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  1. Anyone got any more news on Peco track! I ordered 4 electro frog points from Rails Of Sheffield at the beginning of March but am still waiting! I’ve emailed just to be told they are still waiting for supplies. Are there other shops with supplies?
  2. I think because of the space I have it would probably have to be a separate system.
  3. Hi Everyone, it’s been a month or so since I last posted and have begun laying track and testing what it’s like! I’m wondering whether anyone has any ideas of how I could add another level to the layout?
  4. Well a few weeks have passed since my last blog post. Since then I payed a bit of track, decided I didn’t like the way the track felt on the boards, went back to the drawing board and have now drawn a design I am much happier with. The remodel has included the addition of a removable section of track that makes it a continuous layout, a new station design with EMU shed attached, on the other side of the layout there is then a small branch line terminus/through station with a diesel depot behind. I am now in the process of making sure I have all the correct point work and track to create the layout and start the process of laying track and working out the wiring. more soon....
  5. I totally agree Mike! I have been thinking turning some of it a bit!!
  6. Well here is the most recent update! I have removed that top track and agree it has tidied the whole space up! Tomorrow is my modelling time so will get a chance to lay some track out and get an idea to what it would feel like. thank you to all the help over the past months I’m excited by this outcome and can’t wait to start looking at scenic options and get building!
  7. Hi @Fluo66thank you for your comments. I hadn’t thought at all about the trains heading past the station on the corner. I have put you’re ideas into my plan and really like the way they look.
  8. Thanks @ITG the station building will be kind of hidden on the lower station and access will be from a large footbridge over the top of all the lines. they are all double slips in all places that they are used. so the bottom left of the layout will be under a hill and I am working out how to disguise the top left. Top right will have station stuff around hopefully to disguise that section!
  9. This is my new update. I have simplified some of the station track. I know I need more space around the branch line station to make platform space but once I have the track on the board I know I can do this. Any other points from people?
  10. @Chimer thank you for the advice. I am happy not to use flexi track just seen advice that it made it look “smoother”. My main issue is that I have mainly Hornby set track curves but I want to use PECO point work for the stations so need to work out how it will work. any tips on making set track look more realistic in the corners?
  11. hi all I want to use flexitrack on curves to make them more realistic but I can’t use any rail, etc as I have a Mac and can’t use them on it. Is there any chance someone could plot some track onto a rough idea of my baseboard sizes so I can work out what tracksetta guides to buy? thanks H
  12. Thank you for this @MyRule1 I guess the reason I haven’t answered about what I want from the layout is cause I still don’t 100% know! I guess a mixture of both continuous running (hence the addition of the loop track) but also the ability to run timetable-like movements! I'm hoping once the current situation is over to get to know more people so we could operator with more than one, person. However for the time being it will just be me! I do have a Hornby select DCC system but am hoping to upgrade to the Roco Z21 or other system soon as I just can’t get on with the Select! In terms of rolling stock I have very little but I also am quite lucky that I do have funds regularly available to invest in new rolling stock so the prices on those models you mentioned doesn’t worry me too much - there definitely won’t be many of the bachmanns though! I am thinking very clearly about the points of moving the layout, etc. Me and the mrs are planning a big extension in the next few years and with that the roof of the house will be removed so at that time it will need to be split up and stored so it has all been planned with that in mind. thanks again. H
  13. @Chimer thank you. This is exactly what I needed for this area of the layout and I look forward to working on the plan with it tomorrow when I’m a bit more awake!
  14. Ahh unfortunately the reason I can’t be this complex on the track in front of the water tank is that I want it to be removable. My original thought was to put a helix near the water tank so it would drop down there and go under the diesel depot for storage but I scrapped that for the continuous run! I totally get where you are coming from so I could think of something!
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