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  1. A question or two for the collective, as I seem to be getting nowhere fast with a new purchase. So last week I bought a Heljan Class 26 with Sound. Seller knew not a lot about it, im assuming Zimo with Digitrains. Would anyone happen to have a PDF copy of the functions? Also how do I change the acceleration as it is too quick off the mark for my liking and how do I also go about increasing g the volume, it is very quiet compared to my 37s? Thank you all in advance. Matt
  2. Weekly update on what is happening with Tynecastle. Progress has been a tad slow as now have one of the children at home for two weeks as there school has closed Year 6 due to a Conformed Covid case...couldn't make it up!
  3. So here is the nearly finished bodyshell, tiny dusting of powders next week and some dirtying of the chassis and bogies.
  4. Hi All, I have been researching Track and looking at all the various manufacturers, I have had a look at Kato and like the look of it, but the height and false ballast put me off. How does everyone else view this? Pros and Cons between this and standard Peco/Hornby track. Thanks again from a green newbie... Matt
  5. Thank you so much, I have found these, but I am really struggling with Snowploughs for Lima locos?! They seem to be a rarity
  6. Damn, oh well guess I'm making a Loco in a livery that never actually ran, guess that will put some noses out of joint then ;). Hoping no one will mind too much when I run it on my layout in RES livery, complete with name plates and newly applied Eastfield Depot Plaques LOL!!!
  7. I am once again at the mercy of the collective. I am looking for some ideas of where one goes about purchasing buffer beam piping and detailing kits, class 37 and 47 (Lima) inc Snowploughs. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Afternoon All, My first project for a complete rebuild is a Lima RES liveried 47 which I have picked up for pennies on eBay. I have big plans, inc Re-Motor, DCC Sound, Renumber, Detail, Weather etc. However I can not find one photo (Apart from at its naming ceremony of 47701 of her wearing the Waverley name plate). She was named Waverely at Crewe Electric in 1997, before being bought privately in 1998 and leased back to Fragonset to help with loco shortages on the XC services. Does anyone happen to have a clear photo fo her with the name on, still in Parcels livery? Go
  9. Hi Andy, I also require a name change, tried messaging you but to avail, the firjm won't let me. Thanks Matt
  10. Great minds... The Project has been renamed Tynecastle TMD, which is a sub shed of Eastfield and Haymarket, providing capacity for Scotland and the North of England, located West of Edinburgh
  11. So the layout has now been renamed 'Tynecastle TMD' and will now be based to the West of Edinburgh, giving me more locos and types to play with... Even thinking of getting some older Lima stock maybe just to be used for drags...opinions?
  12. Ok so I run a very small 6ft x 14 inch Scottish based TMD. I would like to get peoples opinions on running older locos, having them detailed and sound installed. As I dont run a continuous loop or haul large trains, do the Lima locos still do a decent enough job, or should I be looking at just Bachmann and Heljan?
  13. Ok so having a play with some old track and this is my first idea...too cluttered? Imagine the yellow tape measure is the pull tank and the short line leading up to it will be long enough for a 08 and a tanker. The tracks on the left will end (apart from the headshunt and the top track) where the brown paint ends and the light area will be the offices, car park and portacabin. Or do I scrap the extra long bottom line on the right and run the lines on the left right up to the end and dona low relief dummy depot and attempt to cur some old stock up and poke i
  14. @DavidCBroad Thank you all for your input, could you maybe sketch exactly what you mean David, im new to all of this, so I'm in a little bit of a quandary of what to do, so far your idea and the idea of a dummy low relief depot with lines of locos. So far all I have is 3 x 37/4's, but have some 20's, 27s, 26s and 47s winging their way to me.
  15. The third and final allocated Class 37/4 (for now), has just arrived from Inverness and will be used as a depot rail tour loco.
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