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  1. The GNR type tenders were all spoked. The Gresley tenders started out with spoked as well but were soon substituted with disc. Hope that helps. Matti
  2. Here is a great choice for a branchline loco: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/sparkshotcustomcreationsscc?section=4mm+L%26YR+Loco'+Bodies&s=0 Send him an email, he scales things up or down on request. There is also someone on Instagram who has just designed what your looking for but in 4mm. I asked him if he would rescale. Otherwise I would gladly scratchbuild a body for you to fit on a Märklin or Rokuhan chassis for probably much cheaper then cost to 3D print. My projects are on hold at the moment until I can get some soldering supplies.
  3. Do you have any specific locos and/or rolling stock in mind? I know some people who might scale down their designs for you.
  4. Jol is, as I have read, quite the fierce opponent of moulded boiler bands! However he is probably right. In theory they would be .001 in thickness to scale. But yes do as you see fit, I know of many people who prefer using electrical tape or Alan Gibson's offering. Matti
  5. I love your work with this. It's fantastic that such skilled people continue offer affordable 3D prints as they are a real blessing. Life is too short to scratchbuild every loco I want! But in my opinion you should really tone down those boiler bands as they look a bit Triang like. Matti
  6. Trix is Märklin's 2 rail DC range which offers the same locomotives. Their quality has really stepped up recently and I am very happy with what I have from them. Lilliput of course is excellent being a branch of Bachmann. Fleischmann is also great - all theirs are 2 rail. Roco, Brawa, Piko, and others are good and people speak highly of them but I usually only get rolling stock from them. Any specific loco class you are looking for? Matti
  7. Will do. Appreciate any advice because I really have limited experience in the field. Matti
  8. No please, be my guest. I haven't put my money on anything yet. Happy to hear anything and everything.
  9. Great to see there are others in agreement about this iron. I think that it will be the one that I go for. Really great price actually, in my opinion. Many thanks. Matti
  10. Understood, many thanks. What model of Aoyue do you have? I'd definitely like to look into one knowing that someone trusts it. Matti
  11. Thanks to both of you. I had a look and they seem quite nice and reasonably priced. Not sure if Maplin will ship here but I will look into it. Matti
  12. Thanks for the info. After looking for a 936 I see they are nice but out of production and pricy for used. There are Chinese made replicas on eBay and one in particular I saw which I also watched a YouTube video on. After 20 hours or so of use the reviewer gave a favourable opinion of it. Do you think it might be a decent option? Matti
  13. Could anyone suggest a cheap soldering iron for kitbuilding? I have both brass and whitemetal kits that need putting together. I have heard that a minimum of 25 watts is recommended for a non temperature controlled iron. Also I hear recommendation of using an Antex. Problem is over here I cannot find one and eBay offers them at ridiculous prices not to mention shipping. I can however find a Weller 25 watt quite cheaply. My question is: would it be just as good as the Antex? Any very cheap temperature controlled alternatives that people have used for this kind of work? M
  14. This little shed was a small diorama that I created in a single day. It no longer exists, only meant to be photographed once, but there was little more to see. Quite amateur really but it was a fun little project and the shed itself is to be used elsewhere. I also wanted to see how convincing snow is on such a small scale. The shed (which I first cut the pieces for a year ago) was made from balsa and bass wood glued and pin nailed together. The brick work is embossed paper from Micromark that I have weathered. The roof was a pathetic attempt and I had some very expensive shingle pa
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