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  1. Afternoon all, Now I’m not sure if I’ve missed something but have Bachmann produced the modern charter style First open coaches? I’m talking toilets at both ends and middle doorway with 3 windows at one side and 4 at the other or are these something that we have to kit bash at the moment? And if they haven’t been done why on earth haven’t we seen a couple of variations made for example blood and custard, chocolate and cream versions along with a release to tie in with the WCRC Bachmann Mk1’s in maroon too! I would think this would be something most modern image modellers would want to allow them to have a charter rake? Just wondering… Chris
  2. well it has already appeared on one of there models…
  3. Personally I like the fact that we have all the gadgets and gizmos on our models now. From spinning fans to engine room lights and speakers pre-installed (although I wish they would use better ones). At the same time, as some have said they enjoy detailing there models with crafted parts and kits, I rather enjoy opening a model and fitting a double iPhone speaker and a sound chip. Both are types of modelling, both have values, skills and just because you don't think they sound right or that the lights don't exist when in the period you model. On a class 47 they were there and being able to make better use of them is more prototypical. Just as a steam engine having a glowing light in its firebox is more prototypical. So the advancement of chips and DCC is a good thing, at the same time if your happy to just lift the model up and flick a switch to turn them off brilliant, you can. But how you choose to run your layout is up to you, it is your layout! Some will study photos and check train lengths and consists to be accurate. Some will go I like that colour I want that one (little Britain moment). It's our collection and our choice, respect everyone's opinion. Also guys this thread has massively derailed away from the topic of class 47's so before our headteacher Mr. Y gets involved let's leave it there and get back to the actual model.
  4. I’ve got the two modern image ones of 55002 & 55009 on order. These were the Rails specials, will they arrive at the same time as the rest? I think they will look good at the front of my charter rakes I’m steadily building up. I’m looking forward to getting them on the layout!
  5. Here's me thinking I wonder if they will do the XC ones next year with the slam door set, with an actual TCC vehicle to go in the set? Probably not as I can see IC blue/grey and IC swallow colours dominating the release next year. But still there's an idea as the slam door set was the old coupling type and also wrong in a few ways. I'm also wondering if they will do the EC Grey with purple stripe for the power cars and a re-release of the EC Grey/Silver coaches? Or if we will see a GNER set and a Virgin WC set next year. But I have to agree with you why release two sets of coaches and one set of PC's.
  6. I think the nacco white biomass wagons would probably be a hit too. Especially since the GBRF 60's are out as well.
  7. The wagon release is pretty poor really, the MHA's are just a run for production so they can use the tooling before Accurascale release there much better version for a similar price. The KFA runs have been done to the death now surely if they release more next year then I think they will struggle to sell them. I find myself more excited about the container packs, the tank trainers are a good idea and the others have a good range now but people like Dapol and c-rail have been doing these for a while so it's jumping on the bandwagon for Hornby. As a modern image modeller that's really it for me with the exception of the Drax biomass wagons, which I'll have a few of those before they hit ebay stupidity prices and then hope they do some more next year. Everything else just looks like old tooling's in new colours and on some without the effort of even fitting new couplings and using the old large D couplings. Just a bit poor other than the new L&MR wagons which could be good for those that fit that era...
  8. Very surprised that Hornby didn't use there 90 tooling and the DVT tooling and the paint scheme from the rcs stock to do a complete anglia set. Because they seem to be in the mood to do complete sets. With the look of the HST's and the 91's, 802's etc. Seems a bit of a no brainer but maybe next year for those east anglia modellers. I don't think Bachmann will be too far off doing Mk2F's in anglia turquoise tbh.
  9. If you read the 2021 review you'll have 2 C what's on it..... AS already giving us easter eggs for this year!
  10. @Accurascale Fran will the CDL lights function, I see they are too be tooled up but there's no mention of if they would function?
  11. A couple of standard non kitchen met-cam pullmans, the RMB TSO & BSK then add the Accurascale releases and all you are missing is a modern image FO & Kitchen car. I have used an SK sides with an RU roof and floor to create kitchen car 99712. And I'm looking at getting an RFO to create 13220.
  12. Don't do that to me! I'm hoping it could be...
  13. I'm hoping it's right for a certain loco that could end up on flask workings, for the wagons they also produce..... Fingers crossed, it is an easter egg!
  14. Not to pour fuel on the 'what are Accurascale doing next' fire, however did anyone notice the Stadler card in the video regarding the chaldrons couplings? Now I'm not going to say there's anything in it, but we all know AS like to give us an easter egg or two.... Stadler don't make anything in AS's current range AFAIK, so are we looking at them 'flirt'ing with some modern units or could we see something 'sparking' the imagination loco wise. Or am I just chasing shadows, I guess we will find out...
  15. I can safely say your not alone in thinking that it needed a stablemate! They were ordered a while back from Rails in my case though! Looking forward to them arriving!
  16. Well I'm very happy that the FL ones have been done. I'm a bit sad to not see an EWS/DB release. But maybe we might see them in the summer release. In the meantime that's another two that will head for my collection!
  17. I think what will happen is similar to the LNER/Virgin EC HST, in that Hornby released the limited edition 43238 pack and the standard pack and one set of coaches and the coaches went very quickly and they needed to do a second run with different running numbers. I'm expecting that next year will come with more Mk.4's in Virgin livery released. From what I've seen 91111 has a Virgin logo on the model, so possibly Virgin DVT to come next year? I'm also really hoping we get a re-run in East Coast Grey too as mentioned above next year, maybe they could tie it in with the appropriate HST and Mk.3's being released too... as those are like rocking horse s**t.
  18. If it did turn up as an A4 it might be the right colour as they seem to put more effort into there steam locomotives...
  19. Ohh dear, and look at how obvious the overspray is on it. Just so disappointing, how can Hornby actually feel that is acceptable? It’s so clear to see, and the QC department have just let it happen?
  20. After some more research it seems that the YQA Parr wagons were all but done with by 2017 as this photo shows two being donated to the SVR, and had to be moved in a consist so that enough brake force was achieved. Full description in the link and credit to the photographer. As with what Jo said, I think we can assume that the Parr wagons were converted into the SuperTench ones or were used for spares to keep those in service.
  21. Some of my own research for these wagons has been scrolling through Flickr for hours, not my favourite past time but non the less a fruitful one. As @Steadfast says with engineers trains there is no set consist just a thrown together mix which is a lovely ability to use whatever you want within reason… I've found that the YQA SuperTench have run in pairs, and still quite recently 23-10-2018. I struggled to find many YQA ‘Parr’ wagons in use recently, the best I could do with it in use and not just sat around a yard was this find, this is 11-04-2012 and I found a few from around this period but then a sudden stop in use? With the YLA ‘Mullet’ I did think I would have some trouble but a search brought up this cracking working, ideal for modelling as it’s a short’ish working and with some interesting traction! Taken 20-01-2019. Unfortunately for those after the BRA/BRV’s they are way out of my era and I wouldn’t be sure what dates to look out for. So apologies to anyone looking for inspiration on those ones! Hope this helps all!
  22. Hi Fran, Is there a route map for these? I like the idea of having a rake but would need to justify it running through an area I want to model, to move it up the list of potential purchases! Or did they only turn up on the two workings mentioned on the description? Still tempting just to have a long rake of them if that is the case...
  23. Two brilliant models for the modern modeller! Orders have been placed for these! Just missing a UKRL and DCR 56312 models now...
  24. These are looking good, I'm hoping for some good DCC functionality now (a working pantograph is too much to ask, but good controls for the lights would be appreciated)! The LNER one doesn't seem to have the vinyl square around the logo which is good for anyone looking to change it to Virgin but for anyone wanting to keep it as LNER it's a bit of work to be done. Rather happy with these images...
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