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  1. I always planned for the layout's passenger serverices to be run by auto-tank push pull, and then DMUs. The only reason I'm using the Hymek and 08 is because out of the 3 locos I own, those 2 aren't an A4. In my head, the goods trains are assembled and dropped off at the much larger yard at Shipham. Then whatever's need to go to Norchep would be sent by any engine available, which would push it about a mile and a half down the line with the gaurds van up front, and then the engine would do all the shunting needed, and leave before the next passenger service arrived.
  2. I've finished writing the backstory for the layout, if anyone's interested. Norchep Market Day Story.pdf
  3. Hello, new member here, quite young (early twenties), born and living in Australia. I've finished planning and I'm currently saving up for my first layout, which I will talk about in this forum. The layout is called; Norchep Market Day. It's set in 1960s West Midlands, at the terminus station and yard of a small ex-GWR branchline. It's (what I consider) a micro layout, at 75cm by 30cm. I planned it using Anyrail, using the inglenook shunting puzzle as it's base. My plan is to have the main eye catcher be a large, busy market at the right end of the layout, and there will be a village at the center and a roundabout into green space at the left. In the village section there will be a small fire station having an open day. The market will have many stands, ice creams vans and food trailers, as well as lots and lots of people. I've been planning out stuff like the backstory of the layout's branchline to pass the time while I wait to get the money needed. The station will have a single platform. My stock for the layout will be my various trucks and brake vans, and I currently have two locos that I plan to run it with, a Graham Farish Black BR 08 "Gronk" shunter, and a Dapol Green BR Class 35 "Hymek". I plan on getting more locos when I get the cash. The layout will operate using DC (it's cheaper) and I plan on powering and controlling it using my old reliable Hornby R965. I also plan on having a Dapol GWR motorized home signal, which I will modify to add a nonfunctional shunt ahead signal to it's post. I'm not currently planning on having the points be motorized, but this will most likely change. The layout currently does not have a fiddle yard planned. I'm planning on 3D modelling and printing most of the buildings myself. As this is my first layout, I would not at all mind any feedback and advice you could give me. If you have anyother questions I will happily answer them to the best of my abilities. Also, if you don't think it's small enough to be a micro layout, then I apologise for putting this in the wrong place. Images of Anyrail plan and concept art below.
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