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  1. There is footage of a Tallboy going off whilst being defused. Not a job for the faint hearted. Everyone ok apparently.

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    2. truffy


      Hmm I was led to believe that it wasn’t supposed to go off. So I’m assuming that this wasn’t an unmitigated success. 

    3. Hroth


      Apparently the idea was that they were trying to do a slow burn on the contents and the 76 year old Torpex was feeling a bit frisky!

    4. truffy


      That's the problem with 76-year olds; when they feel frisky they fall apart.

  2. I must have spent an hour on the net looking for ETS jumpers for the ends of my Mk1 Bullion Van. Is it i can't see the wood for the trees or does no one make them?

  3. A U2 at Mildenhall? Who we spying on now?

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    2. Tim Hall

      Tim Hall

      Skipepsi, were they still going with or without you?

    3. 25901


      Mildenhall is getting a new lease of life as they are moving everything from Spangdahlem Air Base which is now closing with the result that Mildenhall keeping at least one Air Refueling Wing and one Special Operations Wing.

    4. LNERGE


      That should keep thing's interesting.

  4. Come on Boris. Get well soon.

    1. toboldlygo


      I pray he does - otherwise the consequences for a certain country who unleashed this virus on the world, could be nuclear...

    2. Boris


      I'm fine darling

    3. truffy


      @Boris, glad to see that reports of your death have been greatly exaggerated.

  5. OO gauge inside. G gauge and a full size signalling simulation outside and I have to stay at home. I may cope. 

  6. Does the MOD still have ramp wagons to go with it's WAFLATS and WARWELLS?

  7. Asymmetrical braking success! Soon my model railway wont need me.

    1. SHMD


      Why? Who else is going to pay for it?

    2. LNERGE


      A good observation. It will gain the same status as the Wife, just attracting my attention when things need paying for. 

  8. Where did that spring go from that adaptor base? It'll show up i guess probably jamming the mechanism on a loco or similar... No i've just knelt on it.

  9. I have a kit of parts for a Westinghouse signal machine on my workbench. I also have stress levels off the scale and some bits left.

  10. It must be heading towards winter... The model railway has seen it's first movements since April. 

    1. Hroth


      Hope you sent a pilot engine around with a brush to dislodge the spiders!

  11. Just about to install a third intermediate token machine in section. This has to be fairly unique in this day and age?

  12. I know i'll change a defective point motor for one with exactly the same fault on the hottest day of the year. That'll be fun.

    1. St. Simon

      St. Simon

      Love the movement of an HW machine!

    2. BoD


      Is it a solenoid or slow action motor?

    3. The Stationmaster

      The Stationmaster

      Nice neat job that - but I would have expected nothing less.

  13. water softener

    1. SHMD




      Is this on a thread somewhere where I can ask questions?



    2. LNERGE


      No thread as such i'm afraid. You can PM me by all means.

    3. SHMD


      Thanks, I will as I am most interested.

      (This might take a day or two though!)

  14. Cables on, links in, fuses in and...

  15. The quadrantids later.

  16. The Happytime Murders. I'm deeply shocked someone even thought of this stuff.

    1. Mallard60022


      Where was that mate?


    2. Hroth


      So bad that its impossible to view the trailer on youtube without logging in. (Dear youtube, I have a need for adult content...)

  17. Mrs LNERGE is getting the hang of it at last. March West Signalbox for an xmas prezzie.

    1. beast66606


      Mine got me the DVD of Mersey 'boxes -a couple of which closed last night

    2. Tim V

      Tim V

      Mine marched me to the top of the hill!

  18. Leaving for work soon. Signing in at Zulu Sidings/East Goods Yard... https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/45725754724/

    1. beast66606


      bet its changed a bit

    2. LNERGE


      Very much so.

    3. Hroth


      You're there because you're there!


  19. Leaving for work soon. Signing in at Zulu Sidings/Up East Goods.

  20. Where can i find a drawing for DB998901?

    1. Simon Bendall

      Simon Bendall

      They're in the BR diagram book, 1/648. Page 298 of this download http://www.barrowmoremrg.co.uk/BRBDocuments/Freight_Stock_RDO_Issue.pdf

    2. LNERGE


      Super. Thank you. My Christmas break modelling methinks.

  21. A rear tyre blow out in lane 3 on the A14 focuses the attention.

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    2. DonB


      Just reminded me to change (still legal!) front tyres before snow gets here.

    3. mark axlecounter

      mark axlecounter

      Hope your ok it’s not a nice thing to happen.

      Had a blowout whilst towing the

      caravan that was scary.

    4. Mad McCann

      Mad McCann

      Fetch me my brown trousers, Hardy!

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    2. SHMD
    3. The Stationmaster

      The Stationmaster

      Did somebody forget metal mickey I wonder? Saying the Driver didn't receive prior advice of the EROS is irrelevant, he might well have booked on before it was imposed.

    4. beast66606
  22. Is it possible to swap the body on the Hornby 08623 with a non sound fitted 08528?

    1. Richard Croft

      Richard Croft

      if they are different liveries then you will have problems, the top of the chassis has part of the livery on it.

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