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  1. Work is progressing on various Titfield bits and pieces. Today we shared the latest CAD work for the Bedford OB on social media so I thought I would drop it here too. Enjoy!
  2. Don’t forget the order books for the 7 and 7 plank wagons closes on Wednesday. These have been really popular and I suspect that any extra stock retailers will have will be snapped up very quickly on release. To make sure you get yours pre-order yours today though our official retailers or direct from us!
  3. Hi Bill, With that information I would tend to agree with you. I will speak to our man once I’m back from holiday - do feel free to nudge/kick/pole as required. I suspect there will be a lot of emails to delete (sorry reply) too. Andy
  4. The order book for our GPV vans closes next Wednesday! A few changes are being made after we received the latest samples, including toning down the rivets on the roof, moving the NEM couplings further back and some tweaks to the position of the brake handle. Don’t miss out ordering yours.
  5. Hi Bill, I am a little surprised it is so poor. I am not an electronics person but let me talk to the person who is when I’m back in the office and see if it’s anything we can sort. It could be a poorly motor. Have you been able to make a comparison with the same models running on a non feedback controller? Andy
  6. I honestly mean it when I say thank you for the feedback - as it’s me that deals with ‘issues’ after a model is released I’m keen learn lessons from each and every model!
  7. Oh my - I have missed out on a lot on my holiday. Firstly, let me start with a few apologies. Sorry it has taken me a while to reply - I’m currently on holiday in a remote-ish part of Scotland and have had to hike up a mountain to get some signal today to make today’s post. Like you, I’m not happy if a model is not right. This has been a complicated project as there are so many people involved, Model Rail, Kernow and us. Hellcat - I’m sorry you 2nd model is not right and I feel your pain. It always happens to models you want the most (I used to drove Stephensons Rocket at the NRM and am on my 4th model of it but that is another story) Lets see what we can do about it. By the sounds of it you have managed to sort most of the issues yourself (many of which I have reported back to factory to make sure we don’t see again on future models). Is there anything outstanding I can help with - feel free to drop me a message on here - when I’m back from my trip at the end of next week I will follow it up personally if we can help. Treggyman - I was sure I replied - my memory says the conversation was about suppression capacitors and hard wiring? If it didn’t get to you I apologise. I’m still working on a ‘perfect’ fix and hopefully the last version of the new circuit board should be with me when I return. Simply the capacitors do provide some protection to the motor and removing them completely may not be the best option long term. I’m still working on it. A few things are slower than I’d like at the moment. With the bus models arriving in September I have had to get our warehouse sorted and kitted out and the services etc installed whilst also trying to run the website, sort order issues, do the warranty stuff and other odds and ends. I don’t like unhappy customers and I will do my best to sort anything I can. Please do drop me a PM and I will do what I can. Thanks Andy
  8. In fairness I have had to hike up a mountain to post today whilst on my holiday - no criticism at all! I hope you enjoyed playing with them!
  9. Well Phil has beaten us to it… For those of you who have not yet seen our newsletter (and if not why not?) here are some shots of the first EP.
  10. Thanks for the comments. I am not an expert on the bus so unfortunatly cannot answer question 1 - I will endeavour to find out. Regarding question 2 - these have all but sold out and we have taken them off sale. However I may have one unallocated - if you want to drop me a PM with which one you are looking for I will look into it for you. Many thanks, Andy
  11. Evening all! I apologise I have not had a chance to add the latest newsletter to the website. As mentioned we have been featuring some models on our Facebook page. For those of you who don't follow us here are two of the forthcoming Fleetlines:
  12. That’s lovely! Would you mind if we feature it online sometime? Thanks Andy
  13. I see people are comparing the cost of models. This cannot really be done - costs in China have gone up tremendously in recent years, so comparing the P class (2018 I think) and the H (Maybe 2017?) with the D is not a fair comparison. It has not been a linear cost increase either so its not even possible to easily work out what the D may have cost to produce in say 2017. Likewise there are so many other variables in model making it is not easy to directly compare any two given models, especially from different manufacturers who may require different margins, spec, volume, timescale etc etc. I do however understand where people come from. They want value for money, detail, accuracy and great running - not all of these go hand in hand and as I tell people producing these fine models is always involves compromise. However, I always ask myself a simple question: Am I happy with the model and do I get value for money against my purchase. I love my model of 737, of course its not perfect - its a model. However I feel it justifies its cost with plenty to spare. Looking at the general consensus here and on other online sources along with talking to people in person I think most people agree. Well done Rails and Dapol!
  14. Oh there is a lot of wooden bits on engines in the National Collection if you know where to look ;-)
  15. I am disappointed the tender tank innards do not have wood grain like the real 737 ;-) It was never an "official" to do - but in my time there I did get agreement to put it right subject to time and other projects. I think it was about two years between that agreement and me leaving and we never found time! Oh it will run under Rule 1. I loved 737 to much to not have a model I have even cabbed it in motion :-)
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