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    Well like most of us on here my interests are many and varied, ranging from Swiss RhB in HoM through BR WR H/Diesels, WR Steam around 1956 with a focus on the Cambrian & Cambrian coast and Devon,19th C railways with a focus on locomotives of the L.N.W.R. Waverley route, Port Road etc. However I am finding myself more and more drawn to the Dawlish area Circ 1950s

    Since a trip to Berlin in December 2015 I ve been following DB railways, where my interest has settled on the Stuttgart to Ulm section. So I ve spent the last 12 months building up a small collection of mainly Roco locos and rolling stock with a view to building a layout based in this area

    I always find time to doodle a new layout plan for one railway company on an other, arm chair modelling l think they call it! One day I m going to get round to actually building one of them!

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  1. Many thanks to Johnster and Miss Prism for confirming what l suspected. Oh well back to hoping that someone produces a new version of the classic GWR Autocoach up to current 21st century standards then !!! Many Thanks Bob C
  2. A quick question to the more knowledgeable members regarding these lovely coaches, sorry if his has been asked before, but if so l ve been unable to find it! Having read through most of this thread, I understand that these new Hornby coaches are not to the same diagram as the 7mm Lionheart 4 coach sets. However l was wondering if additional brake coaches were produced to be use as strengtheners to existing rakes or as single coaches where required. I suspect from what l ve read so far, that they were only made as sets, remaining as such in the early part of their lives, only being broken up in later years? The reason l ask is that l could have a use for a single brake coach as an alternative to an autocoach circ 1931-34 Many thanks in advance Bob C
  3. I d like to say a big thank you for the time and effort you ve taken to scan and up load these photos Dave. I work within the rail industry here in Derby and its been fantastic seeing what the railways here in the East Midlands were like in their hay day. Myself and others like me no doubt appreciate the fact your father took photos of the real working railway, common goods locos, shunters etc, so often over looked by other photographers, who chose to photograph the important and fashionable trains and rolling stock of the time, and by doing so have produced a slightly distorted picture of railway workings for the following generations. Like the late David Hey's web site, l hope these images will become part of a national archive, so that future railway enthusiasts can see what it was really like. I hope that there are possibly more of your fathers work to add in the future, and l for one will be coming back to these pages over and over again, as a source of inspiration for a long tiome to come Thank you DaveF
  4. Yes now you ve mentioned it, Melmoth l think you are rignt, possibly a basis for a preserved line layout then?
  5. Amazing, after almost 40 years, whats the chance of that!! Bob C
  6. I am sure like me, a few of the older RMweb members will remember seeing the attached Roy Link plan and lovely artwork from the Railway Modeller back in the late 70s or very early 80s. If l remember correctly the plan was based around a southern region branch terminus. Looking at the artwork, l ve been trying to work out which company, if any, it represents? To my eyes it looks like LSWR, but l am no expert, and therefore offer it to the more knowledgeable members to comment on. Bob C
  7. Many Thanks for this info 18B, that ties up nicely what l seen and not seen. A Big thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread, thanks to your help l have a far better picture of the area's traction in the late 60s than l did when l started
  8. Does anyone know or have photos of what type of fuel tanks wagons were used in this area (East Midlands), around this time, and what company supplied them?
  9. Can anyone help? I m seeking a Heljan 0 gauge class 40 in Green with small Yellow Warning panels. Serial numbers HJ4050 Please PM me with details. Good home waiting! Bob C
  10. Hi Caradoc Now there's a model for Heljan to scale up to 7mm! , I bet Kestrel would look most impressive in that scale. Talking of prototype diesels, l ve seen mention that Falcon worked out of Shirebrook for a short period in around 1963 before returning to Brush Works and then reappearing on the Western Region in 1964 Thanks for your input Bob C
  11. Hi Derek Thanks for this info, I believe l found the same data base whilst trawling through the net, its one of the reasons l started this thread as it makes no mention of 47s or 31s upon Shirebrooks's opening. I do like the idea of a class 17, l suspect their stay was very short lived as l ve not seen any photos of a Clayton working around the east mids at this time. Thanks Bob c
  12. Thanks Jools, Thats an interesting thought. So far l ve gleened that the depot opened with 6 class 47 and 3 class 31s. However Tinsley had numerous class 20s, 25/3, 31, 37 & 47. I ve also found reference to Toton's class 44s also being seen at Tinsley around this period. So I suspect its fair to say if it was allocated to Tinsley it wound have turned up at Shirebrook sooner or later
  13. Hi Jools, I did wonder about that, so a Toton 25/1, or 45 would not appear out of place in 1966 popping in for a slurp of diesel then?
  14. Many thanks for this info Woodenhead, i thought l d read somewhere that Tinsley allocated locos were out sheded there from the out set. Also thanks for correcting my dates, Feb 1966 fits better with my time scales anyway. Looks like l ll be trawling the book shelves of various emporiums for a copy of that book too! Many Thanks Bob C
  15. Could any RMweb members please help? I am trying to identify locomotive class that would have been at Shirebrook depot it its first years of operation eg 1965-66. I have found information relating to the 1970s which mentions classes 08, 20,37,47 and 56 but this is a little late for my period. I understand that in affect the depot was an Eastern region depot coming under the wing of Tinsley TMD. With that being the case, and whilst l so far not been able to find photographic evidence, would it have been feasible that class 37s and 31 would have been seen at the depot in its early years? I have only so far found photos of class 47s from 1966. Any help or guidance anyone could provide with be greatly appreciated Fingers crossed Bob C
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