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  1. 200 Subscription Trainspotting live! @Courtybella Road Model Railway special.
  2. First brass signal kit progress, I've soldered the arm up and started on the post. Arm soldered to the spectacle plate. Wood blocked used as a jig to solder the pin into the arm assembly. Pin soldered into the arm assembly. Post cut to size, and clamped to allow me to solder the arm pivot point on. Arm pivot point affected to the post.
  3. Thanks, Jon is my inspiration when it comes to signals.
  4. Very first brass signal kit, or brass kit full stop ! What could possibly go wrong, or more to rhe point right !
  5. Box opening videos really do not interest me either, I just tried to give an open mad honest personal opinion. Hopefully I gave plenty of clear shots of each side and end efc so people could have a good look. But like most things in life, it’s it don’t like it move on a nothing to see here as they say.
  6. An update, and humble apology will follow this afternoon via the channel.
  7. It wasn’t a review as such, like I said I’m not qualified in the field, more a personal point of view as a customer and modeller. Bottom line was/is if your after a very good value for money O gauge wagon then this wagon is ideal for you, if your after a 100% accurate model of the real thing, then maybe you’ll be a tad disappointed and will require some work. Id also suggest my channel, and videos aren’t aimed at the confident modeller more the inexperienced and lack confidence like me. The channel is more a historical record for me, than a way to educate or inform to be honest. If anyone takes enjoyment from it brilliant. An update, and humble apology will follow this afternoon via the channel.
  8. My mistake, I’ve done some work on the wagons and filmed an apology for any misinformation that I mistakenly gave.
  9. Depends on whether I’ve any in my odds and sods box.
  10. Picking out the white hand rails, and handles, silver on the buffers vice black, new pipes and removal of one, added weight.
  11. Yes, as I said there is some clarification on historical elements…
  12. A closer look at the vans….there’s a need for a history update and some clarification - the was filmed before people really drilled down into the vans. I’ll be respraying the red, and doing the other bits people have mentioned.
  13. Dapol VEA review and thoughts….plus a mini “Trainspotting Live @ Courtybella Road”
  14. Whatever the legal standpoint is, or isn’t on this it’s just not what the hobby / industry is about. If this was a first for Hornby then maybe it could be forgiven as one of those things let the best firm win etc. But it stinks of poaching, combine with Hornbys retailer tier system now it feels like it’s all about taking money out of our pockets not progressing the hobby. Okay, the private finance firm who own a majority stake in Hornby want their returns as it natural. But you can (well you can, they are) portraying a friendly family firm on one face, and on the other a money grabbing screw you lot on the other. I would also say, there’s another significant battle of the Manors fast approaching with Dapol, and Accurascale - although I think maybe that was a genuine case of two firms keeping their plans quiet with the other breaking cover once the first was announced.
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