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  1. I take this to be river signal B.. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/33122388501/
  2. My guess is they were perhaps a little unreliable. They were surrounded by many many spent detonator pieces.
  3. I caught a glimpse of a container that looked to have once been in tartan arrow livery. It had iso corners top and bottom. Is this likely?
  4. I'd dismissed this as something American but occasionally funny. I wasn't paying much attention until in the background appeared a GUV and bogie bolster plus many other vehicles and an old bus. I couldn't identify much else as Mrs LNERGE was strangling me for suddenly becoming interested in watching it... Where was this shot? I suspect Wales somewhere.
  5. I had to use the train. Twice.

    1. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      That sounds painful.


      Of course, my observation might have something to do with my past experiences of long distance rail commuting - or "transportation", as one rail operator appeared to view it.


      Well, they did seem keen to maintain certain traditions (allegedly) ... .



  6. From the position of the crank i'd say the crossover was laying reversed.
  7. Steam coming out of cooling towers? Is Ratcliffe about to generate?

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    2. woodenhead


      @truffy The GOP will never ban coal, no such thing as Global Warming to them.:D

    3. Davexoc


      Gas price is up again, so coal is probably cheaper...

    4. truffy


      @woodenhead just don’t let Greta Funtimes hear you say that! ;)

  8. I've been thinking about doing a rake of Triang operating ore wagons with better wheels and couplings. It should be a way of bringing a bit of animation to the layout but the wagons can't run as they are. Are these bearings available somewhere?
  9. We were coming for a closer look on Saturday but the day didn't quite work out as planned. We ordered breakfast on the 11:15 ex Loughborough. It arrived at the table at 14:34. By then i'd used up all my railway tolleration credits with Mrs LNERGE as we embarked on our third round trip of the day.
  10. It was when it was first installed. Later years it was like this..
  11. A peek behind the diagram at Sleafors South reveals the out of use lamps for the track circuit block section to Helpringham..
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