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  1. This will prove very useful indeed. I will try these out. Thank you Derek and Nick. Will be looking forward to seeing your K4 maybe I will attempt one in the future. Matti
  2. Even though I have alot on my plate, yesterday I suddenly had an urge to build a V4. I spent a few hours looking for a suitable chassis and some drawings but I could only find some very basic ones. As my primary interest is LMS I really have no idea where to find LNER drawings especially for this loco. So does anyone know where I could get some or have some that they could scan/take a picture of? Thanks! Matti
  3. That's my thoughts exactly. I'm wondering if it was a one off etch that someone designed and commissioned from some company just for their personal project. Matti
  4. I see what you and Andy mean now. Bigger differences than I had thought! But still charming either way IMO. Matti
  5. On another note I recieved a few more Jidenco wagon kits and got a new vise so happy days! Will post pics soon. Matti
  6. Interesting... But is the Hornby T9 not the same size as the SEF T9? I thought Richard used it for the small ones and when looking at pictures I can't see any resemblance between the Hornby and large one. But maybe I will just wait for Falcon Brassworks to reintroduce the Jidenco Ben's. Matti
  7. Ah I don't blame you that's why I like the idea of doing a LMS layout. Caley and Highland locos running side by side as if they were meant for eachother. We have the Drummond's to thank for that. Whenever I start planning to make a 66 or 80 from a T9 I get caught up with Bens too! I just can't help myself. Matti
  8. Hi David you said the S15 is running on an R1 chassis but what is under the green one? Matti
  9. Hi, not sure if you're trying to restore the original or just improve but I think that I saw some Airfix gangways on eBay yesterday. Otherwise I would definitely suggest Comet ends with gangway from Wizard Models. The difference with entirely new ends is big. And for the couplings pretty sure that Dapol do the push type. Matti
  10. A couple of months ago I heard about Nairnshire Modelling Supplies I was told they had something I needed but after being on their website every link to products, ordering, etc was broken. Figured maybe their site was just having difficulties but I took a look today only to find no trace of their site at all. Anyone know what happened? Was looking forward to ordering from them. Didn't really know where to post this sorry. Matti
  11. Hi, The N15 might be my all time favourite Triang model. Something about it is really charming I think. I guess you probably already have your heart set on making it a N15 or S15 but how about an H15? Not attempted often but just an idea. Acrylic is the best option by far ask anyone on the best paint for models they won't tell you enamel. Never use any paint on any surface without primer! What device did you use to paint it? Matti
  12. I meant that I'm not too kean on making frames. Wheels, rods and other parts are definitely no problem. In my opinion if I can't get pre-milled frames from someplace like AGW then I will just find a RTR chassis with the correct wheelbase and re-wheel it. Matti
  13. Really nice to see that people have enough confidence to take on challenges like this. Most people hold themselves back and prevent themselves from creating great things. But I do have one question - why tackle a locomotive that is available in kits and RTR? (Wills/SE Finecast, Brassmasters and Hornby) Personally if I was to scratchbuild I would want to do something that hasn't been offered or the offerings are rather poor. The first thing I would take on, however, is probably the chassis. Bill Bedford/Mousa Models made or make a chassis kit designed for the Hornby one so you could
  14. That's the only logical conclusion I can come to. As much of a mystery to you as it is to me! Matti
  15. I don't see how it could be be a Caley because that tender is without a doubt the one I have for my River and if you look at where the cab has been removed that is definitely not the shape from a 60 or 956. Matti
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