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    Well like most of us on here my interests are many and varied, ranging from Swiss RhB in HoM through BR WR H/Diesels, WR Steam around 1956 with a focus on the Cambrian & Cambrian coast and Devon,19th C railways with a focus on locomotives of the L.N.W.R. Waverley route, Port Road etc. However I am finding myself more and more drawn to the Dawlish area Circ 1950s

    Since a trip to Berlin in December 2015 I ve been following DB railways, where my interest has settled on the Stuttgart to Ulm section. So I ve spent the last 12 months building up a small collection of mainly Roco locos and rolling stock with a view to building a layout based in this area

    I always find time to doodle a new layout plan for one railway company on an other, arm chair modelling l think they call it! One day I m going to get round to actually building one of them!

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  1. Hi Andrew I vejust found your pages, and they are most interesting, as l am interested in the Southern region around the same time, do you have any up dates on your projects? Bob C
  2. It seems to have gone a bit quiet on the 2HAP front? I tried looking for an update on Kernow's web site, as l m sure they were at one time expected towards the end of this year. Does anyone know the status of this model, l bet Covid 19 has a baring on the expected delivery dates? Cheers Bob C
  3. Thanks gentlemen, l appreciate your advice, looks like l ll have to get the glue and paints out after all Cheers Bob C
  4. Quick question I ve just bought a Hornby R4606 Stanier 50ft full brake off a well known auction web site. I ve now come to unboxed the model after leaving it for a few weeks since delivery to find a couple of the roof top vents missing. Does anyone know if these vents are available as spares? Or does anyone have some spare? I suspect there are after market versions of these fittings, but to use those would involved renewing all the vents and most likely a repaint of the roof as well, which l d like to avoid if possible. Thanks in advance Bob C
  5. Hi Melmerby Thank you for sharing your memories, its always nice to hear recollections from people who were there and saw first hand. Cheers Bob C
  6. Thank you Zunnan I appreciate your input on this subject. The photos l have found so far support your comments. I am only to well aware that its nice to see uniform rakes of coaches, which as this and numerous other threads have proven was the exception rather that the rule. Many thanks Bob C
  7. Station Master Further to our discussion earlier today l came across this photo on a well know auction site. It appears to show the station building in WR colours as the difference in the cream panels compared to the darker frames are quite marked. However it appears that its only the station house that's had its door painted, as the remainder further along seem to still have darker paneling. Having seen this l am now pretty sure that the original photo does indeed show the station building in the original GWR colours. This has been an interesting little project and l d like to thank everyone who contributed
  8. Thanks for finding that Andy, l was not aware this image was on Flickr. Just goes to show the lads were spot on in their estimate!! Bob C
  9. Thank you both, gentlemen for taking the time to reply. Station master, A very in depth analysis. The S&T and the Civils having different panting programmes would certainly explain the possible difference in colour/shade between the Signal Box and the Station Building doors. However l ve looked again at the original photo which is a little bigger, and believe the Signal Box Locking room door to be the same colour as the dark panels on the Station Building doors. Could this be just a trick of the light or the film itself?. The Platform canopy does still appear to be in stone and not cream as you say and l suspect this photo was not taken half way through a repaint so l tend to side with GWR colour still being prevalent. Having said all that. if that is the case, and you gentlemen are right (which l tend to agree with) we are talking 10 years after nationalisation which has quite surprised me! Thanks again Gents for your input Bob C
  10. I was trawling through the internet a couple of days ago and came across the attached photo from the 53a collection of James S Doubleday As can be seen its a photo of Highley station taken from the original footbridge looking towards Bridgenorth. The interesting thing about this photo is that both the station building and signal box are still in Great Western colours, but the rolling stock standing in front of the Signal box appears to be BR 16t steel mineral wagons, My understanding was upon Nationalisation the Western region were quick off the mark to repaint infrastructure into the new colours, yet clearly there are BR wagons built in the early 1950s present. Alternatively theses could possibly be MOD designed vehicles which were absorbed into stock by BR upon Nationalisation. The road vehicles in the photo might help with dating this photo but l m not an expert in that field and reserve comment. Would anyone be able to shed some light on the possible date this photo was taken? Bob C
  11. I see Rails are selling theses coaches at £39.99 at the moment, l must admit l am tempted, however does anyone know if they worked as 4 car sets on the Severn Valley line between Hartlebury and Shrewsbury in the 1930s?
  12. Quick heads up folks, Theres a chap on Ebay selling Oxford Dean Goods with with snow plough for low £50s. I ve just made an offer of £50 dead and he accepted, so grab yourselves a bargain
  13. Absolutely Paul The banger blue period was the longest stretch of consistent liveries on our railways, but even so we can get catch out. For example Hornby's Bogie B in BR Blue as mention above, l believe, the model depicts an NFV in early 1980s condition, but when were they classed as NFVs? Bob C
  14. Hi Tony Thank you for digging this out for me, its always great to see some where you know well. You mentioned that you used to visit Ayr shed, when was that? Bob C
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