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  1. Yes I recieved my D last week, and after running-in, found it ran tolerably rather than impressively. I fitted the Dapol Imperium decoder and have yet to experiment with the basic settings but find it runs too fast. It also reminded me of old Lima models. Wickham Green's suggestion is good, I hope you get some satisfaction from Rails. If anyone has any recommendations as to settings for the decoder I would be grateful. There is alot I like about the model, the close coupling to the tender, spare axel and detailing parts, and the swopping of the NEM socket for a blank on the front bogie. On the downside, I found a coupling hook detatched, two of the buffers fell off, and my huge fingers erased some of the fine lining off the running boards whilst handling it, fitting the decoder chip. I really didn't like the silvery handrails, coupling hook, or con-rods and the bright dayglow red of the bufferbeam & piston rod detail. Since last week I have blackened the silvery bits, re-numbered it, added 247 plates, real coal, crew and detailing pack, then lightly weathered with a mucky satin varnish to tone down the brightness and seal it the numbers & plates....so before and after........
  2. I ordered the book on Thursday from Stenlake publishers in Scotland, and it arrived in Yorkshire Saturday morning, excellent service. Steve
  3. Dear Wickham and Jason, Thanks for the tip of the Oakwood Press book. Has anyone used the Railtec service of custom making 4mm scale coach numbers Cat no 9965? It looks just the ticket for renumbering sets in BR years. Thanks Steve
  4. Forgive me if this topic has been covered, but reading through many of the excellent threads I can't find the information I need. I found interesting articles in using Tri-Ang clerestory coaches as a base for conversions, and attach a picture of my cut'n'shut attempts, making an All Third strengthener for my Push Pull set, and an SECR 6 wheel Full Brake which by the 1950's rests withdrawn in a siding as a PW tool van. I am repainting my BR Crimson OO Bachmann 3-car Birdcage set into malachite green as worn by a few sets in the early 1950's. I have seen some colour photgraphs of such 60' sets in 1956-1957 just before withdrawl, and imagine these sets were re-varnished SR green rather than repainted BR (SR) green. I need a list of set numbers and coach numbers within the sets for the BT, CL, & BTL. The very useful sremg coach set table doesn't include Birdcage sets, the 595-622 set range which I am particularly interested- has many of the set numbers being re-used by Maunsell Push-Pull sets. Can anyone name the publication, or preferably website which has the definative table of SECR Birdcage Sets as numbered by BR. The current situation results in me having plenty of time but little income so the cheapest option would be preferable, the alternative of ordering a plethora of books to add to the groaning railway bookcase would be politically inapposite.
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