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  1. Beamish and the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland have now announced that they are closed for the foreseeable future.
  2. I saw elsewhere that the Chinnor volunteers manning the railways 'phones have received death threats as a result of the cancellation of the diesel gala. Appalling.
  3. I can think of three lines which are already in financial difficulty and for which this might be the last straw.
  4. There are now photos on Facebook (Ff&WHR Insider, Narrow Gauge World and others) showing K1 on a running in turn at Statfold on Wednesday of this week. They didn't half turn that job round fast.
  5. Autumn Gala news: 'Lady of Legend' has been confirmed as one of the guests.
  6. The NYMR's Car No.79, also of monococque construction, is currenty undergoing a very thorough contract overhaul. That said I doubt whether the Moors will be able to afford to do another one for a good long time.
  7. A nice surprise, far sooner than anybody expected. https://www.railadvent.co.uk/2020/01/steam-locomotive-k1-to-return-to-steam-in-2020.html
  8. The article was nothing to do with me. However, back in the very early days of this forum our genial host @AY Mod posted a thread in which he combined a Bachmann Percy chassis and a Hornby Pug body to produce an 'Ironside' which was much closer to scale length than mine. I do have a cut down 'Nellie'. If you're not too bothered about felicity to prototype then in terms of modifying the body it's really just a question of shortening the bunker. As you can see I really do need to do something about the cut line.
  9. Here's another, which is not my work but which would be dead easy to replicate: J83 body + Hornby 'Toy Story' 4-4-0 chassis + replacement pony truck + Plasticard stretcher = Drummond D50. Or, keep the original pony truck for a Drummond D51. The number is wrong: 10392 was scrapped while still in NBR livery.
  10. Yes indeed. Behold: A Pug Called Ironside. (Apologies for the horrible nameplates. These were supposed to be temporary, but have so far outlasted three Prime Ministers.)
  11. This may be of interest: a relatively simple modification to the cab of a Hornby Holden tank.
  12. On which point, does anybody know what became of the working Rocket replica built in the US in 1923 for the Buster Keaton film 'Our Hospitality'?
  13. True enough. As I recall Bahmann got into a spot of bother for using its Thomas and Percy models for other purposes.
  14. This unfinished and rather dusty example from my stores cupboard might be of interest: another Tri-ang Nellie, cut down to produce a reasonable facsimile of the LSWR C14 on which the original model was loosely based.
  15. Speaking of American stuff, and assuming that the toolings still exist, I am somewhat surprised that the Wild West loco and stock from Hornby's Toy Story set have not been used as the basis for this range.
  16. Somebody may have already posted this - it's a busy thread - but there's one more centenary special: this year's Club exclusive 0-4-0 is the Holden tank in red, with the anniversary logo. See here: https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/memberships
  17. One interesting omission: for the first time in years, there's no new Austerity tank in the range. That may or may not be a harbinger of something for 2021.
  18. It will probably be supplied with those staple-like dead frog bypass clips which are also found in Hornby DCC sets. Fine if you only want one engine; awkward if not.
  19. In which case some of the bits and pieces in the Bachmann Thomas range might be suitable cases for treatment.
  20. That forty quid starter diorama set could well turn out to be the basis of a lot of microlayouts; I shall certainly be ordering a couple.
  21. Now that there's a nice new L&MR first class coach tooling I suspect that 'Lion' would be a better bet, especially considering the potential for 'Titfield Thunderbolt' merchandise and that the prototype actually ran on the mainline in the Eighties. I suppose that if there is found to be a market for Era One models (and bear in mind that while the Tri-ang 'Rocket' was successful, most of the models sold ended up in display cases; I myself have owned a couple over the years which were seized solid having never been run in half a century) then Hornby or whoever could simply work their way through the old K's Milestones range.
  22. The singles would work well, but many of the toolings you list there were weighed in by the previous management.
  23. The last train off Pickering was hauled by the A4 with the King and the 9F bringing up the rear. An extraordinary and probably unprecedented combination. What a gala!
  24. That's 5428, working the Whitby shuttles. 92134 has just made its first appearance in traffic since 1966, shunting the freight train before heading off up the bank L/E.
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