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  1. Can anyone help please? I am trying to find when the prototype JA (73/0) locomotives lost their green livery. As l understand it, the production version (JB or 73/1s) left the manufacturer in Blue, so only the earlier JA batch ever carried a Green livery. I am particularly interested in E6004 (Dapol model) The only evidence l has found so far is a photo of this loco on Hatton's website, which is believed to be dated around 1965. However the photo show the loco without the SYWP. Since the construction of the production batch was started in 1965, with all examples leaving the wo
  2. I was just wondering, if anyone is going to commission a BR blue with SYWP version of the 2HAP, similar to the 2EPB version the former Modelzone chain did? 6030 was the last of a small batch of 13 units to be finished in this livery, finally being repainted around Feb 1971. Bob C
  3. Many Thanks Paul, that has cleared up my question, thanks for your prompt reply as well Cheers Bob C
  4. Thanks for the information Gents. Quick question re the 56xxx Esso tankers, did these tanker have the red sole bar, or was that a later addition? Cheers Bob C
  5. Looks like l am late to this party as well! Can anyone tell me , which company/livery TTA s were used to supply the Southern region's diesel fleet in 1969/70 please? Would Grey BRT/ESSO TTAs with Red sole bars, have been seen on the Southern in this period? Bob C
  6. Seeking an unmolested Bachmann 39-175 00 gauge BR MK1 Full Brake (BG) in Blue/Grey livery. Good home waiting! Please PM me Bob C
  7. Many thanks for including this photo. It reminder me of the day back in early 1980, as a secondman, l worked a saloon from Clapham over the North London line propelling all the way to the East region side of the city with a class 33. The Signal "aspects" were re-laid to the footplate crew via hand flags from the rear of the saloon.
  8. A little late to the party l know, but l ve waded through this thread looking to see if the LMS built versions ever ended up on the Southern region. I know each region would have inherited saloons from their parent companies but as these reached their life expired point, would more modern saloons be drafted in from other areas/regions to replace them? Hint : The perfect answer would be yes by around 1970!! Bob C
  9. Thanks Mike, that seems to bare out earlier comments about approximate ratios Cheers Bob C
  10. Thanks for the recommendation David, seems my book shelf is going to get even longer! Bob C
  11. Thank you Gents, especially The Johnster and Paul. for taking the time, and making the effort to reply to my query . Your information has helped sharpen my understanding of the period in question. Many thanks Bob C
  12. As far as l am aware the early BR wagon numbering and lettering style introduced in 1948, lasted with little change, up until 1957, when BR introduced the lined box, with lettering and numerals placed inside. I have be trawling through photos of the late 60s early 70s to see how long the original style of lettering survived after 1957. So far, l ve found very few photos, which are detailed enough to ascertain clearly what the markings being carried were by that time. I suspect that not many, survived into the 1970s, which would be a shame, as l have a cupboard full of wagons
  13. Thanks for the help Gents, looks like its going to have to be a Blue FYE version l need. Shame as l really wanted a DJM version, but the only suitable loco would be the Hattons LTD issue which has the Golden Arrow head boards etc all ready attached. So Hornby it is then! Once again many thanks for the guidance Bob C
  14. Thank you for the link, looks like my library is going to keep expanding Bob C
  15. Thanks for the link, there are some very good photos on there!
  16. I am wondering if l could ask the more well informed RMweb members for some advice re the BR class 71 locomotive liveries? My current DC 3rd Rail layout is set in the 1969-1970 ish period. I am quite taken with the class 71 electric locos, but was wondering what livery would be more common for my chosen period? I have read somewhere that the southern region was more slower that the other regions in adopting Rail Blue in the late 60s, resulting in a lot of stock still being in Green livery around 1970. I ve tried searching the web, for suitable photos, but was surprised by the
  17. Hi Andrew I vejust found your pages, and they are most interesting, as l am interested in the Southern region around the same time, do you have any up dates on your projects? Bob C
  18. It seems to have gone a bit quiet on the 2HAP front? I tried looking for an update on Kernow's web site, as l m sure they were at one time expected towards the end of this year. Does anyone know the status of this model, l bet Covid 19 has a baring on the expected delivery dates? Cheers Bob C
  19. Thanks gentlemen, l appreciate your advice, looks like l ll have to get the glue and paints out after all Cheers Bob C
  20. Quick question I ve just bought a Hornby R4606 Stanier 50ft full brake off a well known auction web site. I ve now come to unboxed the model after leaving it for a few weeks since delivery to find a couple of the roof top vents missing. Does anyone know if these vents are available as spares? Or does anyone have some spare? I suspect there are after market versions of these fittings, but to use those would involved renewing all the vents and most likely a repaint of the roof as well, which l d like to avoid if possible. Thanks in advance Bo
  21. Hi Melmerby Thank you for sharing your memories, its always nice to hear recollections from people who were there and saw first hand. Cheers Bob C
  22. Thank you Zunnan I appreciate your input on this subject. The photos l have found so far support your comments. I am only to well aware that its nice to see uniform rakes of coaches, which as this and numerous other threads have proven was the exception rather that the rule. Many thanks Bob C
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