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    Well like most of us on here my interests are many and varied, ranging from Swiss RhB in HoM through BR WR H/Diesels, WR Steam around 1956 with a focus on the Cambrian & Cambrian coast and Devon,19th C railways with a focus on locomotives of the L.N.W.R. Waverley route, Port Road etc. However I am finding myself more and more drawn to the Dawlish area Circ 1950s

    Since a trip to Berlin in December 2015 I ve been following DB railways, where my interest has settled on the Stuttgart to Ulm section. So I ve spent the last 12 months building up a small collection of mainly Roco locos and rolling stock with a view to building a layout based in this area

    I always find time to doodle a new layout plan for one railway company on an other, arm chair modelling l think they call it! One day I m going to get round to actually building one of them!

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Come from a railway family where both parents worked on the railway, so l suppose it was natural for me to follow suit.
Joined BR in 1979 on the Foot plate, moved to S&T drawing offices in the 1980s. 1994 moved into Infrastructure maintainance, currently the Duty Technical Support Engr for Network Rail's East Midlands Route Control in Derby

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