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  1. Looking good Jerry! Keep up the good stuff!! I’d be thinking about another LL blue 47 that is hanging on for dear life currently but 5/6 years ago looked very good indeed!
  2. XChris

    Class 88/93

    I'm just thinking out loud, however would a run of 3 different numbered 88's with let's say 88003 & 88008 being produced in high numbers and then a limited run of 88001 being sold at a higher price not help to recover investment leaving the door open and the tooling/cad files in place in case an 88 gets painted in a 'Malcolm/Tesco' livery in the future?
  3. Hi Charlie, It would be interesting to see a 3 car 144, if they were to be done at all?
  4. Sorry to take the discussion backwards, but the Leeds - Southport destination screen is very much welcome for me as it means leeds is covered and gives me a reason to purchase it . Although I'm sure there will be a destination blind from each area they operate in with Northern; North East, Manchester, Cumbria.
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