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  1. Oh - yes I am a Maidstone lad. I have a real interest in the railways in and around the surrounding area - one day there may even be a book. Other than a decade in Leeds I have always lived in the area. Andy
  2. Hello everyone. As you would expect we are fully registered in the UK as Rapido Trains Ltd. In its simplest form the problem is that most mainstream UK banks are currently not taking new business customers. I have been given a few reasons, some relating to staffing and operations during the Covid pandemic, whilst one high up person in a certain bank has explained its related to the Bounce Back loan scheme and issues with people being less than honest. Either way the result is they wish to focus on their existing customers during these unusual times and have suggested we tal
  3. Evening everyone! I'm pleased to say we are getting a little closer to our UK launch: See you on Tuesday 1st December at noon! Andy
  4. Well a Birmingham bus on a BR(S) layout is somewhat lost! I agree it’s a Cliche - although one myself and my co-builder like. Andy
  5. It is a revived version of the previous newsletter. If you have already signed up then there is no need to do so again. Andy
  6. Hello everyone! I hope you are all safe and well. We thought it was time to share a short Rapido Trains UK update. Jason has let slip that there are new things on the horizon but we also need your help. To be one of the first to hear about our latest products and news head over to www.rapidotrains.co.uk and sign up to our Newsletter. Enjoy! Andy
  7. Well the question is; what are you working on Clive?
  8. I certainly do like little locos. You do not get many smaller standard gauge locos than this. Hunslet 'Courage'. 22hp with a lister engine making it sound like a canal boat. I loved driving it! Not sure its a good idea for a commercial project mind!
  9. Well we know what Jason likes, we know what Bill likes, does anyone know what I like? (If they do please let me know). Andy
  10. At the weekend, our UK Operations Manager spent his day off playing trains (don’t we all?) As it happens, he was rostered to drive a locomotive that Rapido are currently producing in 00 gauge as a Model Rail exclusive. While he was chuffing up and down the countryside, we set him the challenge of carrying out a review comparing the model to the real thing. Read the captions below to find out his thoughts! We don’t pay our employees to enjoy themselves, so they have to make their own enjoyment at the weekend. On Saturday Andy spent the day drivin
  11. Thank you everyone for the comments. We are indeed having a bit of fun sorting a bank account here. Nova Scotian has hit the nail on the head, it would be a lot simpler if we could physically get people over here to do it. Exciting times ahead! Thanks Andy
  12. Good evening everyone, I hope everyone is well. With the evenings drawing in and the weather turning we thought it would be nice to have some good news. Well here it is: Rapido are back in the UK! I would like to introduce myself as the new UK Operations Manager. Rather than trying to waffle on myself I have copied our announcement from our latest Rapido Trains Inc newsletter: We have a new guy here at Rapido HQ! Well actually, we don’t; he’s in England! But that means... We're back, lads! Go let it out, a nice long yell of excitement out the window. Maybe e
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