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  1. That could mean January/February or December!
  2. Tis good news, the only downside I can see is unless Peco have altered things printing hard copies of odd pages I have always found to be long winded to the point of why bother.
  3. That must mean they are must have an imminent or are being produced production slot ! Time will tell having seen the expected date moved so many times. Looking like the wallet will be taking a hit that's 3/4 locos expected about that time ouch
  4. Am puzzled ! coal bins next to a track and adjacent to a diverging point (disused) , surely the coal bins would have been in use whilst the point was in use, so cant see the logic for positioning them there. As regards them being next to the track not really prototypical as wagons would have unloaded straight into sacks on the backs of the lorries , coal not required straight away would have been unloaded , yes into the bins but these would probable be across the yard as a wagon left in the siding would incur charges from the railway. So is this part of the puzzle ?
  5. So its looking like its doorstep delivery the week before Christmas then !
  6. The branch to the ICI chemical works where the local birds could be seen in a variety of colours !
  7. The traditional Horseshoe tied where the ends meet with string! Just as nice simmered in water till hot and served with English mustard.
  8. Well there had to be Black Pudding seeing as though you are in Bury !!
  9. And Ice cream & cakes from the Lampost cafe opposite from where your sat
  10. Don't think the term "hire" is right in what your thinking. English Electric " Leased " the locos initially to BR and from memory all the locos had the plates fitted when new as ownership was with the builder.
  11. The finish is good but the age old look is still not convincing, I have see in real life and pictures in the state shown in the pictures wagons that are full of dents and indentations but have yet in model form to see any attempts to recreate real life. Any body got some ideas !!!!!!! The sides are to flat and uniform, there must be a way with you talented people.
  12. Delivery time seems to have gone very quite. Has anybody any knowledge as to when the first to be released batch will be available, all at the same time or livery dependant ?
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