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  1. @Annie Nobody else wants to have any of these conversations either. So please can we all try not to say such provoking things?
  2. Australia/New Zealand did a fine job at first of making sure Covid was at a minimum. In fact I known that it was probably the best countries to be in last year due to it having a very minimal amount of cases. However, this lockdown that happened recently there is absolutely silly. Do you not understand that this will never end? A coronavirus like any other virus will mutate like it has and will continue to. It doesn't just go away, it will always be here in some capacity. Tell me, would you gladly continue to go into lockdown over some new cases a couple years from now?
  3. I hate that we even have to get into in depth conversation about Covid on a forum like this. But both of you are speaking foolishly. You cannot honestly say that the UK, AU or etc. is any better. Western countries are a joke and none have any moral high ground than another. You speak about some fair in the US yet ignore the World Cup nonsense with thousands crammed into a stadium. Then afterwards English fans cause destruction because they lose. It's really a "he who has not sinned cast the first stone" situation.
  4. Ah, well that is quite ironic. Very interesting, thanks.
  5. I was wondering what types of locomotives were stationed at Barrow and ran to it with passenger services? I am looking specifically at it in LMS service from 1923 to about 1935. Matti
  6. I thought that I would make this post at a later date but as I saw someone was interested in one the other day I figured that I might as well do it now. There is a severe lack of resources for modelling Scottish railways. Especially the Sou-west. Perhaps it's time to change that. I have been thinking recently about the idea of producing a few models and the Drummond 403 in particular stood out to me. After reading about the interchangeability of parts with Peter's earlier 279 class I have concluded that it would be beneficial to have both available. The kits would be produced in either resin, plastic, or a combination of the two. Ready to take a gearbox and wheels of your choice. Now at this stage I would like to ask you all to please express any interest in this project! If there is sufficient demand I will make it happen. Regards, Matti
  7. I don't know if your in any kind of hurry to get one but I plan on releasing a resin kit in the next year or so. I have seen you on Twitter if I remember correctly so I will contact you there once they are available.
  8. Hi, Paul Lovely looking layout. Where can I see more of it? Matti
  9. It seems pre-built sheds are all the rage in the UK. I'm not from there and I don't know your situation but imho you should build one yourself. Because ever since the peak Covid months prices of materials and supplies have gone up. In turn these companies go out and charge ridiculous prices for building/delivering. If you bought the materials and built it that is easily the most economical route. I'd say you could easily fit it within your budget.
  10. Hi, Terry I would take them off your hands but I am overseas and not sure how that works. Any idea? Matti
  11. A agree with Chris. Go on eBay and get yourself some of the Triang clerestory coaches. Cut them down and replace the roof with plastic sheet. That is absolutely the cheapest way to do it and a very acceptable one at that. I've seen some exceptional models made using this same process. Matti
  12. I am no expert but possibly RAL 6011 Reseda Green should be given a look? It appears to be a good match but I have not tried it myself. Matti
  13. I am getting along just fine Richard, thank you. I have learned quite a bit in my short time on here. Regards, Matti
  14. Hi Richard, Great work as always. I believe he is speaking of Phoenix Precision Paints. Perhaps one of these? https://www.phoenix-paints.co.uk/products/chimneys Regards, Matti
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