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  1. For the Modern image modeller, it's Colas and DCR and DC liveries. I've got a pair of Hornby Colas ones and I think if Cavalex did these I'd be trading them in. I always see them in a pair so I would hope that two running numbers could be done. I like the idea of 56312 being done, but do you offer it in the purple mentioned above or the DCR grey it has worn recently? I'd prefer it in grey. But again the purple is something different.... The more modern DC Grey is nice as seen on 091, but I'm not sure it would sell well. I'd also like to see the UKRL ones done as they p
  2. If i was looking at Wagons, I'd really like to see the PNA Plasmor Brick Wagons or the WBB minerals Sand wagons PAA wagons, however I feel Cavalex are probe closer to tooling a PAA wagon from there earlier releases. Photo credit to the links on flickr... Then I'd probably be looking at 175/180 & 185 DMU's as mentioned before by others or 320/1/2 EMU's which I think would be popular and have various liveries and run all over from greater anglia, to Scotland and west Yorkshire to Tring in era's to suit lots of people's layouts.
  3. With containers would be preferable for me, but up to what you @arran and what you think will do best...
  4. As @Shoey said, some good looking wagons there! I'm sure I'll be putting an order in for a few of them for my FL intermodal trains. A good addition to the modern image scene, and slightly earlier as they've been around a while now.
  5. Massive gap in terms of EWS/DB intermodal trains, we go from the Bachmann FIA wagon and then nothing till Revolution who are now doing the FWA's. Rather surprised Dapol haven't done it seen as the IKA is of a similar design.
  6. Hi Ben, sorry autocorrect changed FKA to FWA. Okay good to know, Thanks for the quick answer!
  7. @Ben A slightly off topic but would, you think about doing more types of DB/EWS intermodal wagons such as FXA or FKA wagon? As these would compliment the DB FWA'S. Just wondering no pressure or commitment required...
  8. Chris, you might want to check with Accurascale about the KUAs. You may find that they're only available directly and may not show at retailers.


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      PM is the better way of discussing things like this; it is more direct and confidential.

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      It is, but it wouldn't have got picked up by @McC

  9. Getting jealous seeing these! I'm waiting patiently for my retailer to tell me when it's arrived with them! Looking forward to getting my hands on them especially now with what folk are saying on here!
  10. I personally think there are enough liveries for Bachmann to look at doing the blanked off end ones, as they could release it in anglia livery (with mk2's to match) also it could be done in NR and DRS liveries (again the DRS Mk2F can be done). The only problem with this is that, I think now it's unlikely until after the Virgin Mk2F releases. As they have just done the later IC ones and the next announcement will most likely be of the Virgin branding but after that so maybe a Christmas announcement might be the time. Until then it's a waiting game or a conversion job.
  11. Got the email to say rails had got them so I can only assume that they are in stock and other places will get them soon. Looks like that's me emptying my wallet again...
  12. I think that the replica railways headlight is a great example and then I'm sure extreme etchings or similar will come up with the roof pods, not to forget an Led can probably be added to the RR headlight moulding to make it functional for those who want it to?
  13. Not sure how that works, unless I'm missing something. Shouldn't they have featured in the Bachmann announcemen or don't they because they have already been announced? I'm hopeful they do come sooner than later though!
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if they release one of the early modified ones without the top headlight. Slightly derailing the thread but I'd like to see the other GBRF liveried 20 done... then it can join my 20901
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