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  1. Thank you Pete, I have put mine in the safe hands of an O gauge DCC expert, I did take the body of and quickly put it back 2 motors, lots of cables, and not worth attempting IMHO
  2. until

    good fountain of topic and knowledge on my return to RMW after years of N gauge now converting to O gauge but a bit green
  3. How do I fit a zimo sound decoder in to an O gauge Heljan class37 ?
  4. The point is imho. most power stations that I have come across, have cooling towers in multiple, now that would be expensive in rtp models, and would they be available in quantity required?
  5. Thank you for the invalueable info on this link Brian, 1st class! engager
  6. Thank you Nigel, I am now enlightend, on a meter test it does indeed read 18v ac,the irony is that I have a Bachmann dc controller, unused, that I purchased in a Farish 150 set for 78 pounds, solely for the loco! regards Tony R.
  7. Not to worry it packed up after 2 minutes using a Bachmann ez controller on anologue testing!So it is going back. Tony R.
  8. Hi has any body any advice on chipping the Farish class 14 please, I am reluctant to remove the body and cock it up, I will be using a naked Bachmann651 6 pin decoder with the cables soldered on.Yours in hope Tony R.
  9. Thanks guys for quick response I have a tcs z2 decoder that will fit well.
  10. Could anybody give information on converting a Graham Farish class 20 to dcc please
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