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  1. How close is your nearest real railway? With careful placement with a real railway background these signals would pass as the real thing.
  2. I'm finding simple things difficult lol. I have managed to carry out a control change on a signal  and thats about it. It did involve five track circuits and three lots of point detection but was succesful all the same. (OO gauge, steering clear of the bigger stuff for a bit)

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    2. LNERGE


      Definitely. The model railway has never had so much attention. 

    3. Metr0Land


      Little and often.  That's the way I try and get back after some time away from the layout.  Keep going matey.

    4. beast66606


      Hope you get better soon Richard - in the meantime I'm glad the little railway keeps you going.

  3. I think i have just had an urge to do some modelling.

    1. beast66606


      Yaay -  Make sure they get your good side :)

    2. LNERGE


      I have a good side?

    3. Hroth


      Sorry, the photofloods are all [email protected]@ered, and the films out of date too.....


  4. Flippin bug has put me in hospital. 

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    2. beast66606


      Take it easy - Ely North will still be there when you are well :)

    3. eastwestdivide


      Look after yourself.

    4. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Glad you're back home already. All the best for your continuing recovery!


  5. I was definately being a bit impatient and my frustration came to the fore. A positive test for the bug may explain a bit of that lol. I would say it is working as intended now.
  6. I booked xmas off so loads of modelling time. Was feeling a bit down that it was nearing the time to return to work. Feeling down turned to feeling ill. One positive test later.

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    2. LNERGE


      Everything ok apart from it feels like my kidneys have spent a while being Mike Tyson’s punchbags. 

    3. beast66606


      Hope all goes well Richard

    4. LNERGE


      I feel I'm on the mend. Not so for Mrs LNERGE. Keeping an eye on the kids but nothing of concern so far.

  7. Three of my own boxes have point levers with indication locking. You cannot complete the stroke of the lever until point detection is made. I much prefer this especially in heritage railway boxes. It draws attention to what hasn’t worked. I am however guilty of building two boxes without it on heritage lines and two with.
  8. IRSE Green book No3 covers mechanical and electrical interlocking.
  9. I must confess to not giving it long enough to charge up before getting stressed with it. I ran the 25 earlier today and slipped a trailing point over and it ran right through the dead section between the signal and points. Stressed i certainly was with it yesterday.
  10. DCC Concepts Zen black with a super sized capacitor pack via the plug in power management board im a Bachmann 25 with an eight pin socket. CV 29 set to 2. Capacitor and chokes removed on loco circuit board.
  11. What is a reasonable test to see if a stay alive is actually working? I have been driving a loco into a dead section but there seems to be no difference between when I have the pack plugged in and when it's not. Is there a magic CV to alter at similar?
  12. We had a good operating session last night and tested the new arrangements. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/50787072256/in/dateposted/
  13. Yes indeed. Works now complete apartt from the abc module on G track. I have a rather impatient 7 year old waiting to try it all out.
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