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  1. The compression of the spring can be atered by moving the bit held by the two metal clip thingies, carefully.
  2. This is drawn entirely on computer.. My main partner in crime draws them for my 'modelling' projects
  3. I take an interest in concrete structures etc. It was such a bold material. I wish they put a bit more effort into some of the modern stuff.
  4. I need six etched door hinges to complete a coach I'm making. Can anyone help?
  5. It was a very stressfull day. I did at one point throw myself in front of a moving tractor. Luckily he stopped and turned out to be the farmers son driving. Within ten minutes the farmer himself came out and offered to store the box at a nearby farm. My efforts were in parallel with someone else who had approached the parish council. It's nice to know the high regard held locally this box and others have.
  6. Spooner was deemed to be too big for the roads. Suddenly it's not. The lever frame from Harling Road is safe. The box is not.
  7. Plan A Spooner Row to Wymondham. Harling Road and Brandon have a stay of execution. Lakenheath rip.
  8. I'm currently trying to find an alternative home for the box as the haulier says it's too big to go where we want it. My phone is actually hot to touch. The casting at Lakenheath is the easy bit.
  9. Update.. I may pop a gasket if any more obstacles are placed in the way of moving this box.
  10. Spooner Row too though it should disappear in one piece and reappear just up the road in Wymondham if all goes to plan.
  11. I doubt under normal circumstances it would be possile to pull both levers together. As part of testing the circuitry it would be possible to arrange for both levers to become reversed by the application of test straps or manipulation of the electric locking. The cross protection between the circuits will prevent any release being given.
  12. It is one of the S&T tests to reverse both interlocking levers and ensure no release is given.
  13. I had some etched tell tale fittings for the end of Mk1 coaches. I've searched but I can't find them for sale anywhere. Any ideas?

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    2. LNERGE


      I found an etch at last (in the box marked coach kit bits of all places). Now I need to find where it came from so I can get some more..


    3. Mallard60022


      Southern Pride, deffo. I have some of those. Think he still has them available.


    4. LNERGE


      Yup I've started the process.

  14. Doh moment. I bought wheels insulated on one side only so I could use wipers touching the axles for pickups. It works well with plastic bogies. Not so good when everything is brass.
  15. My first real try with brass…
  16. Circuit diagrams will exist for these instruments and if you are still stuck for them I can have a look. What will be harder is to find the relays to go with them to bring controls outside of the instrument to enforce line clear control etc. It took me ages to source the stick over relays for my Tyers GE one wire instruments
  17. Cut down Triang clad in plasticard.
  18. Thinging about it a bit more i'm sure the flat I encontered in Hitchin Stockyard had B4 bogies. I've searched the net but can't find a picture of it.
  19. I'm not sure if i encountered one being used for tunnel inspection lurking in Hitchin Stockyard for a few weeks some many years ago.
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