
  5. Interesting I note there is a sag in the footboard quite noticeable to my eyes !
  6. Have an order placed with Hatton's but at the same time will acquire a couple of Hornby's as many pictures i have seen have shown variations in carriages in a rake.
  7. But then with Hornby you may have to buy batteries if not now then some time in the future !
  8. And then a Titfield Thunderbolt set! its all there - Lowmac, coach body & GWR toad. Peco do suitable kits for the station etc.
  9. johnd


    It has also happened that if there was a Fly Past at the nearby Woodford air show the pilots would by mistake do the fly past at Manchester Airport, the Americans were particularly good at doing the mix up !
  10. The tall coal bunker needs to go it had gone when 68006 was on the CHPRly, its easy to do .
  11. From what I've been thinking I like you set up but for DCC users there would be no need for on/off switches !
  12. HO HO HO tis the season of good will !
  13. I out of principle will not use any remote ( Cloud or other ) for any kind of storage if it can at all be helped. May be a bit old fashioned in thinking but call it cautious.
  14. Whilst the Princess is being mentioned my DCC fitted 6201 seems to have the Firebox glow LED illuminated all the time. Is this normal or is there a Function that enables it to be switched on/off ?
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