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  1. Compare this pic to the plan.. Gas House crossing, Hunstanton. https://www.kingslynn-forums.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=6667&start=360
  2. I asked for this thread to be moved from Kitbuilding and Scratchbuilding as I’ve departed from the intended method of construction with the Southern Pride kits. I wanted all the vehicles to look the same height etc. I’ve opted to stick the brass sides on to Tri-ang Mk1’s
  3. I can't believe it's five years since i last posted in this thread. I have been building loads, especially during lockdown, so i'll post a few updates.. The first is a vague attempt at a diagram 700 Kitchen Car by the Triand chop and shut method. The Booth Car is from Southern Pride side on a Triang sides/chassis. I gave the owner of the real one a five year head start but i think i may stand a good chance of finishing it before his..
  4. I think it's a 701 as it has the extra quarter door alongside each normal door. Super picture though. Looking at the picture i posted it looks awful. It doesnt look so bad when it's in front of me. I'll take another if the sun comes out.
  5. It’s been a frustrating few days trying to find time to make progress so I could use the paint. This is my diagram 700 Kitchen Car. No idea if they were every painted maroon but this one is..
  6. There was a CK in the carriage shed at work being painted the other day. I took in an empty liquid poly bottle and acquired some of the paint from the guy doing the painting. I will give it a try on a triang cut and shut TSO when I get a chance.
  7. The are a couple of notable defects visible when you are on top of the viaduct. I think the railway's engineers had it all well under control. I suspect thing's will progress until drastic action is required.
  8. I soaked up a fair bit of water last Sunday. I dont think my boots are going to recover.
  9. Ah super. I recognise the fence on the right. My rcollection it was lifted in from Works Road.
  10. For a short period there was one vehicle from the production series APT in a factory in Letchworth, Hertfordshire. It was delivered to Ogle Design so it could be fitted with different styles of seats made by that company as prototypes. Does anyone know which vehicle it was? Do any photos exist of it in situ?
  11. This type of box usually contains a RSCo lever frame.. A lovelly pull,easy to work and damn heavy to take apart.. If you want a real one i can help lol.
  12. This arrangement is to detect and select four signals from two levers. It will be a couple of weeks before I do any more to it because i'm sneaking off on holiday.
  13. I must have spent an hour on the net looking for ETS jumpers for the ends of my Mk1 Bullion Van. Is it i can't see the wood for the trees or does no one make them?

  14. Lymm Observatory? http://lymmobservatory.net/railways/sbdiagrams/sbdiagrams.htm Pwayowen on Flickr? https://www.flickr.com/photos/pwayowen/ I have a few on Flickr.. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
  15. A U2 at Mildenhall? Who we spying on now?

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    2. Tim Hall

      Tim Hall

      Skipepsi, were they still going with or without you?

    3. 25901


      Mildenhall is getting a new lease of life as they are moving everything from Spangdahlem Air Base which is now closing with the result that Mildenhall keeping at least one Air Refueling Wing and one Special Operations Wing.

    4. LNERGE


      That should keep thing's interesting.

  16. Triang Mk1 cut n shut Bullion van.. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/50195662168/
  17. My first encounter with an exhibition train was at Marylebone in 1979/80? I'd love to find a pickure of it. I walked onto the platform (aged 12 or 13) with some friends. I remember exclaiming loudly 'Wow look at that!' and rushed towards the rather unusual looking coaches. My friends had made similar exclamations from just behind me. There was a guy standing by the nearest open door and i asked if i could look inside. He indicated i was more than welcome to however as i advanced he grabbed my locoshed book.... and wrote in it! I snatched it back with a loud 'hey' and darted inside. To my horror everything inside was to do with football. I made my way through the train and came out the other end. To my surprise my friends were still on the outside and hadn't made it past the guy at the door. It turns out he was a famous footballer. Completely wasted on me. I couldn't stand it then as now. I would be interested to know what it was all about and who the guy was that defaced my locoshed book.
  18. I'm not entirely sure how much of this is Ouse box c1897 - 1925. I think the locking room was converted into a permanent way hut. An incredible survivor.
  19. I did a job near the Severn Tunnel. I left for home at 19:30 on a Sunday evening and had 15 minutes on the M4 with nothing in front, nothing behind and nothing on the other carriageway. I think it was probably the 2nd week of lockdown.
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