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  1. I have about 50 ( number may differ from previous thread... I have. Now counted them) 10 are pairs so each platform light has two bulbs but only 2 wires. The others are all single. i haven’t connected them all yet as I’m registered blind and they are just two fiddly so waiting for a friend to do. my question is what do I use to power them, at present I am using a Maplin switched mode power supply hopefully I will get the photo attached. It is 3 amps and no idea of wattage or ohms ( that maybe to do with the wire I use i have an an identical one which p
  2. Hi Junctionmad.. I thought it was worth trying to change at least one law if it made my life easier
  3. Sorry re read and digested your reply,,, nothing will alter the heat thing, thank you for your quick answer,
  4. Thank you Cliff, will it make a difference when I have them all connected.... more lights using more watts means they don’t have to dissipate so much
  5. The copper wires run under the board and will eventually hopefully power all lights, I basically cut the plastic off and chocolate box the wire from lamps to the wire
  6. Hi, this is my first post so hope I have placed it correctly. i have about 60 grain of wheat bulb station lamps and at present only two are connected ( they are double platform lights so essentially there are four lamps, i have them them connected to a pair of long copper wires, one covered in red plastic the other covered with black. I one end of the copper wires have banana plugs on and are in a 3 amp switched power supply. at present the lights are very dim as I only have them set at 3 volts. I can turn this to 4 or 7 or 8 or 12 volts and this does increa
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