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  1. Sorry it does mention it being delayed, cut from email: "R2953 **LTD**FLYING SCOTSMAN USA 1969 R2955 VIRGIN CHARTER RELIEF TRAIN PK R2962 RAILFREIGHT Co-Co 'OYSTERMOUTH'" Simon Kohler did mention back at the BRM Peterborough show that he was hoping it would be before christmas but I guess the Kernow newer information overrides this.
  2. Twas the case for me. Although I was warned in an email and they did handle it well. Shame another shop is dropping trains though
  3. IPA car carrier now showing in stock at Kernow and Hattons (and presumably many more!). Looking forward to receiving mine.
  4. Yes looks fine for "big stuff" soldering like wires and through pcb components. Might be a bit heavy (and powerful) for fine surface mount stuff. I shall now wait patiently for the "I can solder surface mount with my copper headed poker heated on stove" comments to appear If it doesn't come with one (can't tell with vague pictures on site), you'll need a bit of sponge/wet paper to clean the tip with. Soldering isn't hard, it just gets even easier with practise!
  5. After following an incorrect link from the old site and some deduction, I have tracked down the new website. http://www.railexpress.co.uk/ Seems a bit cluttered and full of ads, but I guess I will get used to it with time. Also noticed that next issue is now pushed out to the 26th September.
  6. And in the shops too. Well at least the 1 shop I looked in, Smiffs in Cambridge Good one Gareth and the REx team. So thats sorted out my evening read after finishing the late shift at work today!
  7. When I informed Kernow of the missing leg, they immediately offered to replace the whole shed, but it would be expensive for them to refund the postage and there is the risk the replacement shed might get broken in the post, so they spoke with the Bachmann rep and he is going to be sending me a replacement leg. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  8. bigbloke

    Bachmann TPO

    Now sorted. Thanks to all who responded to my sad and alcohol enhanced plead! BTW Modelzone Milton Keynes has a few left of all except the 60's one. Postage is £6 if sent from a store or they will hold/reserve for you to collect.
  9. bigbloke

    Bachmann TPO

    Hi Chris, Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately I am after the 90s red version 39-240Z, which is out of stock. They surely haven't sold all 1000 (of that livery version) units in less than 2 weeks? If so there are an awful lot of (secret) modellers out there, and they really should consider another batch of these. I am now seeing why these companies all do these limited editions now! Think about it, commission a model with huge demand, then sell it at >50% mark-up over other items in the same range (Bachmann Mk1s) and sell it all in just a couple of months. Better return than the banks offer! (end of cynical rant mode)
  10. bigbloke

    Bachmann TPO

    Anyone know where I can get one of these - I must of missed the 10mins they were available on the Modelzone website, and living out in the boondocks I am nowhere near one of the stores. These limited availability limited editions are becoming a right royal pain to obtain!
  11. I cam understand Bachmann's (and others) concerns, but it will have been delivered by a courier to the shop/dealer/stockist etc. As long as it is as well packaged as the beautiful engine shed I received from a certain Cornish dealer this morning then it will be ok. It was like opening a russian doll getting at it! Box in box in box with plenty of packing materials! Unfortunately mine has a manufacturing defect done at the factory (one of the 6 internal supports is missing), but what a magnificent model it is. I am really impressed with this! Now must resist the coaling tower temptation!!!
  12. I was in town today and noticed that August BRM was on the shelves. I am a subscriber and haven't got my copy yet. I thought one of the benefits of subscription was that you got the mag before the shops? A little bit disappointing methinks.
  13. There seems to be order information at http://www.railexclusive.com/ Phone number and email address.
  14. bigbloke

    Dapol KQA/KTA in OO

    Just checked the Hattons listings again, and they now have the running numbers. It seems they are the same as the Kernow ones. So new question is when is the next batch of weathered KTA/KQAs coming?
  15. bigbloke

    Dapol KQA/KTA in OO

    Thanks Andy for the quick reply, thats saved me some money towards the myriad of other modern wagons coming this year!
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