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  1. I had contemplated that but I realise I will only get a percentage of what it’s worth. I’m in no hurry and don’t need the money as such. I am a regular ebayer if other things and the idiots do my head in. The thought of selling 2 thousand items fills me full of dread.
  2. Hi all, I have been collecting OO gauge rolling stock for years ready to build a layout one day. I have realised it’s never going to happen. I have about 2000 items mostly mint boxed that I am going to sell. point is, I really cannot face the thought of listing the items on eBay and having to deal with all the problems from eBay idiots. any good ideas on how to sell this lot? its mostly era 4,5. Hornby, Bachmann, mainline, replica, Ian Kirk, park side, the usual suspects. i am gutted to be giving up on my dream of doing it but the reality has dawned. i am In south Lincolnshire Near Norfolk.
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