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  1. Gentlemen, I feel this is getting a little heated. As Luke has pointed out, he contacted us to ask for some advice. Its not a case of a non-functional model that would fall under warranty and head back to Kernow, but an "issue" as Luke puts it that he wished to seek clarification on. We are acting in a support capacity (much like any of the white goods manufacturers referenced above would offer). In this instance we are happy to work with Luke to understand his enquiry. I have been in touch with Model Rail recently to discuss the matter. The UK team are invo
  2. Hi Luke, Having consulted with my colleagues in Canada (they were behind this project) I have just emailed you a response to try out. Many thanks, Andy
  3. Hello everyone. Do you have a suggestion or a new product but don't have a way of approaching a manufacturer directly? Well now you can! We have created a product suggestion page on our website. This gives you the opportunity to tell us your ideas for locomotives, coaches, wagons, road vehicles or anything at all! The form involves a number of questions to help us understand your ideas in full and includes sections on dates the idea was used, where they operated and the (let the froth begin) liveries they carried. The form even allows for photographs to be u
  4. Afternoon everyone. Our latest newsletter has just gone out to everyone (if you are not signed up then why not?) and includes a few CAD images of our N gauge class 28 project: Enjoy! Andy
  5. Afternoon everyone. Those of you signed up to our newsletter will have just received their latest edition - inducing an update on the 16" Hunlset. We have put together a short video showing some of the work so far and the various details for you all to enjoy: Take care, Andy
  6. You beat me to it! Those of you who are subscribed to our newsletter will hopefully have just received the latest edition. As shown above there are a number of new CAD images alongside our new video showing the current progress. Enjoy! Andy
  7. Simply -we are currently looking at this. Due to the shape of the bunker there has to be a compromise somewhere as otherwise it is impossible to mould and inject. The body shape itself is not a problem, its the detail such as rivets. The way the mould will move determines what shapes can be produced. To get the full, properly shaped rivets on the underside of the bunker flare the part needs to be separate from the main body. However, by altering the shape of the rivets themselves we should be able to make it as one part. The detail changes should be small enough not to be noticeabl
  8. The 16xx was picked up and corrected. The GA drawing only shows half of the back/front on one elevation and the CAD designer assumed and mirrored the part. The survey of 1638 and the photos supplied to the designer were not much help as the engine was fully coaled ready for its next duty and thus hid the area! Either way, it is correct on the production models!
  9. I could not have put it better myself! We are really keen to work with our local model shops both large and small to supplement the direct sales from our own website. Please do pass on our website details (we have a retailer sign up form online) to your local supplier. We would love to hear from them! Andy
  10. Evening everyone! Not only are we introducing new models today, but also new UK based staff! Meet Richard Foster, our Sales and Marketing Manager. Richard is possibly a more familiar face, given that there’s been a picture of him in every issue of Model Rail magazine since 2008. He started his journalistic career as the Junior Writer on MR’s sister title Steam Railway way back in 2004. Richard is also a life-long railway enthusiast and has a wide-ranging interest – which means his fantasy layout list is quite an extensive one – but he’s never act
  11. In service both Beatrice and Primrose No.2 (along with two others) were fitted with underfeed stokers and stovepipe chimneys. They were originally fitted with standard chimneys but received their stovepipes after undergoing the stoker conversion and overhauls at the Hunslet Engine Co. works. In preservation the owner of Beatrice has more some substantial modifications to the exhaust system - mainly fitting a Lempor exhaust - and replaced the chimney with a more traditional lipped chimney. Thanks, Andy
  12. Hi Paul, Being honest it is unlikely we will specifically do the buckeye equipment for the OIC examples. There were others with deeper buffer beams as well. I will certainly pass the comments on for review. Livery wise we were provided details of the "as built" livery from the Hunslet records. However if you have any more photos that show otherwise we would love to hear from you - feel free to drop me a PM. We intend to produce more of these in the future and personally I would like to see Ring Haw feature. Thanks Andy
  13. We have noticed that one - typically only after pressing submit on a post. We are correcting the mock ups and will have a the full version to show on the website in the not to distant future. Andy
  14. I could claim to have done that deliberately but suspect my fingers are just fat!
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